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Oasis Photo Review – All Dining and Drinks Menus - Daily Programs

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Looking aft towards the stern and in between Johnny Rockets and Seafood Shack is the Boardwalk Bar with weird shaped carousel-type canopy.








Then onto the Aquatheater with many hundreds of deck chairs that can be used for taking in the sun or the view, or watching hatever daytime entertainment is on offer, but that can be noisy.





My balcony is visible in this photo. On Deck 8 you really are quite near the action…




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As dusk arrives the Boardwalk becomes illuminated and takes on a whole different look.






Integrated into the pool and surrounding is a water feature with various fountains and sprays that are a kind of attraction but very poorly attended and I don’t think Bellagio has anything to worry about…









Dance classes are held on the Boardwalk.








You can dine in the evening at Seafood Shack in the open air but sheltered in the event of rain.



Tomorrow will be Day 5 and my meal at Chops Grille. The steaks may not have been flame grilled, but I fear I might be when I deliver my verdict...


Thanks for reading. If you are folowing this thread, please do let me know. All I need is one word, "Following". It would be much appreciated. Thanks to all who have done so already.

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WOW... is all I can say...


Mind blowing review... I salute your patience & determination...


Your use of the English language, makes me live this cruise with you... unreal !


I have a few questions, if you don't mind...


I booked our 1st cruise on the allure in 3 weeks (hence your VERY useful review)


1. Soda


the Soda/beverage pkg.... $280 for family of 4 for the week.... seems really expensive to me... am I missing anything ?


Did you menion you brought water & soda cans ... and was allowed in. ? are they only concerned about alcohol ?


I don't know why.. but it really irks me that I paid a bit over $4500 for us 4 plus the tips, which will work out to be another $350 and I have to pay for Soda ? :eek::o I don't care much about the alchoholic drinks :cool:


Thoughts ?:o




2. Complimentry Restaurants

SO is the only complimentry places to eat is the MDR and the buffets ? everything else is extra ?:confused:


3. Is there an option for priority boarding and getting off the boats for ports ?

I don't plan to tour the ports much, but we are going on the Eastern Caribbean and will be meeting someone at the St. Marteen port... just thinking..


You got me hooked on the 150 Restaurant... just have to figure out what to do with my kids while hubby and I eat :p


The daily planners are a lot to take in ... I guess we can't do everything...


You are doing a wonderful wonderful job ! I enjoy reading it very much !





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Continue to love your review- we're 16 days and counting till we board. Question- re the coffee drinks at the donut shop- are they part of the Ultimate Package - sure hope so looking at the menu- I want to try all of those coffee drinks. The donuts are free but the cupcakes are for a fee at the cupcake shop- correct? I guess it will be stairs for me all week!


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I have wanted to go on Oasis ever since she launched well good news I booked a B2B today, not so good news it is not until September 2015. I had to choose between a boardwalk balcony and a central park balcony, I started to read your review and helped me make my mind up central park it is.


Looking forward to the rest of your review. You have doing a brilliant job.



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the Soda/beverage pkg.... $280 for family of 4 for the week.... seems really expensive to me... am I missing anything ?


Did you menion you brought water & soda cans ... and was allowed in. ? are they only concerned about alcohol ?



Soda is $6.50 per day for adults, $4.50 per day for kids. Even at 4 adult prices you are at $180 per week. Your call if the expense is worth it. There are complimentary water, iced tea, lemonade, flavored waters, and regular/decaf unflavored coffee and various hot teas and cold juices made from concentrate available throughout the ship.


Technically per the rules, you aren't supposed to bring soda and water onboard but many do and it really is not a big issue. We gave out water to a porter and had it tagged and delivered. We did not bring Soda. Plenty of people do. Add a little tape to your packages so they don't split open.


As far as dining goes...


Free dining (Besides Main Dining Room and Windjammer)

Solarium Bistro (Breakfast and Lunch - Healthy Buffet - in Solarium but Children welcomed). Flavored waters in here free.

Wipe Out Cafe - Near sports area. I never went for breakfast but for lunch they have quick service items (burgers, pizza, pretzel wrapped hotdogs, salad, soft serve)

Cafe Promenade - Cookies, pastry, finger sandwiches. Coffee and Tea. 24 hours

Sorrentos - Pizzeria open until late. Various topping options.

Park Cafe - In Central park. A favored spot for breakfast and lunch. Healthy-ish options, bagel bar in morning, cereal, oatmel, egg sandiwches and breakfast burritos, fruit, yogurt. Panini pressed sandwiches, deli sandwiches, pastry, etc. at lunch

Vitality Cafe - In the spa. Shakes/Smoothies are NOT free, but they do have a limited amount of fruit cups and quick service items for free.

Donut Spot on the Boardwalk, free in morning

Johnny Rockets - Free for Breakfast on Oasis and Allure

Room Service - There will be a menu in your room. There is a nominal late night service charge. There is no requirement for a tip, but generally delivery staff are tipped.


There may be others I do not remember at the moment.

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Loving this review - we are thinking of coming over from Australia to cruise on Oasis.

This review and photos is answering some of my questions and making room choice etc easier.



Voyager of the seas Dec 2012,

Radiance of the seas Oct 2013

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We were on Oasis last Sept. 2013......and loved it!!! Should have done a review but just started Cruise Critic a few months ago.


We are now going on the Allure on Easter Sunday this year and can't wait.


Only 52 days left!!!.....



Love you pics also!!!


Thanks again for bringing back our memories on this awesome ship!

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I have just read back what I posted last night and am truly embarrassed by the number of errors including misspelt words, photo omissions and duplications.


I would also add that comparing what appears on screen using Vista and Windows 7, highlights some anomalies with the former, like text extending far out to the right of the page where it cannot be read without scrolling, and the duplicate photo that is is squashed up against the preceeding one.


Anyway what this proves is that compiling things after 3am is not a good idea. I previewed it all but didn't see the errorrs. Excessive tiredness clearly causes mistakes and I promise no alcohol had touched my lips (no, I wasn't using a straw either :D). From now on if I haven't finished by about midnight, I'll delay posting until the following day...


As it's my day off today I have time to respond to some of the feedback before I start work on Day 5.


Thanks to everyone who has told me they are "Following"



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I am indeed following! We sail on Oasis in 30 (or so) days, and I'm enthralled by your review. I loved the Boardwalk photos! We have stateroom 11729 booked, which is the very last (aft) stateroom overlooking the Boardwalk. I'm very excited about this. We also have a Central Park balcony room booked...it will be fun to see the contrast.


Thank you for all of your efforts documenting Oasis...incredible!

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I just went through lots of hoops to try to figure out my password for this site and log on to comment and let you know I'm "following"! I really love your detailed review! I love the pictures and the commentary.


I have only been on a short Carnival cruise (13 years ago) but I am planning one for summer 2015. Although I would *LOVE* to go on Oasis (and your review is only solidifying that thought!!), I'm afraid it is a little out of our price range.


Thank you for taking the time to share your trip with us!!



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