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Oasis Photo Review – All Dining and Drinks Menus - Daily Programs

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Still following.


The Chops commentary was especially interesting for me. I had several of the same concerns with my last Chops experience. Overall, a better steak option than the dining room, but is is worth the $35.00 per person upcharge? I honestly can't say anymore. And if the menu being tested on the Navigator is rolled out to the remaining fleet, I don't see me going there anymore.


At this point, I plan to use my TA specialty dining vouchers at Giovanni's.


Hi comxkid,


Perhaps I should have added that I was sat beside one of the musicians in Giovanni's Table on his night off. I mentioned about Chops the previous night and he pretty much agreed with me about the steak. The amazing thing was a couple sat next to him and they got chatting and the man said almost verbatim what I had just said... just a slab of meat, no flavour etc.


Thanks for following and that reminds me I forgot to thank those who are and to ask others who have not yet done so, to take 1 minute to log in, press the reply button and type the word "Following".


Much appreciated


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Hi megacruiser,


Can you order multiple appetizers at Chops?


How were the side dishes?


(still following!)


Hi beach 18.


Thank you so much for pointing out that a paragraph on the sides somehow didn't appear and I'll post it separately. I don't think they encourage multiple starter orders but doubt they would refuse if asked. The way I look at it is you can order multiple items in the MDR so why not in a Speciality. If they challenged me over it I would just say - add it to my bill...


Thanks again and for following.


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With the exception of the side order of mushrooms that were pretty good, the rest of the meal gets progressively worse. The green beans as described on the menu sounded interesting, but were very poor. Any restaurant that makes a proper sabayon with Dijon to enhance a side dish would normally be commended. This effort was more of a semi-congealed splodge that added nothing to the beans, which had been irredeemably overcooked and tasted like they had been hanging around in the kitchen for an eternity. How they can use the word “roast” in the description of the potatoes defies me unless what came out was completely unintended: soggy, gooey chunks of potato completely devoid of any crunch. The Parmesan cheese could not rescue this dish and had melted into a kind of stringy binding web that made the texture unpleasant and required excess mastication to ensure its easy transit from the mouth.

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Outdoors there is a jogging track and it is good to see one that completely surrounds the main body of the ship.




Words of encouragement to joggers




Tomorrow I will return to the day-by-day review - my first visit to Falmouth and the best meal ever at sea... Thanks for following along if i haven't bored you to death yet - don't worry, there is still plenty of time for that. :D


Anyway if you are enjoying reading the review or looking at the photos, please do let me know. Otherwise I fear that this might be the biggest waste of time ever?... :confused:





Whay deck is the track on?




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Absolutely loving your review, and I am definitely "Mega-Following!" I feel as though I've been on this ship with you. Your extremely descriptive detail, along with spectacular photos, is simply astounding! I agree with other "Mega-Followers"...... this is by far the best review ever! Thanks for your labor of love in putting this all together for us to enjoy. Can't wait for more to come!

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This is brief but covers the after dinner activities on Day 5. No proper show today so a bit of this and that whilst strolling around popping my head in various venues to check out what was happening…


Whilst wandering lonely as a cloud,

All at once I saw a crowd upon the Prom,

A host of 70’s throwbacks, gettin’ down,

Singin’ burn baby burn, Disco Inferno, burn baby burn…


Well you get the idea - a 70s Disco Inferno Party on the Royal Promenade. When I say a crowd, yes it was moderately busy but not like the Promenade Parades I remember from years gone by. I wasn’t able to attend the equivalent on this cruise with too much else going on to occupy me.



Some folk had settled into the Rising Tide Bar to watch from there, look at the top right of the photo, you can see two singers in the elevated stage above the Cupcake Cupboard -





The party came down onto the Promenade and these two performers were terrific acting out the part and put on a thoroughly entertaining performance as the throng huddled round and joined in -





The Disco Diva really belted it out and the audience warmed to her.







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Then a stroll on to the aft of deck 15 to the Flowrider where a surfing show was being performed. They all seemed very competent surfers but surely they must be occupied elsewhere on the ship too - maybe fitness instructors etc?


It was a very interesting show and to watch the stunts the professionals could perform. Here are a few snaps to try to capture the essence –




















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It was then back to the cabin to catch part of the Aquatheater Show from my balcony. It is not the best angle from which to photograph the divers, but there is more to the show than just diving…


















Hope you enjoyed these photos; it was just really some padding to make more of the day. Lack of sleep has eventually caught up with me and it will be an early night for me tonight.


Tomorrow will be an in depth tour of Deck 8, including my favourite place on the ship – Central Park. Keep following please and to those who haven’t yet found a spare minute, please log in, press the reply button and type “Following”. That way I get an idea of the level of interest. Many thanks.

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Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL review! We will be on sister ship Allure in April. Your review is helping me pass the time & getting me even more excited!:D

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I'm following too and enjoying every post. Thank you so much! It is a joy to read a well written and interesting account. We are embarking for the May 24 sailing and your review has already influenced a couple of my dining bookings....



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Continuing to follow this great review.


From your pictures of the Chops menu it looked like the older version. Did the Chops on Oasis now have the newer menu?


I am going on the Oasis on March 22 and we have booked Chops for my wife's birthday. She loved the Halibut and giant baked potato on the old menu.


Thanks again for this great review.


As a side, if you like I can jump into your great review with a before and after of a picture post processed with Lightroom that might entice you to purchase the software.



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