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LAX Turnaround

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Originally Posted by windsor26 viewpost.gif

"Hi Pete We recently booked a 20 day cruise on Island and it was also sold as as 16 and 5 day cruise

The nuisance for those who booked the long cruise was they had to leave the ship completely at LAX and were waiting around for 3 hours to get back on without any refreshments and the seating was not comfortable. Fortunately we had gone off to do a tour and etc ourselves But the upbeat was - even though we had booked one cruise we got a 2nd frig refil and also 2 cruises marked on our history., We also got extra minutes on the internet and a 2nd most cruises get together (a cocktail party)"


Yvonne, Did they say why people had to get off the ship for 3 hours between cruises? That would be a surprise to most people. Wouldn't happen to me, as like you, I'd be off that ship sightseeing.


PS I didn't want to hijack the list of cruises thread.

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