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My "I lost 10 lbs on this cruise" review of the Getaway 6/7/2014-6/14/2014

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Hi my fellow cruisers.


I will be writing a little each day this week about my cruise on the Getaway.


First I want to apologize in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors. I am writing on my phone and for some reason if the phone does not like what I type, it changes the words on me.


Second if you read nothing else please know this: the staff on this ship went to the moon and back for me.


Ok so let's start with a quick introduction.


I am 28 years old and I travel with my mother, sister (25), and boyfriend (35). My boyfriend and I have been on 4 cruises previously, this being our 5th one, and my mother and sister have been on 3 cruises previously with this being their 4th one.


My bf and I were on NCL once before back in 2010 and purchased cruise credits that were expiring this year which is why we chose to sail NCL.


As a family we have sailed Princess and Carnival. My mother was super excited to try NCL.


We booked in February and started planning our cruise.


Well the problem with planning is you never know what life has in store for you......


(Running to the mall I will be back shortly)


Up next: why I had to beg to go on my cruise 5 days before sailing!!

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I'm in... I always lose weight on cruises even with all the eating. I do wish i had stairs at home to go up and down all the time



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Sorry in advance this will be a long post


I left off letting you know that we booked our cruise in February and started to plan right away. My mother decided that we should do the UDP. We could not actually reserve any restaurants until 45 days prior to the cruise, but we had fun talking about all the different cuisine we would be tasting.


We also decided that we were to meet in Miami two days prior to our cruise on June 5th and stay at the Marriott Biscayne Bay.


My bf and I live in Charlotte and my mom and sister live in NY, so we wanted to spend as much time as possible together.


Well life goes on and time goes by and before I knew it we were one week away from meeting in Miami.


It was Thursday May 29th, a normal Thursday, and I was home from work relaxing in bed watching TV when all of a sudden I started feeling this horrible pain in my stomach.


I mean pain that literally took my breath away. I decided to go downstairs and not disturb my sleeping bf and drink some hot chamomile tea. I sip on hot tea and put a heating pad on my stomach in hopes the pain would go away. After about 2 hours the pain got worse. I crawled, yep I literally crawled, upstairs crying in pain to wake my bf to take me to the emergency room.


All I got out was "my stomach, my stomach" and off to the ER we went. Well after a nice IV of something more powerful then morphine, an exam, and an ultrasound I was diagnosed with gallstones.


What the heck?? Who thinks about their gallbladder?? I thought it was my appendix or some other ailment! The ER doctor proceeded to tell me that my gallstones are so big I will need emergency surgery! Whaaaa???? So your telling me this isn't a stomach ache but an actuall health problem??


I tried to tell him he was wrong in my drug induced state of mind and before I knew it (which was actually hours later) I was back home drugged out of my mind and on a strict clear broth and jello diet!


I called the surgeon later in the morning and tried to schedule an appointment but I guess the surgeon decided he was to busy for me and would not see me until Weds!


Well the rest of Friday I was in and out of sleep. Saturday came and went no problem. Sunday however I was starving so I decided to make split pea soup for dinner. I mean how can that hurt. I ate dinner around 8 and started watching Game of Thrones. As soon as it ended I started having an attack again.


After popping two pain killers and it not working and after alot of screaming in pain, I was back in the ER. This time however the doctor told me "Your back so soon, that means you need surgery ASAP. No cruise for you. Call the surgeon and tell them your liver is being affected and it needs to come out now!"


So now I'm drugged up again, oh and apparently I am allergic to the pain killers I took because I broke out in hives, and I'm now convinced I am dying.


I call the surgeon and told them my liver was now bad and I was seen that same day.


Ok I'll give you guys a break and I'll be back soon.


Up next: my visit with the surgeon, my no no list, and the reaction I got from everyone.


Ps - I promise this has to do with the cruise but you need to know this part to find the cruising story humorous!

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Similar thing happened to my wife two weeks before our cruise in 2012. She had the surgery and we were able to cruise, but that pretty much sold me on travel insurance. You never know what will happen. BTW I can't wait to hear "the rest of the story".

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Oh no! I had one of these attacks that landed me in the hospital in NYC while on a business trip. My pancreas & liver both shut down by the time I conceded I should head to the ER . . . that is clearly not a good thing! It took me a week to stabilize for surgery and then nearly a week after that to get back on my feet so I can't wait to read your story - looks like you rebounded enough to get the heck outta dodge, and that's AWESOME!

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Well you got my attention!!!! Can't wait to hear more!!



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Wow! What an awful start of your adventure. I, too, live in Charlotte, so I know the medical situation here. You are brave for just visiting the ER!


Can't wait for the next installment! Hurry, please!:)

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I suffered what I thought was back pain for 20(!) YEARS before they finally figured out it was gallstones. By then they were 3 golfball sized stones and that final attack was so severe that I too went to the ER at night but luckily a great surgeon took care of it the very next day. I woke up from anesthesia literally grinning from ear to ear! First time painfree in 20 years by golly.


I am so looking forward to the rest of your adventure! Be very thankful they diagnosed you early :)

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Ahhh yes.. I know that pain well :( it radiated between my shoulder blades and my sternum - thought I was having a heart attack. Good thing I don't wear bikinis cuz the scar is something out of Jack the Ripper :eek:

Oh who am I kidding.. if I could wear one.. I'd wear it scar and all ;)


Looking forward to a happy ending to this story.

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Excited for more of your review. My husband and daughter went through this. The pain was horrible for them, but their recovery was quick.

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