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can I buy new suitcase/wardrobe on silhoutte?


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Can someone who has sailed the silhouette let me know if the boutiques sell dress shoes, pants, suitcases, and suit or something for the formal nights. (They don't do tuxedo rentals unless it is 2 weeks prior). Unfortunately Air France gave us a wonderful start to our honeymoon by losing my suitcase with no idea where it is.



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Let the ship concierge know immediately on boarding. Sometimes they can work something out for you.


As to suitcases, no, but they often have medium sized rolling duffel bags or carry on sized bags for sale in the gift shop


Agree 100%... Let Celebrity / the ship know as soon as you board


If you booked thru ChoiceAir it is possible that your bag "might" catch up with you in another port


If you have Celebrity Cruise Insurance you might be covered up to a certain limit for replacement items so you can carry on with your vacation (start documenting stuff... Your actions, phone calls, emails, receipts etc)


If not Celebrity Ins but some other Travel Ins you might also be covered... Check your policy... Make a phone call to report the need to make a claim


Even if none of this s true, and you don't have Ins (a hard way to learn this lesson).. Sill let the Ship Concierge know as they may have a contingency budget or other ways to help out a Pax in this circumstance


Hope this helps some,




Ps... Don't let this get the better of you / spoil your Cruise / Honeymoon... Worse case scenario your bag will show up and be waiting for you upon your return (do keep bugging the airline... And have them SECURE / HOLD the bag for you when you return).


Lol, as bad as this seems now... This will be a story to last a life time / laugh about when you talk about your Honeymoon... So make the best of it. Honeymoons are meant to be memorable in a good way... So keep that as your focus. If it means you are not "perfectly" dressed for formal night so be it... Embrace it (afterall this is NOT YOUR FAULT... Not the same as someone who blatently CHOOSES to disregard dress code). Share the story with your tablemates... They will be more than understaning i assure you (everyone loves a couple on their Honeymoon)... So don't be surprised if someone offers to lend you a spare suit jacket... Be gracious... Go with it... Chances are high your story / circumstance will work to your advantage you will end up meeting a lot of nice people... Probably even make some life long friends.

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Having lost our luggage for 3 (yes, three) cruises, I agree with what others wrote. Let the Concierge know immediately. They will give you an amenity kit, celebrity t shirt, etc.


They sell undergarments in the gift shops but you need to ask for them as they aren't on display.


One of the three times, we didn't get our luggage until formal night (day 3) but they had coordinated getting up set up with formal wear. In the end, it came in the nick of time.


The concierge will track the luggage and make arrangements to get it to you on the ship. In fact, on one cruise, they went 45 miles away to pick up the luggage for us. They were great when it was all the airline's fault.


Good luck and let us know how it works out.

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If you want to dress formally they do have sparkly things in the shops and there absolutely is a way to get a tux last minute. Talk to the captains club hostess, concierge desk, guest relations --- remind them you're on your honeymoon. You might get a free rental. You also might not but knowing the situation they are likely to accommodate you with a big smile. We got an unexpected invite to the captain's table once and had not brought formal stuff that one cruise, and we called and they said no problem, we'll send a tailor right away and you can have a tux rental free. So you never know.

I bet your luggage eventually arrives - until then, just enjoy your honeymoon and try and have a few laughs. Congratulations and have a wonderful cruise and beginning of your life together.

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We had a piece of luggage delayed, on a transfer from Air France to a partner airline Italia a few years back. Air France did a very good job getting the luggage to us the next day, we had flown into Rome a day early.


We now travel with our formal clothes in our carryon. Gives us piece of mind.


We also try to book direct flights on the same carrier if we do have to make a change/connection, to reduce possible loss of luggage. Seems to help.


Hope you have a great cruise no matter what!!

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We have seen things nice enough to wear to formal night on our last couple of cruises. Hopefully your bags show up soon, though!


If you have a couple of days clothes on your carry on, they will likely give you free laundry. If they don't suggest it, ask. They did that for a friend when their bags didn't make it a couple of years ago.


Let us know how it works out!

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Thank you everyone I will talk to them when I get on the boat. I'm not too worried about it, unfortunately my wife's bag which was supposed to show up at the hotel 3 different times yesterday didn't so it looks like we will be buying for her as well.

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Thank you everyone I will talk to them when I get on the boat. I'm not too worried about it, unfortunately my wife's bag which was supposed to show up at the hotel 3 different times yesterday didn't so it looks like we will be buying for her as well.


Hi Matt, sorry about your luggage:(......I have seen dressy clothing

in the ship's shops before....dresses/tops/skirts so hopefully your

wife will be able to find something:)...they also have handbags, large

and small sizes..some dressy one's too.


Hope you will end up having a wonderful cruise.:D

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When our bag got left behind, and chased us across the Atlantic, the ship's folks went out of their way. We were given t-shirts and free daily laundry.

Had enough in our carryons for a couple of days, so everything worked out.

The Maitre'D won't throw you out of the dining room for not having a tux, and I'm sure your dining companions will feel the same way.


Our bag was waiting for us in Miami with lots of tags wrapped around the handle. And, my wife didn't have to wash the clothes when we got home!

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Another reminder of why we NEVER check luggage anymore. Carry on only. Period.


Glad that works for you:)...even when I read about these circumstances

I still pack one checked bag and bring one carry on. If it happens? It

happens....life as we know it will still contniue:D And the original poster

doesn't even sound too upset.:)

Edited by Lois R
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I would definitely spend my Pre-boarding time Stocking up on some essentials, just enough to get you through like underwear, shorts, a pair of jeans each. They have some things on board but to me it would not be enough for the entire cruise. If you are not boarding until today, you have time to do a quick shopping trip. No way would I wait til boarding to shop. . .

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The reason the OP doesn't sound too upset is because he's a guy!


Lol, so true!


I am guessing his wife is beside herself now that her luggage is missing too.


Never mind that us gals bring along tons more stuff be it clothes, shoes, toiletries etc


But this is the poor girl's Honeymoon, if she is like most women she has a lot of new outfits that she bought just for the occasion


To MATT403,


Hopefully the bags show up before you sail... *fingers crossed*



Edited by Sloop-JohnB
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