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Carnival MAGIC 9/7 - 9/14 Lambie's Review with photos

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I love to look at Door Decorations, too!! Here's one...




Now, back in the cabin, The TV tells us just where we are!!!





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It's always time to eat aboard a ship... and I think it's been about 2 hours since breakfast... So I head down to the Deli to get Nana a Ruben!! This is her cruise lunch-treat!!!




And, when I head back to the cabin, I see they've delivered my Platinum sweets...




Once you're Platinum, they send you a plate of chocolate strawberries and some other treats. Since only I am Platinum, It's one share -- but there are plenty to share with Wingie and Nana!!!


I leave Nana to eat her lunch and a strawberry... and head over to our group table to get a name tag, get lei-ed, and meet some posters in person. After our Group Welcome table -- we all head down to the Red Frog Pub for a gathering (and Birthday celebration) of MAJOR proportion!!!


Here are only a few of the photos!!!









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After about 90 minutes of party and FUN FUN FUN, I headed back to check on Nana. Wingie had come down to join us at the party -- so I knew Nana had been alone about as long as I trust her to be.


(She has Alzheimer's and in a wheelchair. I think cruising is the BEST way to share a vacation with her. She can have some time alone, and so can I, but she gets to see ports... Enjoy the sun and fun... Eat to her heart's and her diabetic diet's content -- with a few cheats!!! And make memories for me to hold forever!!! She will be 90 in February, and I hope to take her for a birthday cruise! I also have a cruise for next September booked for us. I always keep her S&S card around her neck on a lanyard, and her name and cabin # on her wheelchair -- in case she wanders and doesn't know where she is!!)


On the way back, I take Deck 4 for a bit of new scenery... and see our table, already set for dinner! Tonight is Elegant Evening and the Captain's Celebration...




We got ready for the evenings festivities... meeting the Captain:






A fuzzy photo of Skip with us...




Nana wandering off after a disagreement with Wingie...




Bringing her back, and she's still not happy with Wingie... She says she's too bossy!



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So I start telling her some silly stories...





...and before we know it, it's time to head down to dinner -- Here are our table mates, waiting for us!




And our whole table!




And back to the cabin before the Production Show... Grooveline.


Here's the towel animal who greeted us and my Platinum gift.




It's a coffee mug and small bag of ground coffee and some tea. I will admit, I was hoping for the toiletries bag... but not yet, it'll be next they said, after these are gone.

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I love to see the sun rise! I'm up early every day just to watch the world wake up! Great pictures! Thank you.




Thank you!!!


Great review and I LOVE the sunrise pics! I think that's my favorite part of cruising, watching the sun come up :)


Thank you!!


It's great to know others love the sunrises as much as I do! It's my alone time, my time to regroup and meditate in quiet. It's majestic!! The colors and wonder.


I know the mechanics of the earth rotating and the sun coming into view, and the prism and bending of light to make colors... BUT the BEAUTY and AWE and WONDER of it appearing and unfolding in front of my eyes... It's MAGICAL!!!

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You're heading out on the MAGIC in December for your birthday!!! YIPPEE!!! What a joy and FUN you'll have!!!


Gov is someone who I met on line and cruised with on the CONQUEST, right after the hurricane... was that Ike? and we left from the Bayport terminal. There was not enough parking, a bit of disorganization in embarkation -- but what a great cruise we had!!! I met you and your wife and your son and future daughter in law -- who later got married on board!!!


Beautiful sunrise! I like this deck for the sunrises and the sunsets as well. We always try to get a 4j. One question. What was the platnium gift on the Magic? We sail her in 3 weeks. Keep up the awesome review.


I'm sure you've seen the mug. Do you have too many of these? I asked my cabin steward if it could be traded and he brought me a sling-back-pack from a couple times ago. He told me to keep the mug, too! Gugum is WONDERFUL, if you have a Deck 10 - 4J.


For those who don't know... this deck (10) and Deck 9's forward decks are both great. There are stairs, outside, where you can go between these two decks. It's great!! Deck 9 has the "wings" and to see the rear and behind the ship is perfect from Deck 9. I am down there, too!

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Loving it so far :) Thanks for posting. Magic is on my short list of ships I'd like to sail on in the next couple of years.


You could never bore me with sunrise pics. After my first sunrise at sea I was hooked. I seldom sleep past sunrise so will usually grab a cup of coffee and head up on deck to watch it.


Sunrises are refreshing and rejuvenating!! It's the unwrapping of a whole new day! You're welcome!!!


I truly love the MAGIC. One, the Lido deck handicapped cabins -- and Two, the walk around, outside on Deck 5!


I have heard that balconies on Deck 6,7, and 8 are not that good, since the walk around of deck 5 blocks some of the water view -- but if you're far forward, this won't matter.


I've also heard that the Cove Balconies of Deck 3 are SUPER!!! Closer to the water, shaded by the life boats of Deck 4, and cozy!!! I'm a sky watcher -- so I would want to see the sky from the balcony and in the coves, this could be blocked.


BUT DO IT!!! There is no Guy's Burgers -- but I didn't miss it! There is the Ocean Side Grill and the Lido Grill. There is no Alchemy Bar, and I love this on the Triumph -- but I didn't miss it either! Also, on Blue Iguana rum bar -- but the drinks are available on board!!!


I too am a fan of sunrise pix. I have one framed on the wall next to my bed. I took it on my transatlantic cruise. I get to relive it over and over.



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


A TA is something on my bucket list!!! My Sissie lives in the The Hague (Netherlands) and I want to sail over, someday to visit her!!! I've been on the Hovercraft Ferry over to Ostend and loved that -- but I want to sail the Atlantic and take my time, not fly!!!


What a joy to relive your TA by looking at your sunrise photo!!!

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LOVING the review Lambie! We will be on the Magic in February. Can't wait.......great pictures! You always have such a great time cruising and you convey it so well in your reviews! Makes me feel like I was right there with you. Keep it coming! Can't wait to see what comes next!

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Great review Lambie! Thanks for sharing. I know how much work goes into writing a review. It is greatly appreciated.


I'd kinda like to cruise in Feb. Not sure it will work out......but who knows.

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I didn't take these photos... but to let you see the weather on Embarkation Day...






And see her pulling in for our cruise...




And see the day before, Saturday the 6th, in Galveston...




And the sunset the night before...




And waiting for us to board on Sunday the 7th...



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And the boarding area... We're not suppose to take photos here, so this is a treat! The far left by the wall is where the handicapped folks go. The other lines are split between VIP, Platinum, Weddings, and FTTF and theose "regular" folks.




Again, these are NOT my photos, but from our group page...


I guess they made it aboard, sine I see they're already in their Spa Cabin!!!




Here I am at our Meet and Greet at the Red Frog!!!



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I was on the Magic in Feb, and will be there again on the 28th in 7 days! Reading your reviews and seeing your pictures have made me even more excited than I was. I didn't think that was possible! And I truly enjoyed the sunset pics.


Thanks for sharing :)

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So, I was miss sleepyhead on Tuesday Morning. The Funtimes said sunrise was at 6:55, and I missed it! "YIKES, how did I sleep this late???"


This is all I saw...






We all got dressed and ate on the Lido at the buffets. Very nice. They had "Ham and Egg" which is like an Eggs Benedict, so Nana had her wish! And they had French Toast out at the Grill by the pool, so I got my wish!!


We were close to the Yucatan Pennisula...






And this light house explains that...





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Lido Deck buffets:






We wanted to eat fairly lite anyway, so we could do Brunch at 11:30 and have our free cocktail! Every cruiser, after at least one cruise, gets a letter for a free cocktail -- but you redeem it at Brunch on a Sea Day.




The coupons are already in my pocket, torn off from each of our letters.


Nana's back in cabin resting. Wingie was in her usual spot -- sunning and tanning!


I walked around with my camera...







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And, I think I'll just stop and relax in the Piano Bar... Very quiet this time of the day... Everyone takes a "Toes Photo" but I usually don't, since I'm not really a sit in the sun person... so this will be my Toes Photo!!!






Looks like the grills and buffets are getting set up for lunch...







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OK... Time to get Nana and head to the MDR to meet Wingie for Brunch!


Nana gets her Margarita...




and Wingie and I order a Chocolate Mocha Getaway...




Since Wingie drank only a 1/4th of hers, she didn't really like it, I had 1 and 3/4rds...


Nana orders the pork chops...




Wingie and I have the Ceasar salad...




We all order the Brownie for dessert.




Wingie LOVED hers... practically licked the plate! Nana would have if I'd let her -- but her sugar level wouldn't handle it, so only half! And I loved the cream and berry cups, and the crunchy granola bar below the brownie -- but only one bite of the brownie... I really didn't like it...


Then Nana and I just rested under an umbrella up on the Serenity Deck for about an hour...

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Have I told you about Tea Time???


Every Sea Day at 3:00pm, head aft on Deck 4 and go to the Upper Southern Lights Dining Room! TEA TIME!!!


There were some of us waiting for the doors to open...




And once it begins... There are two kinds of carts being rolled around. Here's one:




The other had the Cucumber sandwiches and Salmon sandwiches, plus other sweet treats!! Everything is fancy and proper.


You get a little tea pot with hot water and your choice of tea bag. The servers come around a few times to offer refills of food or hot water!


Here's our table... I met some new friends from Texas and Louisiana.



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Hey Lambie

Ol pal sandy-toes here...last one to win thread...and all....


If I only known you were going to cruise the same time I would have booked the Dream....

We were side by side.... I was on Conquest.


Here's a pic I took while you were heading out to sea.






Love your review especially the pictures....:)

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I always love your reviews...... so positive and I adore the sunrise/set pics!!!! I'll be back to read more. keep it up!!!


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Lambie, your reviews are always great, thank you very much for taking the time to do them! Really looking forward to trying the tandoori.

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I have always loved your reviews and the beautiful way you describe LIFE. Your pictures of sunrise, super moon and aft wake are awesome! Cruise on! ;):)

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