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What was the Worst Royal Caribbean cruise?

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Worst cruise was on the Sovereign of the Seas. Flew to FL the day before, connecting thru ATL, and plane landing ahead of us went off runway during a thunderstorm. No one hurt, just plane stuck in mud. Our plane was on final approach and made a quick change of course and circled for a while until we could land on a different runway. Unfortunately, between the stuck plane and the storms, we were delayed 6 hours and finally got to MLB around 1am morning of cruise.


Left Port Canaveral in a terrible storm but made it to Nassua for one nice day. Headed to Coco Cay to but noreaster coming up coast kept us from getting close and ended up having really bad seas all day and night. No show in theater because it was too dangerous for the performers. Outer decks closed, seasick people everywhere, MDR half empty because people were too sick. Walking down corridors was difficult, only cruise I have bounced back and forth off walls trying to get to cabin.


Captain did best to get us through storm and by later in night we were off Florida coast, in calmer waters.


Weather happens.

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Navigator in the Med. IIRC 12 or 13 of the bars onboard were smoking, and smokers were everywhere. There was one Karaoke venue where they said people on the right of the room could smoke, and the left side would be smoke-free. :confused: it was everywhere.. I have asthma so it was very unpleasant.

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Easy - Enchantment of the Seas, April 2009!


First cruise during the outbreak of the Swine Flu mess. Our first port was Key West, while most store employees in Key West are not the friendliest we have encountered in a resort area, but this time they were particularly rude at Ron Jon's. The silly clerk was going behind everyone making a big deal of spraying everything in Lysol! Because we were cruise ship passengers we must be infected. :rolleyes:


Cozumel was cancelled and that left Belize which turned out to be the highlight of the cruise.


Close 2nd was last year - back to back Enchantment and Vision cruises (I was recuperating from strep throat and was having some relapse. I wasn't up to speed.

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cruising out of bayonne in January. left outside for 45 minutes waiting for

wheelchair assistance. when I got to my cabin (grand suite) didn't have

any heat for the first 24 hrs. Found the tub was extremely deep and had

difficulty getting safely in and out.

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Least favorite was Explorer. Got sick as a dog, older ship showing a lot of wear and tear, cabin reeked of smoke, and a large population of rude passengers all contributed to a less than stellar cruise.


But...I wasn't cooking or cleaning and I managed to muddle through it:)

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Why would someone focus on their worst cruise? Been on cruises with folks like that and wish they would take up another vacation option.



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I agree -- it is bad enough when you are ON a cruise you come into contact with people lamenting the cruise is terrible and things are going wrong.....when for the most part, they could be HOME working instead.


I will always focus on the best cruises....and the best cruise for me....is the next one I am planning.

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My worst cruise was the Vision. It disappointed my parents because the entertainment was the worst.


So your worst cruise was a cruise you weren't on? Well yep, that would be my worst cruise too! ;)

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My worst was my first, which isn't saying much because I took the exact same cruise a year later. It was more about the people we were with than the cruise itself.


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My worst cruise happened to be the one where we brought our child on her first cruise. She was 8 years old. She was told to behave or else. I carefully chose our cabin (oceanview - midship). When we arrived we were informed our cabin number was changed. I was put in a bad mood as I had no idea where we were going to be. Joke was on me! It was an aft cabin. Which came in quite handy when said 8 year old came down with the chicken pox the 2nd day of the cruise! Not exactly the ideal vacation, especially when the airline wanted to ban us from the flight home. 19 years later, my daughter is my favorite cruise buddy! We'll be diamond our next cruise! :D

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At the moment, the worst is the one on Navigator in Nov 2015, because it's over 400 days away.


The 2nd worst is Independence in Jan 2015, not as bad because it's only just over 100 days away.


3rd worst was also our best, Radiance 2013 Hawaii, but that's 'cause I had surgery waiting when we got home and doctor's orders were to take it easier than usual. No gym, minimal stairs, plenty of ice packs. Not RCL's fault, the elevators and ice both worked.

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We were on Adventure last March and it was delayed due to propellor problem. So instead of leaving Sunday evening we sat at the dock until Wednesday morning and missed 2 of the 5 ports. But we still had a great time and we felt like it was handled pretty well - we ended up getting full refunds plus future cruise credits. That's my only cruise so far - so it was both my best and worst cruise!



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Worst cruise ever....2006 Radiance cruise. It had nothing to do with the ship or cruiseline. My 19 yr old son's 19 yr old friend who joined us on the cruise climbed onto the outside of the ship and tried to jump off . This took place on the 4th night of the cruise. After he had jump down several decks on the outside of the ship he finally ended up on Deck 2 or 3 going through the crew quarters and out on a "ledge" on the back of the ship. He was out there for several hours with crew trying to talk him into coming back in.

Finally after about 3 hours the Captain came down and threatened to throw him off the ship himself if he didn't come back in and sure enough he came back in.


We were escorted to our cabin and had security posted outside our door. The next morning we were politely asked to get off the ship and stay off in St Marrten. We were escorted down the pier with all of our luggage and were on our own.

I must say through all of this RCCL was wonderful to me! They helped me secure flights to get back home ( at a cost of over $5000) in no way did I blame them for putting us off the ship.....I didn't want to be there with this idiot either.

This friend of my son's we had known for 10 yrs and had no idea he was on medication for ADD and some psychological disorder.

This is why I always urge people to never take any of your kids friends on a cruise. If they are under 21 you are responsible for them and if they screw up you are screwed!!

The night this all happened the ship was put on lock down and they also put 2 life boats in the water in case he jumped. There was talk that I could have been held financially responsible for the fuel costs for that as well but thank goodness that didn't happen!!

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Never had a bad cruise. A couple were not as good as others, but we still enjoyed them. We have two more cruises booked that we are looking forward to and have already started planning for 2016.


Cruising is a wonderful way to travel!

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This is a thread that you write down what was your worst cruise. My worst cruise was the Vision. It disappointed my parents because the entertainment was the worst. They went on September 25-29, 2014. I heard the news from my parents today and they wanted to rate it 2 stars.



I've only had one bad cruise and it wasn't on RC. That's way I'm sticking to RC! :D

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My least favorite cruise was on the Explorer of the Seas in 2003. We boarded the ship and they had just rotated in a large number of new crew members. Nothing was in synch with the crew. Now Carnival is another story.....

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Our worst cruise ever was our first. Nordic Empress 1994. It was bad enough to keep us from cruising again for many years. First port Freeport, we didn't even leave the ship because it was stormy and lightening all day. We had torrential down pours the entire day and there really wasn't a lot to do on the ship. The weather not the cruise line's fault of course, but it was a let down. Coco Cay was nice, but when we tried to get on a banana boat ride, a large aggressive family insisted the ride was exclusively for them. The RCI attendant tried to talk to the 'leader' of the family about it. He was a big fat 60something y/o jerk and even shoved little 110lb me. It became very ugly. Our 8 year old son was so upset and disappointed. We never did get a banana boat ride.


There was supposed to be a BBQ on Coco Cay for lunch, but by noon when we tendered over, the food had disappeared...there wasn't a bite left. We were hungry all day...until our early seating dinner. Another story. We thought the food was really bad and very sparse. Every single time we went to the buffet, they were out of most things. Couldn't get breakfast at 9am, employees always said they were out of food. Most of the drink dispensers onboard were either broken or empty for the entire cruise. Son ordered room service once, he asked for a ham and cheese sandwich and 2 milks. The sandwich was delivered on a paper plate along with two small milk cartons. There was no glass or straw offered.


I guess we were expected to be out of our teeny tiny cabin by 7:30 or 8:00 every morning because our room steward would call at 8:30 every morning to ask what was wrong with us and tell us he needed to get into the cabin. We did have a midnight buffet on one night at midnight. By the time we arrived at midnight there was nothing left.


I remember a lot of drunk people stumbling around. We actually saw people having sex in the hot tubs during the evenings. Our son did enjoy the kid's club (or whatever it was called at the time). They painted their own t-shirts and launched model rockets off the ship. I was upset to see that he was allowed to leave the kid's club at any time by himself. We found this out one night when we thought he was at an ice cream social. DH and I were walking around and saw him going up in one of the glass elevators alone. We chased him down and didn't let him go back to the kid's club after that.


Overall, it just wasn't what we envisioned a cruise would be. Lots of drunks, bad food, rude staff, rude pax. We actually regretted spending the money on the experience. Our best day was in Nassau. We took a private taxi to a resort where we had real food and got to swim and jet ski all day. Had so much fun that when the taxi driver came back to pick us up we didn't even want to go back to the ship. We all returned home several pounds lighter and vowed never again.

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