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Musings from the Mariner - live - 10/3/2014 - 10/13/2014

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I was not planning on posting live from this cruise for a variety of reasons. However, boarding the Mariner for the first time in 18 months brought some things to light that I want to share.


Firstly, the Mariner looks spectacular after the recent dry dock. There are so many small changes that you need to see them for yourself. Having said that, the reasons why I prefer the Voyager to the Mariner really stuck me. As I have stated many times, the Mariner was built first........ Radisson looked at the ship and decided what to do to make the next ship better and then built the Voyager.


We are in a PH suite that is significantly larger than the PH suites on the Voyager. However, the closets and bathroom are tiny compared to the Voyager. The safe is so small that it barely fits out passports and wallets. Because we booked this cruise so late we have a bathtub/shower suite (the lovely shower only suites book quickly). I cannot stress how uncomfortable it is to get into and out of the tub. If either of us were disabled, we could not manage it. Also, if we were really tall, we would shower with our head hitting the ceiling.


Speaking of PH suites, there is a question that I need to answer regarding PH suites that I will answer within a few days. Apparently there are some PH suites that do not have a post between the living room area and the bedroom area. Although I have not seen one, I need to investigate. The G.M. on this cruise is from Oceania so the answer may take a while.


We cancelled our P7 reservation in order to dine in CR so that we could see some crew members that we have not seen in a couple of years. As always, the crew make repeat customers feel like family.


The bar menu was suppose to have changed in either late July or August. I plan on posting the new menu during this cruise.


While there are things on this cruise that I prefer to keep private, I will share whatever comes up that may be of interest to other posters. While not particularly of great interest, the ship left over an hour late due to the late arrival of some flights that prevented 30 passengers from arriving on time. This may give some posters something to think about when they plan on arriving at the embarkation port on the same day as departure. Even if you are flying from somewhere in Europe to Rome (as is the case here), do not assume that the ship will wait for you. It did this time but this is not guaranteed.


Jet lag is catching up with us. Think I'll get some sleep before our arrival in Livorno in the morning.

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Thanks for all the kind posts! We did sleep for a long time. We are in Livorno - a port that we have been to three times in two years and have done some some intense excursions in. So, today we will just walk around.


In terms of photographs, think you will need to wait for posters on the next cruise. We did not take our camera -- I have my Kindle that takes good pictures but I basically only email photos that I take.


A very interesting tidbit is that the Captain's Reception tonight is at 9:00 p.m. We are wondering if this change is so that Compass Rose is not jammed at the conclusion of the Reception or ???


Ann, yes -- some people we have truly missed are on board. BTW, the G.M. is Massimo -- I think you like him. We sailed with him before -- after he transferred from Oceania. He is has learned the Regent way of doing things and is much warmer and open than the first time we met.


Peggy, will share more details when we see you on the Riviera next month;)


Bill, we are in the Observation Lounge - at the bar around 6:00 p.m. just about every night. Would enjoy meeting you.


Patti22, love the fact that you are with your much loved dog. We miss our kitties on a daily basis. Fortunately, this is one of the shortest cruises we have done in a long time and will soon be back with them.


To to rest of you -- will post as much as I can.

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A couple of updates. First, every time we have docked in Livorno we could not wait to get out of the dock area as it is quite unattractive. This is the first time we actually went into the city (by Regent shuttle). It is quite a vibrant city -- we enjoyed walking around, seeing the shops, etc. We had a great walk this morning in moderate temperatures (in the mid 70's).


I spoke with Massimo (G.M.) a while ago, and while he believes that all PH suites have the post between the bedroom and sitting area, he will double check. I specifically mentioned suite 834. He will get back to me.


We do prefer La Veranda on the Mariner because you can walk from one side to the other. Sometimes my DH goes to lunch a few minutes before I do. On the Voyager, the two sides are separated by a wall. There is no way to know which side he is seated in without going through separate doors to look (if that makes any sense). Also, next to the ice cream area on the pool deck, there is Kahlua, Baileys and one other alcoholic topping that is available. While I am not a big ice cream lover, I do enjoy chocolate yogurt with Kahlua on top. This is not available (as far as I know) on the Voyager (the alcohol - not the yogurt).


This afternoon I was going to really try and take photographs - send them to my email address and then post them. After taking only a few photographs, my Kindle (my electronic best friend) began having problems. I will keep trying. I do have a photo of the sitting area in our PH suite that I will try to post. Time will tell if I am successful.


If BB from CA is reading this, my DH decided that he doesn't want to sit at the bar in the Observation Lounge. I think I convinced him to sit there this evening. Since today is a long day for passengers that are on excursions, you may not get to the lounge when we are there. After today, if you sit at the bar, we'll recognize you from your photos and will introduce ourselves.


This post seems like a lot of babble about very little. This is not one of our most exciting itineraries but will continue to post when I can.


P.S. Internet VERY slow and there are few people on board right now.

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Hey Kids,

Glad you had a safe trip over and are enjoying the Mariner. I'd be interested in the new bar menu (haha!), and special treats available in the Observation bar and what champagne is the current pour! (another giggle!). Will be looking forward to more of your reports......enjoy,

Linda and John

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Thank you for your posts. Our travelling days are over. Neuropathy makes for very slow walking with a walker, and balance is tricky. After 18 cruises we relive the ports and the fun on board through members' postings, especially yours.

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"neviboy", so good to see you on the board. I remember your past cruises. Miss seeing your posts.


Linda, need time to understand Observation Lounge. Last night they were setting up for the sailaway. Wish you and John were here. Hugs to you both (Snitch too:D)


Massimo did determine which PH suites have no posts. They are PH "C". He will give me suite numbers.


Re-booted Kindle. It is feeling much better. Took pictures - sent them to my email address and do not know how to proceed. Usually I save to my pictures file and upload to Photobucket. I can't do the on the ship. Any suggestions?

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Took pictures - sent them to my email address and do not know how to proceed. Usually I save to my pictures file and upload to Photobucket. I can't do the on the ship. Any suggestions?


If you want some help getting pics on this thread...send them to me with a caption/description and I'll post them here for you.


-> ron(dot)computerworks(at)gmail(dot)com

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Thanks Jackie for the update.


Maybe the different time for the Captain's Reception will be because there are special surprises.


Hopefully Francisco is onboard. He helps make Compass Rose special. He is very fond of the two of you.

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Massimo did determine which PH suites have no posts. They are PH "C". He will give me suite numbers


Thank you, it's great to know which PH do not have the posts.


I've also heard that FDR is on board. Are you aware of this? Will he be hosting anything with passengers in a more formal capacity? Would be interesting to hear what he has to say.

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Captains reception at 9 pm is weird, but I kind of like the idea. Have dinner first then do the reception.


Bill, I will look at your blog!


I tried to post some pics from my recent silversea cruise, and I had no luck at all. No pictures would post, just the URL of my share site. So I have given up. Hope you have more success than I did. I guess I need someone who has done this a lot to walk me through it as i can't figure out what my problem is.

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Because I'm curious, who is the Captain and CD on the Mariner?


Thanks, Peggy


The CD is Lorraine. Will have to get back to you about the Captain. He is from Croatia -- nice man but do not remember his name.


The Captain's Reception was late due to the late arrival of guests from long excursions.


BBfromCA - think I have convinced DH that sitting at the bar makes conversation easier for us. Hope to be there tomorrow.


Will send photos to computerworks who is kind enough to post for me. Assume BBfromCa will also have photos (probably better than mine). I'll send a few today and more tomorrow.


Will be posting list of PH suites without a post soon.

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