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The Tale of the Grow Walk ….Hunh? DCL Magic and WDW Review

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Another VIP bus.




And back to the AK to get our car.




We then programmed Siri to get us to Sanford and headed that way. It was now turning dark as we drove along and I recognized most of the route but as we got closer she took us a different way than usual. I think this road might be newer. It was pretty deserted….and dark and just looked newer. We came in from a side entrance rather than the main entrance we usually go in and out of. I noticed several cars parked in a lot across the street so I headed over and parked as well. It was kind of like a field with some areas stoned and there were at least 30 cars waiting there. We were a little early, so I got out and stretched for a little bit.

The time that he was to land came and went and I called his phone and it was still off. Ok, they must be a little late. I was messaging with my friend Deb and she went online to look and see if there was a delay. I don’t think she found one. We saw a plane coming in for landing and we wondered if it was his plane. Sure enough about a minute later my phone rang. He was about 15-25 minutes late if I remember right and he said they were a little late loading the plane.


I told him to call me when the bags were coming off and I would then make my way to pick him up.

Right then a police man came into the lot and whirled a siren and told us we were in a bus lot and we were all parked illegally and if we didn’t want to be arrested we would leave immediately. I thought that was a little harsh. ….So I took off driving and made the circle around the airport but Skip wasn’t out yet. I decided I would just keep circling since there did not seem to be a cell lot anywhere that I could find. This airport is typically easy to get in and out of but tonight it was crazy busy with traffic. As I circled around the 2nd time he called and asked where I was. I pulled up and he hopped in and asked for cigarettes because he didn’t pack any. UGH. This guy smokes like a chimney but relies on me to pack his cigarettes when we travel. He jumped back out and took Claire with him as his bags had not come through yet.

I had no spot to actually park legally so I went ahead and parked at the end of the curb. Sure enough a few minutes later the police came around and sirened me and announced over his loud speaker that I was parked illegally and had to move. Of course I couldn’t because he was in the way, his lights were in my mirror so I couldn’t see what was coming around the other side of him….and what I could see was a ton of cars. He kept telling me to move and I waved that I understood. But seriously, was he blind? I know I was by his light! LOL. But I just had to slowly creep out the best I could. I have never seen them so strict there patrolling the area. Of course we have never arrived at night there either. It just left a bad taste in my mouth.

I circled again and Skip then calls and asked where I went. I told him I had to move and I was on my way back around.

Skip then takes Claire and his suitcase across the road…for no reason at all…to wait for me. This is not the area to stop and be picked up. This lane is for through traffic. UGH. So I stopped and he throws his case in the trunk and they jump in the car and I can mentally hear the cars behind us cussing us out.


Ok, let’s get the heck out of here.

We exit and he makes some comment about me going the wrong way and that we need to go by the gas station, which I pass. So I turn around and he asks why. I said because you wanted the gas station and I park there thinking he is going to buy cigarettes and a drink for the road. He often likes to stop and pick up a coke or something. Nope he wanted the road next to the gas station because he says we have taken that road before.

So we take the road against Siri’s recommendation and it’s a toll road that seems to have a both every mile. Ok, I might be exaggerating but it had a lot of tolls.

The whole trip back he talked all about his flight, his week without us etc….and if we didn’t answer within a half of second he would say Hunh? We just started laughing because every sentence ended in Hunh? Now he does this a lot but it was even worse than normal and I told him if he said Hunh one more time I was going to throw him overboard once we got on the ship….It never stopped….and still continues at home. Claire said we should get him a shirt for Christmas that says “Hunh?” on it so he doesn’t need to bother saying it. I told her it wouldn’t make a difference.

The lovely thing about driving with my husband is that 98% of the time I drive. He almost never drives when we go places together. Well at least behind the wheel. He certainly knows how to tell me how to drive from the passenger seat. And he did just that the whole way back. I was going too fast, too slow, I wasn’t going the right way, I missed the exit….which I have no clue how he would know since he has never been to this Marriott before. Yes, I was pretty sure I might murder him before the end of the trip.

Now I know he was excited to be finally down there with us and his vacation was just starting, so I did try to cut him a little slack. And Claire was just over the moon that he was now here and she was going to be able to show him all about Disney cruising. I just knew heads would clash at some point. He had ideas of how he wanted to spend time….with some relaxing. Claire had lots of ideas of activities she wanted to do with him…and I had the real plans….the ones people were supposed to follow!


We did tell Skip about the car and its lack of power and he noticed it too and we all just laughed. This car was such a piece of crap that it was just funny.


We made it back to the Marriott….and we were still all alive. No murders committed yet. Skip said hi to my parents who were settling in for the night. We made up the couch bed for Claire and we too all settled down since tomorrow was the big day. Claire was quite wound up. I know it was because she was so excited that her dad was now here, but we had to tell her to get to sleep more than once. Finally we all drifted off and got a decent night sleep!

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March 28, 2014, Friday, Day 8


Morning came and we packed up everything. I did put a few things in my Mom’s suitcase for her to take home to allow us a little more room for future purchases.

We were a little slow this morning, well the other 2 were. I was busy trying to get everything situated so that we could leave in a timely manner and not leave anything behind.




Mom had some breakfast items still, so I believe we each had a little something to give us some energy for the day.


Finally we loaded the car and said our good byes to my parents. They were heading to Legoland today and then tomorrow they were flying home.

We had a nice time with them and it is nice that they don’t feel the need to do everything with us or make us feel guilty about doing what we want to do.




Before I go further, I will discuss why we chose the Magic and this particular cruise. I really wanted a 4 or 5 night cruise. The thing was if we were to do one that long that meant we wouldn’t sail till Sunday or Monday. Now I am all for longer vacations, but it would also mean Claire was going to miss more school days. We were trying to avoid missing too many. I looked at other lines and even put a Princess cruise on hold. That was the only one that had dates that worked and it was for 5 days. The downside was it was out of Tampa. In the end Skip said he really wanted to see what all the fuss was about with Disney.

Skip also wanted to fly out of Toledo, which means he can only fly on Allegiant, which only flies a couple of days a week. They had a Thursday flight and the Magic sailed on Friday, so it worked out perfectly in that regards. I also was interested in seeing what they did with the Magic since the refurb. I knew a lot of things had been changed, but I also knew many things that should have been updated were not. I went into this cruise knowing it wasn’t a complete makeover of the ship but many things were improved. I also knew that there had been many complaints already about many of the staterooms. Some were leaking water, some had a smell to them, and some still looked like there balconies needed painting. It was kind of like Disney put lipstick on the rooms rather than starting with a good foundation before applying the rest of the makeup. Luckily I am pretty good with going with the flow and though I may not like things I still was going to make the best of it I could. And though I touched on some of the negative things, there were many more positive things about the ship than negative.


---- ---


We then headed towards the port. Again, Skip was trying to give me directions….because you know he knows how to get there even though he has never been there. He really hates that I use Siri and makes fun of me doing so many times…but she gets me where I need to go most times….or at least in the right direction.


Of course once we got going I pretty much knew the way. It’s a fairly straight shot once you get on the right road. Skip then asked me why I was driving instead of him. LOL! I know I said I always drive, but many times on vacation he actually does do the driving. I reminded him that I was the one to get the car and it was in my name, so he probably shouldn’t be driving…..Ah…good point!


Soon we were seeing the Magic off in the distance and ooh and ahhing over it. We got off at the right exit and went in and they checked our ID’s and we stopped to unload our luggage. I handed over a tip. Skip think’s it’s a rip off that you have to tip these guys. But unless you want to carry your bags on yourself and haul them around, it’s the right thing to do.

The guys were really helpful and told us where to go to park our car. This was a new one for me. In the past I have been dropped off at PC and picked up after the cruise and I have stayed at Residence Inn and used their Park and Cruise reservation and used the shuttle back and forth….but this was the first time we were parking in the garage at the port. I did do some investigating at parking offsite at a nearby lot, but in the end the savings wasn’t worth the hassle of getting there and back for us.


We pulled around and went into the garage and parked. Claire was doing the potty dance so we needed to find her a bathroom soon. We grabbed the rest of our things out of the car and made sure to put the key in a safe spot and went to find a bathroom.

Luckily there is one right there in the garage and we made use of it quickly and then proceeded to cross the street towards the terminal.




I rarely get many pictures outside the terminal because I am too excited to get in, so I did try to take a few more today.






Skip made a lot of dorky comments to us because he likes to try and rile us up. We ignored him and I knew deep down he was excited….and a little nervous about it all too.




Looking back at the parking garage.



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We entered the building and had to go through security check. There was a bit of a line, but it moves fairly quickly. You cannot take pictures there, but it is very similar to an airport security check.

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Once we got up in the terminal we went to check in. Claire and I are Castaway Club members so we had the shorter check in line.

This line is for meeting characters, which we chose to bypass.








The ship had not started boarding yet.




But for some reason people like to hoover near the ears. I don’t know why as it makes it harder for those with earlier boarding numbers to get through.




We decided to head outside and take a look at our new home for the next few days.



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There was an ashtray out there and Skip took that as a sign that you are allowed to smoke out there. I am not sure if you are or not, but I suppose you can if there is an ashtray, but I also felt it was rude. Many people are out there looking at the ship and it’s not a big area. I tried to discreetly tell him not to, but he didn’t listen. I don’t think he understood what I was saying.




The guys were sprucing up the ship.




It looks like a few CM’s were having some shore time.




A RCCL ship off in the distance.





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I noticed that they were starting to call numbers now. Gosh I can’t remember what we had…I am thinking 6 or 7 off the top of my head, but I know it wasn’t too far down the line so I kept peeking in to hear what was being called to board.


I believe this is where the concierge and platinum people wait.








I actually have waited in this area before…..back in 2011 when I did a tour of the Dream….this is where they had us wait for the bus back to WDW.




They were calling numbers fast. Basically every 30-60 seconds the next group was being called.




And before you knew it our group was called and we made our way to board. YIPPEE!!!!!!!



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Mickey was walking right by and I quick tried to take a few paparazzi pictures.








I made us all stop for the boarding picture and Claire blinked in one and Skip had a creepy look in the other so I never bought either.


Now it was time to board!





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Waiting our turn.








The Disney Magic would like to introduce the Jenseib family!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!




The first time I boarded the Magic I thought the atrium was so small…..this time I was used to it a bit and it didn’t seem so shockingly small. It did seem a little weird to see the second staircase missing, but not in a bad way.



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Mickey had been moved and his new spot was nice.




The new light fixture.




I have a confession….I don’t think this is fabulous. It’s OK, but not a great fixture for the atrium and I liked the old one better.


Guest services.




We had a mission…..LUNCH!




We like buffets. I know it’s not for everyone, but Skip REALLY likes buffets, so we were heading towards Cabanas which was formerly known as Topsiders.



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We were heading towards the back of the ship to get to Cabanas and cut through Shutters, which is where they display the photos taken throughout the cruise.








And up the elevator.




To Cabanas.




The style and décor of this Cabanas is different than on the Dream and Fantasy.



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I found a table out back. I love this outside area. Sadly they did make it smaller after the refurbishment to make Cabanas bigger, but there was still room to sit out there with tables and it still is bigger than what the Dream has.


Cape Canaveral off in the distance.



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The pictures are great!


One question...I probably missed it in 25 pages, but what the heck is a Grow Walk? :confused:


I write trip reports...not reviews of just the ship, so I name them according to something that has happened on the trip. I post to a couple of different forums so I write it in word and copy and paste. My daughter used the termed Grow Walk to described the crowds of people and when you try to pass them they seem to grow in size.

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I filled my plate and headed back to the table.






Time for dessert…..I LOVE those chocolate chip cookies!!!!!!!




They have really good ice-cream too.




After we were done we decided to do some exploring and show Skip around.




The new water splash area.



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Skip decided to park himself on a lounge chair but I wanted to explore some more. Claire decided to come with me.


Again, I am just not a big fan of the new light fixture.










We decided to get Claire checked into the kids clubs and take a look at the refurbishments there.



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