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Jewel- Thanksgiving Cruise Review, pics, docs, lots of info11/22

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JEWEL of the Seas Southern Caribbean 11/22-11/29 2015 REVIEW

Disclosure: Our views, opinions and facts. Appreciated things can change and some ships differ from others.



Excellent ship, fantastic cruise. Staff were amazing!! Loved the Itinerary

This is not a day - day review, this is a fully loaded into 1 big collation of info, photos, docs kind of review. Scans of all docs will be added, time permitting.


And from seeing all the types of questions that get asked on CC, I will try and make sure that as much as I have at hand is all included.

Payback for all the great information we have received this past year.

Ken, Carol, Bob, Patti, Karen, Linda, to name but a few.


A little bit about us.

This was the DW,s 40th so an extra special occasion, MIL and FIL joined us for this cruise from the UK.

Yes I ordered the Birthday package and Cake, oh go on then! Champagne with flowers and strawberries.

Cake $16.95 RC code 00532V (Vanilla)

Birthday Cabin Decorations $31.00 RC code 000203

Champagne & Strawberries $42.95 RC code 000525

Dozen Red Roses $65.00 RC code 002006

Well it is her 40th :)

And she does tell me I am not romantic enough.. Seriously!

A few other gifts were also waiting in the cabin for my ladies

Lucky the flights only cost me $33.00, this is covered a little later.


TIP: Be careful when booking as they do have the options for the Quinceañeras Happy 15 Decorations, obviously if that is what you need they have different booking codes. I recall a thread where this had accidentally happened to someone.

Also for the flowers make sure you order specific to region of your cruise as this does differ and order numbers vary.

Here is the direct link



You can also contact 1-800-722-5443 who deal with stateroom decorations and celebrations.


We have done quite a few thanksgiving cruises and have always enjoyed them and with this ship and this great itinerary it was another one to cross of the list.


All 5 of us are D+ so we will be frequenting CL and DL (Hollywood Odyssey) quite a lot

No dedicated DL on Jewel.

DD 13 for this cruise so this was her 1st time moving on up into the teens program.

DD is really into her snorkeling now and with us soon to get our PADI certificates the more time she gets in snorkeling, the better prepared she and I will be for when we take the plunge and go a little deeper into the ocean.


We chose this cruise more for the itinerary, however Jewel is one of our favorite ships, so combined it was an easy cruise to choose.


DW 37th cruise, tried to make her 40th her 40th

DD 20th cruise, wants to be Pinnacle before she reaches 20! Told her to start saving

My 16th cruise, in my own right LOL, not married into.

MIL & FIL 49th

(122 cruises between the 5 of us) no idea how many sea days or ports, but many!

DW and DD do get to cruise more each year without me, they are worth it


So here we go!


Ship: JEWEL of the Seas.

Sail date: NOVEMBER 22 2015 (7 nights)

Cabin: 1044 Junior Suite

Port side (mid-ship) convenient to CL and Elevators.

Room Size: 282sq ft

Balcony Size: 74sq ft

Cost: $2937.84 taxes and gratuities all included, we booked this before BOGOHO#1

And the prices never came down, actually went up to $3429.84

We also had a nice sum of OBC from the casino which we accumulated from our previous Navigator sailing this year, Thanks to Alfio & Christian

So we were happy with what we had paid at the time.




Courtesy of Royal Caribbean





We used Travelguard Insurance $235.00 for the 3 of us. Have used for past 12 years with no issues.


Cabin comments: this was a connecting stateroom with D1 cabin 1046, more on the cabin further down.




11/22 San Juan (Puerto Rico)

11/23 Tortola (BVI) have been before was changed by RC to St Thomas

11/24 Basseterre (St Kitts) have been before

11/25 Philipsburg (St Maarten) have been before

11/26 Fort De France (Martinique) New for all of us

11/27 Bridgetown (Barbados) New for some of us

11/28 At Sea

11/29 San Juan (Puerto Rico)


A Port Intensive itinerary, I know we will need another cruise to recover from this one, any excuse will do.





Departed from DFW on the Friday 21st 16:40PM - ARR SJU 23:10PM



Easy direct flight, no issues, we used American Airlines.

We are 5 minutes from DFW so easy peezy for us.

Upgrades on this flight not automatic, I could not use my upgrades, we could not even use cash/miles combined to upgrade either. Oh well no peanuts for us.

Delayed by 40 minutes, waiting on head Cabin attendant to arrive, he gets on then does the hurry up and stow your suitcases trick, like it is everyone else's fault we are late to take off. (Typically this is a 4hr 30min flight)

Grabbed some of the snacks on board and relaxed.

Arrive in San Juan at


Used miles for the 3 of us, $33.00 total fees. Booked way back as soon as flight availability opened up 331 days before departure.

We typically have to fly for all our cruises unless we are sailing out of Galveston, then we drive it. So with flights to take into consideration for most of the cruises we book well in advance, use miles and then miles/cash for upgrades.

This way we save a big bunch on travel expenses and have more $$$ for the cruise.

(actually more money for the Casino)



Best Western Condado Palm Inn & Suites, arrived just after 00:30am !!

We both got upgraded to the suites on floor 11 in the towers, where the rooms are huge. No additional cost $$$ nice start to the week

55 Avenue Condado

San Juan, 00907-1708, PR

Cost: $240.67 per night inc all taxes and Full Breakfast (2 Queen Beds)






Breakfast Made Easy

Free Breakfast

Complimentary full breakfast

choice of breads, cereal, fruit, hot eggs, hot breakfast meats, juices and much needed coffee.


The MIL and FIL managed to get some black tea, so they were happy.

We got to hotel just after midnight so as long as we had a bed all were happy.

Rooms and hotel actually were very nice, we had researched well in advance and this was a reasonable option. Reviews online swayed it for DW.

We could of splashed out at a fancy hotel, what was the point, we would be there 10hrs tops.

Beach was within small walking distance

No Shuttle provided from hotel, as like most other hotels, it is taxi's with regulated prices.

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From: Luis Munoz Marin International Airport to Hotel

Head northwest when exiting the airport. Make a slight right and take the ramp to Interstate PR-26. Keep left at the fork and merge onto Interstate PR-26. Keep on straight for about five miles then take the bypass to Condado Centro. Turn right onto Condado Avenue. The BEST WESTERN PLUS Condado Palm Inn & Suites will be on your right.

Distance: (6 miles approx 15 minutes from airport to hotel)

Cost $23+ $1 per luggage item and of course tip



Hotel to Pan American Pier

Distance: ( 2.3 miles approx 11 minutes)

Cost $12 + $1 per luggage item and tip) $22.00 total in tip




San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pan American Pier

Isla Grande, Santurce, Puerto Rico



Arrival at Port:11:30am

Into security:11:45

Checked in at Kiosk with Sophia at 11:50 and picked up NO WOW cards

Only 1 setsail pass for complete family.

All CILA paperwork already filled out, However, new forms required.


Waiting area 0 minutes, straight through

All aboard Photo, family tradition, so we know we will never be the 1st ones on the ship, even if it looks like we will be.. What others do not know is we are wanting to get the photo done 1st

And then eagerly await the !BING!

On ship just after 12:20PM "home" at last! Deep breathe, breath out and forget about the rest of the world for 7 days...

In WJ by 12:30PM, after a few photos

Seaview cafe closed on embarkation day

Portofino's and Chops both closed for lunch

In Cabin 13:00pm



The whole embarkation experience was pleasant and really non eventful!!

Finally back on the gem she is the Jewel of the Seas once again..


Designated areas for Pinnacle Club and suite guests to check in

Emerald Platinum Diamond & Diamond Plus dedicated line altogether

Gold line

And general boarding

Probably about 10 check in kiosks in total, very small compared to what we are used to seeing, we were checked 6 times in different locations on way to ship, hot on security.

Refreshments were also available in check in area


WOW Cards:

We were given NO WOW cards when checking in, typically we will grab a few more if we are able to, and this time we had 0 total for this sailing. Having spoken to a lot of staff they do like receiving these, but also say they get better recognition if their names are mentioned in the online survey. The WOW cards are more "internal" for the specific ship.

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JS1044 (Port side mid-ship, small walk to CL)

Nice sized room, covered balcony, large walk in closet, bath tub and all the usual

Amenities. This JS like other JS we have stayed in previously.

Very quiet room, in great location on ship.

Coffee maker and kettle for hot water in cabin, sofa double bed. No Pullman.

No issues with noise or any damage, room was in excellent condition.

Balcony nice size with NO chaise lounges, 2 chairs and a small table. Yes there is an overhang but we still got some sun

Yes this is a connecting room. (No issues), would not of even noticed

No power outlet behind the bed.

X2 Standard US power outlets & X1 European power outlet in room

Outlets also for shavers in Bathroom.

Noise from above: we were directly below the area where the deck chairs are located on the pool deck, but we heard nothing.

Couple of doorbell runners in the week, security caught up with them sharpish and hopefully the culprits parents gave them a ticking off.













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Would highly recommend this cabin

Allister our attendant, full of life and always there to meet our minimal needs, one of the most attentive attendants we have experienced. Allister gave us a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio. We are low maintenance so other than the room decorations for DW's 40th and the towel animals for DD, no real demands or items needed (always do need about 20 more hangers for all the formal attire, so we had these within an hour of 1st entering our cabin)

Ice for the champagne when needed.. But bottle did not need to be chilled for too long as the DW was very thirsty.. another bottle for dinner was also required:)

We brought our own bottle opener, so we were all sorted for the 2 bottles of wine we carried on with us. CVS and Walgreens were right next to our hotel where they had everything you need if you have forgotten to bring.



Bottle of wine, which we chose to have with dinner

2 bottles of beer and bag of Almonds with Shortbread, they went down quickly.

No more totes, bags or RC logo gifts.





No list in cabin of kids benefits, Diego printed us out a list for DD

Tote bag welcome back gift



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SAFE and Dimensions, larger than we had on Navigator (Safe was Beige)


TV outlets


Cabin Attendant: Allister Parris

From: Trinidad & Tobago

Great guy, got us the extra hangers we needed on Day 1, fresh ice when needed and made up towel animals for DD every night. Room on arrival was all decked out with the birthday decorations and all ordered gifts and welcome back items were all in the cabin. robes and all. Again thanks for the bottle of wine. Great job, excellent service.


1st Day on Ship:

For us we like to take a tour of the ship and take as many photos as we can at specific locations. Pool deck, solarium, signage of the Ship, and the most important one for us is the ship deck model plan by the elevators. Does not matter which floor but DD has had her photo taken with this on every cruise she has been on, and one day I will collate them all in a timeline so she can see how much she has changed.

We are easily pleased as you can tell.

Dining room to see where are table is located and then chill.

WJ or whatever restaurant can be used, Chops, Portofino's, we don't normally mind either way. We are not scared of using the WJ by any means.

Seaview cafe closed on embarkation day, as was Chops and Portofino's



But for Jewel it has to be WJ outside, just because we can

So photos done, all fed and watered and 1pm off to drop the carry on's in the cabin.

We take a slight detour past 1556, as we will be bedding down in the RS in 2015, so wanted to acquaint ourselves with her location.

Seaview Cafe Closed

Chops Closed

Portofino's Closed

Now where is the helipad?



We carried on our allowed limit of 2 bottles of wine per cabin, no issues

In laws also took on 2 bottles of wine.

We did not take on any bottled water.

We took onboard a bottle opener and corkscrew.



Location: deck 5 C08

20:00 (8:00pm)

Nice and easy!



20:30 (8:30pm)



Access outside on Deck 5 Both Sides, up the stairs and you are there, technically Helipad is on Deck 6, gangway has restricted access signs when closed to general public.

Always closed at night, must be dark for the bridge.






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All of our over-sized luggage arrived at our cabin at 15:30PM



Our roll call only had 12 people registered

M&M did not have the 25 we needed, so no official M&M

Very few CCers and upper tier cruisers on this sailing

We arranged on our roll call to meet up at the pool bar for 4pm on embarkation day!

Received email from RC on 11/19 to say no official Meet and Mingle for our sailing.

Hung around at 4 for a while, did not meet up with anyone, although did bump into others later in the cruise.



New for us, we required a collapsible wheelchair for Dear MIL, thanks to CC we had the contact for RC special_needs@rccl.com and the outside vendor information.

Special Needs at Sea 1-800-513-4515 http://www.specialneedsatsea.com/


We also required a shower stool for MIL and RC special needs organized this, and it was ready in cabin on embarkation

Excellent service and the wheelchair for the week was $99.99 this was in the in-laws cabin on embarkation, and we left it there for collection at the end of the cruise.

Also AA flight for in-laws from London, special needs had wheelchair ready on arrival at airport and also on landing at DFW.

Likewise in San Juan plane to baggage wheelchair service excellent.


Getting a wheelchair at port, nightmare and not well organized at all

Special seated area outside by Suite guest queue where no one assists, eventually after speaking to 5 different people we decided to get checked in and organize from inside.

Within 10 minutes in-laws were with wheelchair and checked in.

Very impressed with the services provided all round, even if a minor issue at port.

Rating: [10/10]



Welcome Back Party - Attended (Safari Club)

Top Tier Event - Attended (Vortex)

Captains Table Dinner with Hotel Director - Giovanni (MDR Thanksgiving Day 6)

Galley, Theater Bridge Tour - Did not attend, done on Jewel before.

Park West Special Auction - Did not attend.



Cost: $150.00 if you paid for it!

Invitation in room for Galley, Bridge or Theatre, we passed on all 3 as have done before on Jewel



Captain Thore and the Executive Committee

Day 7 Centrum Deck 4



A little info on all of the excursions we planned, all booked online, all completed using the RC cruise planner, and all the linkage with other reservations and payments a success with NO issues... Please do not be amazed or fall off of your chairs.

We took every step carefully and printed off confirmation email and hey presto!

All tickets were in our Cabin with no issues at all.


Even though there are 5 of us, we do occasionally split up excursions, DD and myself are more into Active excursions, where as the DW and in-laws are quite happy to look at buildings and flowers and stuff.

But we compromise for places we have sailed to before.


PORTS: (Docked or Tendered)

Tortola (British Virgin Islands) DOCKED changed to St Thomas DOCKED

Basseterre (St Kitts) DOCKED

Philipsburg (St Maarten) DOCKED

Fort De France (Martinique) DOCKED (New design and have done a great job)

Bridgetown (Barbados) DOCKED

This was another nice thing about this cruise and itinerary.. NO tenders, not that tenders bother us, but docking is so much easier as you all know.

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OLD DAY 2 (just 3 of us for this excursion DW DD & ME)


Tortola, B.V.I.

Tour to Virgin Gorda Baths

09:00 AM

Total Cost: $179.25 USD ($59.75pp)

Duration: 4hr(s) 30min(s)

RC booking code: TT32

Weather report: Probably Sunny! We're not there but heard it was nice.

Comments:DD and myself had brought our own Snorkeling gear with us, so at any given time there was a beach and the ocean, we knew where we would be heading.

Beach was the part of the trip for the DW to chill and drink.

Had read a lot about the positive reviews of the baths on CC, so that helped in our decision for this port of call.

Rating: N/A



in September RC cancelled Tortola on the Itinerary and we docked in St Thomas instead! We received a full refund on excursion and rebooked accordingly.



Published on 25th January 2014

So RC had known for a while.


• *Tortola, British Virgin Islands: A major port expansion at Road Town will enable the port to accommodate ships carrying 4,000-plus passengers. Both Norwegian Cruise Lines and Disney have been given berthing preference. Other ships will be able to dock there as well, however.


Work is expected to start during this quarter to lengthen the existing cruise pier to 1,200 feet and extend its width to 45 feet, build an excursion/ferry dock, a visitor center, a boardwalk and four acres of shore facilities, including a shopping mall village, recreation elements and staging/transfer area.


Completion is projected Early 2015, so we will try and get back to Tortola once all has been completed.



NEW DAY 2 (just 3 of us for this excursion DW DD & ME)


St Thomas

All inclusive St John Trunk Bay Beach & Snorkel

09:00 AM

Total Cost: $209.25 USD ($69.75pp)

Duration: 4hr(s)

RC booking code: STE8

Weather Report: 86deg F (30deg C) small rain shower, hot and sunny

Comments: beautiful beach, visibility for snorkeling not so great, but when you are stuck at the 5th best beach in the world, who cares, the sandy beaches with zero rocks, just like walking on cotton wool, bliss. Well worth doing.

45 minutes each way from Havensight to St John (Isla Grande ferry)

Rating: [9/10]



DAY 3 (split up for this so DD & myself could go Snorkeling, the others buildings)


Basseterre, St. Kitts

The Essential St. Kitts Tour

09:30 AM

Total Cost: $149.27 USD ($49.75pp)

Duration: 3hr(s)

RC booking code: KT21

Weather report: 82deg F (28deg C) rainy and overcast, we got a good soaking

Comments: DD said the excursion was very good and enjoyed it, would recommend

Rating: [9/10]


Basseterre, St Kitts

Snorkel St. Kitts

09:00 AM

Total Cost: $139.50 USD ($69.75pp)

Duration: 3hr(s)

RC booking code: KT04

Weather report: 82deg F (28deg C) rainy and overcast, quite choppy getting to snorkel sites.

Comments: Minimum age 6, off DD and myself again into the beautiful Caribbean waters to get some cool underwater photos.. Another new hobby that DD has taken up. Walk to boat from ship, 25 minutes on the sea to site #1, 40 minutes of snorkeling, 10 minutes ride to 2nd site, 40 minutes snorkel. All gear and drinks on boat provided.

Well worth the money and DD and myself thoroughly enjoyed the excursion.

Rating: [10/10]



for the enthusiasts (FUJIFILM XP 70 w/wifi 33ft water proof, 5ft shock proof)

16.4 Mega-Pixel Digital 1920x1080 HD Video. HDMI O/P (float strap included)

Picked this up at bestbuy, after rewards and some other discount the DW had, cost us about $79.00 RRP $199.00 not inc tax.. Bargain.


Rating: [9/10] we used for above water photos as well.



DAY 4 (All 5 of us for this one)


Philipsburg, St. Maarten

St. Maarten Island Tour

09:00 AM

Total Cost: $128.75 USD ($25.75pp)

Duration: 2hr(s) 30min(s)

RC booking code: SM04

Weather report: 86deg F (30deg C) one small rain shower, then hot and sunny

Comments: nice tour of the island, great driver with a wealth of knowledge and kept it fun and added a nice level of humor.

With MIL in the wheelchair, driver sat her at the front of the coach, so great views. We tipped him $20 and DD also gave him a few $$, she likes to do this on her own.

Great value for the $25 each for the excursion.

Rating: [9/10]



DAY 5 (All 5 of us for this one)



DIY style :)

Total Cost: $0.00 USD (FREE pp)

Duration: At leisure, just walked into town, some gift shopping and back to ship for the pool and solarium, while it was quiet. Played some pool and chess in Safari Club.

Weather report: 86deg F (30deg C) Cloudy with some rain

Comments: got to be a 9 as we had the day just as we all wanted it, newly developed dock and very well constructed, once exit to town is all finished and built up, I expect will be a really tidy port. Side streets very small. All shops are € but also take USD$ at a rate of x 1.25 as at 11/26/14

Rating: [9/10]



DAY 6 (Just the 3 of us for chill-axing and Snorkeling DW DD & ME)


Bridgetown, Barbados

Barbados Tiki Beach Break

08:45 AM

Total Cost: $89.25 USD ($29.75pp)

Duration: 4hr(s)

RC booking code:BBA5

Weather report: 88deg F (31deg C) Sunny and a little bit of rain.

Comments: Shuttled from pier to cruise terminal building, and then straight onto tour bus, 10 minute drive to Tiki Bar Beach, lovely soft sands and crystal clear waters for DD to do some snorkeling.

We each got drinks vouchers for the bar and enjoyed a lazy day drinking swimming and sunbathing. Well worth the $29 each.

Rating: [10/10]



DAY 7 Sea Day, chill, Casino, drink, eat and enjoy the ship, blackjack tournament & slot tournament day YAY!!! Throw in some bingo as well.


At Sea

Weather report: 86deg F (30deg C), lovely sunny and hot sea day

Comments: With just the 1 sea day, we had to enjoy the ship as much as possible so that's exactly what we did.

Oh yeah Happy Birthday wife :), treated her to breakfast in bed :)

Rating: [10/10]

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Coral Theatre (Deck 5 & 6)

Shows: West End of Broadway Day 3 Coral Theatre

Shows: City of Dreams Day 5 Coral Theatre

Shows: Chuck Gunter - Comedy Juggler Day 7 Coral Theatre

Quest 11:00PM Safari Club Day 6 Deck 6

Love and Marriage Game Show Day 4 (English) 10:15PM Coral Theater (Deck 5,6)

Love and Marriage Game show Day 4 (Spanish) 10:30PM Safari Club (Deck 6)

Cruise Director: Mike Hunnerup

Comments: DD and FIL watched the West End Broadway, DD said he would give it a 9/10 and really enjoyed it. Also enjoyed City of Dreams 8/10

Rating: [8.5/10] overall.



MDR: (Deck 4) Tides 6pm Traditional

We signed up for the 1st seating for Traditional dining Table 470 for 5, so a 6 top

Waiter: Ajit Desai (India) Hopefully Ajit will be on Jewel in June 2015, Top Waiter

Assistant Waiter: Ryan (Philippines)

Head Waiter: Luis (Chile)

Drinks server: Roel Paguio (Philippines) Always had a nice virgin cocktail for DD and even surprised her with some of the choices table.

maître d': Jose Venegas


Overall MDR experience for us was very good, never an issue having 2 or more starters and some nights all tables our waiter was waiting on, all were getting 2 starters.

Wine service we did not use as all of the wine we drank was FREE!!

Rating: [9/10]



For Diamond, Diamond+ & Pinnacle you have a separate private area just inside MDR on deck 4 for breakfast, nice added touch.

Never really busy, in fact most in at one time was 15 people.

We mainly used the CL, which was never busy for breakfast, was also our normal morning time to have a good chat with Diego

Rating: [9/10]

Eggs Benedict for the day we did use


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We were informed this would be on Day 5

All of us had chocolate milkshakes, Chocolate pancakes, Chocolate waffles, and of course eggs Benedict to start the day off. We sat in Diamond area of tides on deck 4 for breakfast, Ajit our MDR waiter served us, so a nice added touch.

Rating: [9/10]












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Day 1 Mojo (Casual)

Day 2 Saffron (Formal)

Day 3 Pimento (Smart Casual)

Day 4 Arugula (Casual / White)

Day 5 Shiitake (Formal)

Day 6 Pomodoro (Smart Casual)

Day 7 Jasmine (Casual)





Table #470, very close to the main dining room entrance, I had contacted Diego the Concierge a few days before sailing and let him know dear MIL was in a wheelchair and we would like a seat near the entrance, within an hour Diego had our request sorted and table assigned for the 5 of us.

Diego 10/10 for getting the table we requested, kudos! (Nice one Luis S) if you read.


Luis head waiter arranged for some special curry dishes for us, nice added touch to the excellent service, can say the portion was huge "family style" chicken so tender and the spice and heat just like we like it.

2nd curry dish next night, a lovely hot n spicy egg curry, yum yum!

3rd curry dish formal night, really spicy and hotter chicken dish, very tasty.

We typically got our 3 glasses of wine each at the Centrum Lobby bar outside MDR on deck 4, which we took into MDR with us. There was a sign up on bar which displayed all available options for x3 drink vouchers.. yes Baileys was on the list.

I had no issues using DW's and my card at same time, $0.00 receipt to sign so tip could be added. Likewise no issues DW using my card to get both our drinks.


For those interested formal night, from what I saw was very formal. Who wears what does not effect our meal, so no big deal to us anyways.


Formal nights: 2nd night (Saffron) & 5th night (Shiitake)

Thanksgiving 6th night (Pomodoro)

Lobster Day 7 (Jasmine) Fishermans Platter, Birthday cake and Wine from Diego

Captains Table Day 6, we dined with Giovanni and Rosa, great company, great food.

Parades and singing:

Rating food: [9/10]

Rating service: [10/10]



NO charge items on normal room menu

DW ordered, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Med-Well Steak Sandwich, coffee, hot chocolate and a couple of milks, all food was nice and warm to hot and all items ordered were delivered as requested. DD said BBQ sauce is very good, that came with the Steak sandwich.


We had breakfast delivered Day 7 at Sea as we needed a well deserved lay in.

Hung selection menu on door handle night before for 9:00AM delivery, all on Balcony for a lovely scenic family breakfast.


Delivery time (afternoon snack) 40 or so minutes from placing order, which was fine.

Delivery time (breakfast) we had a 9:00AM delivery on the dot!

Hours: 24hrs ($3.95 service charge between midnight - 5:00AM

Rating food: [8/10]

Rating service: [8/10]



For dining bookings or general questions, we have used before for assistance with table requests and times, plus linking other reservations.


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For dining bookings or general questions, we have used before for assistance with table requests and times, plus linking other reservations.



PORTOFINO: (Deck 6) as at 11/29/14 Cost =$20.00 pax



We had a nice romantic evening in this fine Italian restaurant, and we're not disappointed, is DW's favorite RC restaurant, so as you do, for her Birthday, made sure she got what she wanted and spoilt her.

DW had the Lamb (De Ja Vue)

And I had the Fillet (creature of habit)

Wine menu very good, we had the Duckhorn Merlot.. Nice and smooth

Obviously the family style dining was 1st where we sampled as much as we could, leaving room for our main dishes and dessert of course.


The DW has always said Portofino's has something that Giovanni's does not.. I personally cannot notice the difference other than in the name.

Excellent as always.


There was also the wine pairing option in Portofino's with Surf n Turf.

$55 per person all inclusive Day 5


Taste of Tuscany in Portofino's Lunch Day 7 at sea

$20.00 per person

11:30AM - 1:00PM



Rating food: [10/10]

Rating service: [10/10]


Head Chef:

Seating Times: Dinner: 6:00PM - 9:30PM

Dress: Smart Casual.

CLOSED embarkation day for lunch


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SEA VIEW CAFE: (Deck 12) Cost =$0.00 FREE!!

Had to revisit before they take this away and will enjoy again in Alaska

Just really nice to sit back catch some sun, grab a bite to eat, with no hustle or bustle.

DISCLAIMER! I never said they are taking it away, but who knows, so glad to enjoy it again, and will be doing it again when we are in Alaska, just less warmth.. Brrrrrr!

Hours: 2:30PM - 6:30PM / 9:00PM - 1:00AM

Rating: [8/10]

Hit and Miss as to when we could make it to eat

Dress: Always Casual.

Was closed embarkation day. Was closed when ever we wanted to go, limited hours!

We finally made it. YAY!! Day 5 and again on Day 6 for Tuna Melts and Onion Rings









PIZZERIA SOLARIUM CAFE (Solarium): (Deck 11) Cost $0.00 FREE!!

It's slices of Pizza... Does the trick when your in a rush or can't be bothered to go to WJ

Hours: Never saw it open, that's not to say it could of been. We did not use.

Hours: 7:00AM - 11:00AM / 2:30PM - 6:30PM / 11:00PM - 5:00AM

Rating: N/A

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CHOPS GRILLE: (Deck 6) as at 11/29/14 Cost =$30.00 pax

Seating Times: Dinner: 6:00PM - 9:30PM



As usual avoided Chops as we always do, we eat steak all the time at home so we choose to stay with Portofino, a restaurant we will pay an up charge for, that's if we ever have to pay for it..

Rating: N/A

Seating Times: Dinner: 6:00PM - 9:30PM

Dress: Smart Casual.

Closed embarkation day



Available each night 1 dinner only, max 16 people

Cost: $40.00 Drinks not included

Rating: N/A

Seating Times: Dinner: 6:00PM - 9:30PM

Dress: Smart Casual.

Closed embarkation day



CAFE LATTE' TUDES: (Deck 5) Cost $$$

Used occasionally for a Latte or 2.

Price list see image

Hours:11:15am Embarkation Day

Hours: 6:30AM - 11:00PM

Rating: [9/10]






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WINDJAMMER: (Deck 11) BACK OF SHIP Cost $0.00 FREE!!

Seating Times: Breakfast 6am - 11am, Lunch 11am - 3pm, Dinner 6pm - 11pm

Times did change daily, but above times were good guidelines.

Dress: Always Casual.

Yes we sat outside with every opportunity and ate and drank, observing other ships.

Frequented for snacks and the odd bite to eat here and there

Nice seeing Indy beside us in St Maarten 11/25 eating our lunch outside WJ.

Omelette station, did not use.

Build your own pizza station: NOT ON JEWEL

IOHO, even though serve station area is small, selection of offerings we thought was pretty good, would say dessert selection is pretty lame. Obvious this is subjective to our tastebuds.

The BIG plus, with all the outdoor seating options, WJ was never crowded at the times we frequented.

Rating food: [8/10]

Rating service: [8/10]




Schooner Bar (Deck 6)

There is a Wii all setup just as you go into the Schooner bar and small TV.

We never used Schooner Bar

Rating: N/A



Champagne Bar (Deck 6)

We never used, always had our champagne in our cabin.

Rating: N/A





Pit Stop Sports Bar (Deck 6)

Sat occasionally to catch up on sports results, lots of screens showing a wide variety of programs.

19 TV,s in total in the bar.

There was a Beer Bucket special available here, 5 beers $20.00

Hours: 4:00PM - Late


Rating: [8/10]


TV Sports Coverage

Note: NFL games shown on thanksgiving day.

1:30PM Bears v Lions (Safari Club Deck 6) Nobody in there watching the game!

5:30PM Eagles v Cowboys (Safari Club Deck 6)

9:30PM Seahawks v 49ers (Coral Theatre Deck 5)

Some NFL games also available in Pit Stop Bar

Plenty of UEFA and Champions League games also shown.


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Sky Bar (Deck 12)

Occasionally sat up there and watched DD in the main outdoor pool

Smoking area overlooking the pool

On Deck Performers: Carib style band most days for sailaways.

Servers friendly and always willing to stop and chat

Rating: [9/10]


Centrum Lobby Bar (Deck 4)

Got our wine here for MDR using our 3 drinks vouchers each evening.

Live music every night with the odd few couples dancing.

Drink list at bar displaying all you can get using pre-loaded vouchers.

Christmas Tree was up Day 6 morning and Centrum all the way to the top was decked out. All ready for Thanksgiving.

Rating: [8/10]


Vortex (Nightclub) (Deck 13)

Hours: 10:00PM - Late

Silent Disco was available.


Safari Club (Deck 6)

Played pool a few times and also bingo in here, another bar also

Chess, Backgammon and Draughts also used







Rating: [9/10]


DRINKS of the Day ($7.75)

Day 1 Tropical Lemonade (Lemonade - Smirnoff - Blue Curaçao)

Day 2 Paradise Punch (Bacardi Rum - Schnapps - Pineapple - Cranberry)

Day 3 Lush Mint Lemonade (Lemonade - Mojito mix - Smirnoff - Mint & Lemon)

Day 4 Pirates Punch (OJ - Spiced Rum - Grenadine - Brandy)

Day 5 Tradewinds Cooler (Bacardi Rum - Island Oasis - OJ - Sprite)

Day 6 Tropical Sunset (Smirnoff - Schnapps - Chambord Black - Cranberry - Pineapple

Day 7 Caribbean Sunshine (Smirnoff - Triple Sec - OJ - Sprite

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Used to collect both of our complimentary 8"x10" and purchased the port photos which has always been a family tradition.

Old style format layout, no computerized system on Jewel.

Photo packages

Cost =$174.99 x10 package

Cost =$249.99 x15 package

Cost =$349.99 ALL package

Cruise in Review DVD $29.95 or $29.99 see IMAGE

Just on a side note an 8Gb SD memory card will set you back $22.99






Rating: [8/10]




Concierge Hours: 08:00am - 11:00am and 5:00pm - 8:30pm daily.


mailto:JW_Concierge@rccl.com (if anyone needs to contact Diego)

Lounge was never busy, and coffee and continental breakfast always nice to have access to when not wanting to go up to WJ or Seaview Cafe.

Diego does his job very well, we look forward to seeing him again June 2015

Very small but great views if you could get a seat by the window. could also sit outside if all seats were taken.

Joseph served all our drinks and was pleasant and attentive, tipped accordingly.

2 PC,s for Internet access in CL

Continental breakfast 7:00AM - 10:00AM daily

Cocktail Hours: 5:00PM - 8:00PM

Concierge Rating: [10/10]

CL Rating: [9/10], just a shame it is so small.

Yes Baileys available



Outside seating CL




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DIAMOND LOUNGE: no dedicated DL on Jewel

We were in the Hollywood Odyssey for DL cocktail hours, servers were excellent and took care of us, knowing we were coming drinks were already on the table before we arrived each evening. MIL & FIL used more frequently than us.

Hollywood Odyssey (Deck 13)

Hours: 5:00pm - 8:00pm

DRINK VOUCHERS: all 3 pre-loaded on both of our Seapass cards, we never needed to use them up on Deck 13, centrum bar mainly where we used them.

Rating: [10/10]

Yes Baileys available


CASINO: (Deck 6)

Casino Hours: 8:45PM ON 1st night, until last person falls asleep.

Our usual hang out, when cruising, so a lot of time spent on the Slots and Tables.

Claudette was amazing with our drink orders and always made sure we were never without a drink, and if Claudette was elsewhere then Marinel looked after us just as good, look forward to seeing both them next June.


Casino Manager never introduced themselves, we had no idea who they were, head office could not even tell us, so we never met them. 1st time in 17 cruises with RC that this has happened.


Casino host Publio Chavez rarely saw him, very rarely spoke to us and for all the money over the years we have spent on RC and in the casino, we received no Casino Royale VIP treatment. Only bar service were friendly and added the personal touch that we have experienced typically in the past.

Maybe the $$$$ we have spent and have invested for future cruises is no longer wanted or appreciated by RC.

Another 1st, we did not get comped a speciality meal.

Just to clarify it is not expected from us, if we get it great, if not life goes on

Others who we know through being VIP and being big spenders also commented on the lack of acknowledgement on this sailing.



Casino Points chart, use em or lose em



Slot tournament Day 7 was great fun, we lucked out only 4rounds, so pay out for 1st, 2nd & 3rd were cash payouts. Not enough people to compete for the "Free Cruise".

$260 for the winner


Blackjack tournament Day 7 had 4 rounds, and final 7 played for cash, made final table and lucked out again.


Casino on Jewel a nice cozy size plenty of tables, minimal slots, choice of slots very poor IMHO

Had its busy nights were you could not move,.. And some won some nice jackpots early on this cruise.. Love the sound of winning machines..

Busy nights were when they had free raffles, when raffle finished casino was empty!


Yes there are smoking and non smoking areas. The smoke does not bother us, so nothing to report on that matter. Smoking ALL on starboard side.


Breakdown of available tables and other facilities

Total Slots: NOT ENOUGH!!, but plenty of 1c machines.

Poker Tables: 1

Blackjack: 2 regular and 1 single deck

Craps: 1

Let it Ride 0

Caribbean Stud 0

3 Card Poker 1

Ultimate Poker 1

Roulette 2

Other games "Keymaster" Max'smom, we witnessed 3 people drop $1000 on this.

Machine #100 dropped over $1000 (Wheel of Fortune $5 per spin one)

Poker machine #29 we did pretty well on.

ATM: Yes 1 in the casino near roulette table, Starboard








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Note: we have been Casino Royale VIP members since the program was rolled out, so plenty of time, experience and $$$$$$ in the casino's on most of the fleet.

Contact details: ClubRoyale@rccl.com

Club Royale, Casino Operations

Royal Caribbean International

(P) 888.561.2234

(F) 305.358.9295

Rating: [6/10] for us this was way below par for Casino Royale, let's hope it was one of a kind.

Got no information on the New Program for March 2015, as previously stated we never met Casino Manager and rarely saw Casino Host.



CINEMA: (Deck 6)

Day 2 Transcendence (PG)

Day 3 Oz the Great and Powerful (PG)

Day 4 Heaven is for Real (PG)

Day 5 Captain America-The Winter Soldier (PG13)

Day 6 Draft Day ®

Day 7 Transcendence (PG)

Show times: 10:00AM / 1:00PM / 4:00PM / 10:00PM

Nice size 40 fixed seats and Wheelchair seating top back, we all went to watch Captain America on Day 5.



All of our excursions were booked and paid for using RC website a few months before we sailed with no issues.

GS staff pleasant and attentive, only time we used was to pay down our account after wins in the casino :) and to get DD's Seapass card changed.

Shout out to Rosa Torres who assisted us one day with finding someone, was as if she knew what we needed fixing before we even asked. Technology a great thing :)

ATM: to left of GS desk

Hours GS: 24hrs

Hours Excursions: 8:00AM - 10:00AM / 5:00PM - 8:30PM

Rating: [10/10]


LA DESK: (Deck 12)

We had no need for LA this cruise, as we already booked 3 future cruises with the BOGOHO#1 offer and threw in a short Enchantment cruise for 2015 as well.

Now if summer 2016 deployments were available, I am sure we would of made the complimentary visit.

Already thinking of a B2B for summer 2016 once schedules are released in 2015

Hours: 08:30AM - 10:30AM & 4:00PM - 8:00PM

Loyalty & Cruise Sales Manager: Ana Luis Hall

Nice sized area with 2 desks

Rating: [8/10]


C&A members on this cruise: 864

Pinnacle (0)

Diamond + (45)

Diamond (118)

Platinum (123)

Emerald (70)

Gold (508)



Welcome back party Day 3, St Kitts, 7:45PM - 8:30 Safari Club Deck 6, well attended and the rum punch was quite potent!

Highest tier passenger D+ (619pts), photo with senior officers and Champagne.

The band were playing some classics with a creole twist, some catchy tunes!

Rating: [8/10]



For Platinum and above tier guests only

Wednesday Day 5 Fort de France, Martinique

Times: 4:45PM - 5:30PM

Location: Vortex (Deck 13)

Dress: Formal

Rum punch, Apple n Caramel Martini's, Champagne and some nibbles, nice time to have a chat with a few of the senior officers, Bridget & Giovanni being ones we spoke with most of the time.

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POOL DECK: (Deck 11)

Was busy at times, DD used the pool everyday and we never struggled to get a deck chair, not slippery either.

On Day 4 after our excursion, we used the pool and there were maybe 15-20 people in or around the pool, was nice for DD to get some speed lengths in


Pool deck activities: Bean bag toss board always available

No Big Screen on Jewel

Pool deck food:

Pool depth 5,8" 4,3" - 6,5" 4,11"

VERY SALTY!!!!, my eyes were extremely red and sore after swimming








Rating: [9/10]


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Was busy at times, DD used the water slide on occasion

Waterslide hours: 11:00AM - 4:00PM







TOWELS: (Deck 11)

Procedure for taking towels ashore: scanned card for each towel on Deck2 each day on disembarking. Flowed nicely, no doubling back anywhere to get towels.

If using on ship, no sign out required.

Hours: 7:00AM - 10:00PM




Menu and bag delivered to room on Day 3

We never use, no need, do it all when we get home, as we pack plenty for what's needed on the cruise, and some!



Locations back of WJ, port side, DD used on a daily basis always operational

Vanilla, strawberry & chocolate.

Rating: [8/10]


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Thirst Quencher DRINK STATION: (Deck 11)

Locations: Just outside WJ entrance, port side

Not really 24hr, tried to use on day 3 at 4am, no coffee cups or sugars milks in sight.

When I did manage to use it, coffee was cold

Hours: 5:00AM - MIDNIGHT

Rating: [6/10]




X2 Freestyle drinks machines on Jewel at entrance to WJ outside seating area, just before Seaview cafe starboard side

Rating: N/A. We do not buy any drinks. (Our love of the casino sorts this for us




INTERNET ONLINE PC's (Deck 7) + (Deck 4) + (Deck 5)

RC computers the norm.

Internet package see image:

We disconnect when on vacation, so I have no feedback on speeds and locations and if you could stream video etc...

We use our free minutes if we needed ( D+ 60 minutes each) typically when in port, it's slow but suits our needs. PC,s were slow but for our needs, good enough.


Prices for this sailing:

$189.95 7 days unlimited access plan (1 device)

$229.95 7 days unlimited access plan ( devices)

$59.90 24hrs Continuous Access plan (from time of purchase)

$29.95 60mins access (used throughout the cruise)

AND YES IF YOU SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF OPTIONS THE 1hr $29.95 to be used whenever on cruise was available, select apply coupon and balance due goes to $0.00

People have reported on other ships this has been removed, can confirm on Jewel for this sailing as D+ we got 60 minutes to use for duration of cruise.

IMPORTANT to SCROLL DOWN and check (select) apply


Wifi hotspots!

Centrum Decks 4,5,7,9

Solarium / Pool Deck 11

Windjammer Deck 11

Schooner Bar Deck 6

Conference Rooms Deck 5

Rating: [7/10] for what we used and needed, connection was adequate and we connected just outside CL on deck 10, did try in our cabin, signal was touch and go and we were pretty close to CL, 5 cabins away.


3 other ships in port in St Maarten and we connected up to Disney Fantasy wifi when docked

Very nice little perk, thanks Disney! (And yes it was a free guest account)

RC Independance

NCL Getaway

D Fantasy


LIBRARY: (Deck 9)

DD got out a couple of books, but never had enough time to finish them.

Sat there a couple of times drinking a coffee and a brochure, pondering future cruises.

Hours: 24hrs

Rating: [8/10]


CHAPEL: (Deck N/A)



SHOPS: (Deck 5) Centrum

Limited compared to other classes of ship, but we do not cruise to go shopping onboard, so no deal breaker for us.

As long as DW gets her shot glasses and Fridge magnets she is happy, DD gets her spoon a T-shirt and a ship model all the bears are happy campers.



Resort Wear & Gifts

General Store

Duty Free

Watch Store

Day 4 the everything $10 sale was on, and it was a zoo, Day 7 sale was on the pool deck another zoo!

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DUTY FREE: (Deck 5)

We never purchase liquor onboard as typically we are wine & beer drinkers.

But here are some prices for those that smoke.

$129.95 for 1000 Marlboro Gold. Same price in St Thomas





BINGO: (Deck 5&6)

Location: Coral Theatre & Safari Club, varied throughout cruise.

Cost (6 cards only) $22.00

Cost (electronic m/c) $32.00 (buy 2 get 1 free) also get 3 cards with each machine.

Prizes:$500 Jackpot when we did it on Day 7



Location:Schooner Bar

Did not participate in any of the trivia that was offered throughout the cruise.

Rating: N/A

Will scan in some of the questions later.



Location: Art Gallery

Hours: 7:00PM - 10:00PM

We have in the past purchased some pieces back when Park West were doing their rounds.

Typically now we have no need for any more art, so did not attend the auction.

Free champagne and raffle as usual for those who did attend

Received 2 invitations during the cruise to attend the auctions.

Rating: N/A


PB is giving me grief with this hotel Image!!! Will try an resolve once all has been uploaded

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SOLARIUM: (Deck 11)

DW and myself used the pool and tubs a couple of times, never busy and you only saw a few kids coming in to get Pizza at the Pizzaria, but that doesn't bother us.

We are not ones to sleep, read or laze in the Solarium anyways.

Plenty of chaise lounges and chairs all week

DD is in a swim team, and does at least 1/2 mile a day, so when time permitted she would grab a lane and get to swimming as many laps as she could.

We had asked prior to sailing if this would be OK and we were told specific times when it would be OK for her to do so (did not want to offend the, you know who's)

Roof open or closed: Mainly closed, but did see roof open at times, weather dependent.

Age limit for Solarium: 16 and over.

Pool Depth: 5,5" 3,11" - 6,1" 4,7"


Hours: 24hrs

Rating: [9/10]










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Never used, but this center had a lot of equipment.

Hours: 6:00AM - 10:00PM

Rating: N/A








Did not use this.... I am on vacation, I walk everywhere very slowly, no rush!

1 mile = 6 laps 1km = 4 laps

Rating: N/A




Again did not use, I am on vacation.

Hours: 8:00AM - 10:00PM

Rating: N/A

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The Spa also includes an impressive

Thermal Suite that includes a sauna, various styles of steam rooms and heated thermal chairs, we had a good walk around and took in all that was on offer, nice area for relaxing and detoxing.

Cost:$119 couple or $69 per person, 7 day Pass for duration of cruise.

Cost: 1 day pass $SORRY FORGOT TO ASK.

Rating: N/A

We did not use personally.












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Had to go down and get some motion sickness tablets for DD, leg to Barbados and out of Barbados in the Atlantic, and there was more motion than she has experienced in the past.

Facility was closed just after 11:00PM, but no worries, big box of motion sickness tablets freely available on table outside office. Also dispenser machine with various medications at 50c each per packet. Very cheap and available to all 24/7

Doctors Hours: 8:00AM - 11:00AM / 4:00PM - 7:00PM



DD usually enjoys the program, this was her 1st cruise moving on up into the teens program

DD was not comfortable mixing with 15-17 year olds and mostly boys, fair enough

So we did other activities to keep her occupied.


Royal Babies & Tots (Kids under 3)

Aquanauts (3-5)

Explorers (6-8)

Voyagers (9-11)

Teens (12-14)

Teens (15-17)


Compasses for all age groups I will post in a separate AO thread.





Port Days hours differ to regular hours

After hours Cost per hr $7.00 (10:00PM-2:00AM)

Rating: N/A

1:00AM Curfew for all guests 17 years and younger






25% off Coffee Drink

$3 off Pets @ Sea package

10% off Y-Spa treatment

10% off Internet package

Pay $10 for $15 Arcade credit

Pay $25 for $50 Arcade credit

BOGO Movie Rental

These are current as at 11/29/14, as we know may and can change.



ARCADES: (Deck 12)

The usual machines for the kids, always have a few games of air hockey with DD, plenty in there to keep them active.

DD had a D+ loaded coupon on seapass, buy $25 credits get $25 free, IMO this is one of the perks that has the most real $ added value. DD used all up by Day 5.

DD won 3 prizes on the "Keymaster machine" so very happy

Rating: [9/10]


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Although I do play golf, well hack it around the coarse, simulators don't do it for me

Cost: Could not get any info

Hours: Was never open when I passed to see if open, never open when DD checked, nothing in compass to indicate opening times. Assume this was closed for this cruise.

Rating: N/A



Was empty and I think we witnessed 1 climber during the cruise, but hey this was a very heavy port intensive cruise.

No-one probably had the energy to climb it, am sure it was used, just not when we were in that area of the ship.

No round of putt-putt for us this cruise but the facility was as usual always being used.

Rock Wall Hours: 3:30PM - 6:45PM

Rating: rock wall N/A

Rating: golf [8/10]





SPORTS DECK: (Deck 12)


Open all day except 6:00PM - 9:00PM

Mainly used for football (soccer) & Basketball



SMOKING: (Deck 5,6,11,12 &13)

Casino Deck 6 Starboard side

Pool Deck 11 Starboard side

Deck 5 gangway Starboard side

Deck 13 outside VCL Starboard side

Deck 13 outside Vortex Portside, front and back

Skybar Deck 12

Cigar bar Deck 12

All e-cig users were with the regular smokers only saw 1 person using 1.

I am a smoker so frequented all of these areas, met some great people as always.

Colin & Sue, Debbie & Jack was a pleasure meeting you all.

Did not witness or smell smoke on Balcony.

And yes I follow RC policy and ONLY smoke where I am ALLOWED to.

Jewel has a lot more areas for smoking than most ships




We did not require to purchase any drinks packages, with the 3 pre-loaded vouchers per Seapass card and the CL & DL cocktail hours, combined with the complimentary drinks we get in the casino, no need to spend any $$$ for any beverage. A few perks that do save us a lot of money

Wife knocks back the Piña Coladas on a regular basis, I am quite content with a nice glass of Cabernet or Merlot or beer or Bailey's

And at DL (Hollywood Odyssey) and CL we make sure we get our fix of Baileys on ice.

MDR we have wine from Centrum Bar and DD's drinks are comped throughout the cruise, so plenty of free "Virgin" Mango Papaya Crushes for her. Also had wine from Allister, wine from Diego and Champagne from in-laws. So I think plenty of alcohol was consumed, happy days!

Rating: N/A

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Ship docked in San Juan at: 6:30AM

Off ship at: 8:40, assisted by Diego with wheelchair

Customs: 9:30, a small wait to go through

Taxi stand to airport 9:40

Agricultural check: USDA no issues and through in seconds

Checked in with AA and through GOES GLOBAL ENTRY by 10:00AM


Comments: Pretty smooth process throughout

Rating: [9/10]


Pan American Pier to Airport

( 6.3 miles approx 16 minutes)

Cost $22+ $1 per luggage item and tip) worked out with Tip to $32.00

Arrival at airport:

Flight departure time:12:15PM

Home (Dallas)

Luggage on carousel

In car and short 5 minute drive home

Keurig on, and coffee brewing :)

Back to reality :(


IOHO, ship was in pretty good shape, food was excellent and staff were really friendly.

Great cruise, great people, great ship!! Radiance class staff the Best!!! IMO

Not crowded and all in all, money well spent.

4 more cruises booked and we will be back on the Jewel in June 2015 in the Royal Suite for an Alaskan Cruise, after a nice little break on Enchantment.


Overall ships condition: [8/10]

Overall staff: [10/10]

Overall activities: [8/10]

Overall food quality: [9/10]

Overall cruise experience: [9.5/10]

Would we do exact itinerary and ship again? Would not hesitate to do it all again

And we will be on Jewel again in 2015.




NEWS: Captain confirmed Majesty leaving the fleet in 2015 to go to Pullmantor


RUMOURS: none of any significance.


NEGATIVES: cold coffee, and that's about it. No show stoppers.



Giovanni Ronghi (Hotel Director)

Diego Tripaldi (Concierge)

Ajit Desai (MDR waiter)

Allister Parris (Stateroom Attendant)

Claudette Villanueva (Bar Service Casino)

Roel Paguio (Bar Service MDR)

Marines Arevalo (Bar Service Casino)


HIGHLIGHTS: DD's 1st Captains Table at the ripe old age of 13, and having a really great meal with Giovanni and Rosa. Great characters and a really enjoyable evening with a great group of cruisers with a few coincidental similarities that proves the world is a very small place.


NEXT DRY DOCK: June 2016


Captain: Thore Thorolvsen (Norway)

Hotel Director: Giovanni Ronghi (Italy)

Cruise Director: Mike Hunnerup (Australia)

Concierge: Diego Tripaldi (Uraguay)

Loyalty & Cruise Sales Manager: Ana Luis Hall (Nicaragua)

Guest Services Manager: Rosa Victoria Torres (Peru)

Food & Beverage Manager: Gunther Engels Balbi (Chile)

Maitre de: Jose Venegas

Chief Engineer: Vasilios Davaris (Greece)

Casino Manager: No idea, they never introduced themselves

Casino Host: Publio Chavez



I do have copies of the Compass for every day, and also every day for the Voyager 9-11 and Teens 12-14 programs.


When time permits will get these all loaded up to CC.

All other docs, internet, menus, prices etc will follow too, with lots of photos of this amazing ship.


Any questions regarding the Jewel or Itinerary that I may of missed, ask away!

As I am sure I would of forgotten something.


Happy Days!!!


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Great review. Thanks! We are looking at similar itinerary on AOS next Thanksgiving !



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We will be taking our first cruise, on Jewel, Seattle-Alaska-return, depart 6/5/2015. Any special info for first-timers?

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We will be taking our first cruise, on Jewel, Seattle-Alaska-return, depart 6/5/2015. Any special info for first-timers?


Would give Seaview Cafe a try, outside seating of windjammer, as these are exclusive to Jewel and Radiance Class ships.

Portofino's one evening for a meal.

Plenty of bars and things to do on Jewel

And have a great cruise.

Enjoy Alaska

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Are you reviewing your excursions? We are visiting some of these island in Jan. on the Jewel and would like some info including Martinique. From the pictures it looks like you had lots of clouds and rain. True?

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Are you reviewing your excursions? We are visiting some of these island in Jan. on the Jewel and would like some info including Martinique. From the pictures it looks like you had lots of clouds and rain. True?


Yes we had rain in every port, but not for too long, some cloudy days, but when the sun did come out, the days were great. A little bit of rain each day is typical Caribbean weather.

We were still in the +80's for all 5 ports of call.

On our beach days we were in the water anyways so the little rain didn't bother us.


MARTINIQUE we just walked ashore and looked around down the narrow streets for some gifts and souvenirs.

Would probably do an excursion if we visit again.

The port at MARTINIQUE is very new, and some construction was going on, so hopefully in time, will be a very nicely constructed port.

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Love, Love, Love your review!!! I will be on Jewel Sept 2015. I have an aft balcony. So excited! Reading your review makes me wish September was tomorrow. Thanks so much!

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Love, Love, Love your review!!! I will be on Jewel Sept 2015. I have an aft balcony. So excited! Reading your review makes me wish September was tomorrow. Thanks so much!



Thanks Karen, the Jewel sure is a Gem!!


Much more to follow to wet the appetite.

Enjoy your Cruise

Happy Days!



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Trunk Bay St John

Seeing as we had already been to St Thomas a few times, decided on the 45minute ferry over to St Johns from Havensight

Was a little choppy at times but waters calmed as we got nearer the port.

Pleasant journey with great narration from the guide all the way over.

They sold bottled water onboard for $2.00

Upstairs and downstairs seating on the boat.

Prices and duration already listed in review booked through RC


DD had all her own gear, and what I needed was provided on arrival.

Short 5min talk on what to do and not to do, and then into the water.


There is a dive trial, white buoy, red buoy & blue buoy, with signs on the seabed with information on the habitat and coral.


DD and I both really enjoyed this excursion and would highly recommend it to all

Definitely worth the money. Just seeing the excitement and joy on DD's face as she snapped away with the UW camera and made videos was priceless

A few pics showing the crystal clear water and beautiful sandy beach.

True paradise.














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