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Mitsugirly takes great PRIDE in bringing her Spring Break extreme review

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Thanks for the pics of that club, DW and I never made it there on our cruise.

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Now I know most of you are not interested in this info, but since I'm a nurse, it interest me and I had to take a visit there. Hopefully none of you will ever require a visit there.


I did not take pictures of the place itself, but did take a few pictures that might interest some of "info" you may want to know.










I spoke to the nurse down there about her working there. I always thought it would be neat to be a nurse on a cruise ship. So I got the "scoop" from her.


The nurses do 4 month contracts, then they get 1 month vacation in between each contract. She said you do have the option to extend your contract for 2 months if you wanted, but no longer than that.


They do rotate ships and they have 2 nurses on staff on each ship.


She said her hours are when the medical center is open, she works the "clinic" hours (which she made it sound like a long day on those days) and also rotates the "on call/after hours" times with the other nurse.


So of course I pulled out my funtimes to see what these hours consisted of:


Sailaway Days: 3pm-6pm= 3 hours

Sea Days: 8am-12pm & 1p-8p = 11 hours

Port Days: 8a-12p and 1p-8p (Grand Turk)= 11 hours

Port Days: 8a-11a and 3p-6p (HMC) = 6 hours

Port Days: 8a-12p and 1p-8p (Freeport) = 11 hours


So they basically work around 64 hours a week IF they are working every day. I'm not really sure if they rotate those days between the nurses or not since she did mention they always have 2 on staff.


She said starting salary is around $4k a month. If they do work every day and my calculations are correct, that's only around $15/hour, which I can't imagine.


She seemed to LOVE her job and stated that they had no expenses...all the food your little heart desires and room and board during your stay.


She also stated it was "tax free" money. I'm not sure how this would work if you are from the US though. I'm sure most are from foreign countries and maybe don't have to pay the taxes (she stated she was Asian).


I did ask about having family with you or visiting. She stated that they were away from their families during this time and they were not with them. Then behind the medical center doors was another window. Up pops this guy at the window and she looked at him and stated "Sir, you need to go around to this window", while pointing at the window we were at. He laughed and said "no". She said it again, while he laughed again. Then she stated "That is my boyfriend. He's cruising as a guest with me this week" :D So, I didn't go into more details as what it meant to cruise "as a guest". I'm not sure if he was a paying customer on the cruise or they are aloud to bring a guest for 1 week with them free of charge. :confused:


Now I know that I have seen talk around these boards about the "qualifications" of the medical staff. I have seen comments about "they are just medical people but are not trained to take care of certain situations which is why they are life-flighted off or people die or can't be saved or......" whatever. I remember awhile back looking up the qualifications of becoming a cruise ship nurse and I remember it stating you had to be an emergency room nurse for so long, have training in (I believe) critical care ICU, and have several different certifications among other things.


So...I have to disagree with others out there stating that they are "just a nurse" or "just a doctor". I spent the last 4 years working in the emergency room. They have EVERY situation thrown at them (and my hospital is also a trauma center). I have been in every situation possible. Those nurses know their stuff no matter what the situation is. Now whether or not the ship is equipped with the proper equipment for every situation may be a different story. But the staff, yea they are more than qualified for whatever happens to you on a ship. The nurse I spoke to also confirmed these qualifications to me.



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Being in the medical field, I found the items they had (many old items) in the cases in this area very interesting. The had old prescriptions and medicine bottles and mixing utensils.














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Just a thought... I have sailed on both NCL and Carnival a multiple of times. I do like NCL better. But you gust cannot beat Carnival pricing. NCL has gotten so crazy high I really don't think you really get that much more for your money on NCL. A ship is a ship. You kind of make the cruise yourself, all ships have activities, bars, shops, pools, food, ECT you really are the master of your own vacation.

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Would you look at that foot room and space between the chairs? I just love this about Carnival. So much room for others to walk around and a table to put your things on.








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