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hi cruisers

the last time we were in Napels,a waiter in the city asked me to take my watch of to prevent a robery or being attacked in a small street.He saw that my watch was a Rolex.Short sleeves.He also asked my wife to remove her ring.A man with a Rolex,so the ring of his wife must be a very expensive one to.He told us that they cut of your finger to steel the ring.

So be very carefully in Napels,and by the way never change money on the streets in Napels,Barcelona,and ABSOLUTELY NOT in Venice.




Also true in many parts of the world. Go out wearing valuables worth thousands if not tens if thousands and you make yourself a target. Showing money in the street also a no no. You might as well put a sign on your back drying, wealthy stranger come and rob me.

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Yes, truely outragous that some countries and compynies still try to do things the non-US way.

The world is not centred on the USA; ín fact world maps have Europe at the centre.


Don't forget that Great Britain gave the world standard time GMT based in Greenwich, becuse of the need to have a unifed railway time table


France now controls world time (UTC) and give the world leap seconds



The International Earth Rotation and Reference System Service (IERS) in Paris, France, observes the Earth's rotation and compares it to atomic time. When the difference between the two approaches 0.9 seconds, they order a leap second to be added worldwide


less than half the US population have passports to travel outside the US (46% according to the State dept in 2014).


This compares with 71% for the UK and 56% for the EU as a whole.


England gave them the languge the use, and they have sicne massacered its spellings. and meanings.


eg Colour (Color) ; Through (Thru)


in Britain we walk on the pavement, not the side walk. We drive on the road not the pavement. Now that's confusing.


We know how to use a knife and fork properly ie fork always in the left hand. God gave you two hands so why not use tem them both for holding utensils.


Back to spelling; I used to work for a US company, GE, which prided itself on observing the local customs and practices of any counrty it operated in. However the CEO wrote to all our staff, mostly qualified scientists, and instucted us to use US spellings in all our written work. I emailed him, using English spellings, telling him, poitely, where he could put that idea and quoted the Company policy of observing local customs and practices.


I never did get a reply, which I consider extremely rude and arrogant.


They also told us to remove all our branding off our products, we were the world's leading brand, and use the GE brand.


Needless to say sales plummeted until we had our brand returned as the prominent brand , bigger than the the GE logo, on our products.


The CEO never recovered from the fact that the GE brand had to play second best to the AMERSHAM brand, and evntually shut that part of the business down although it still returned annual percentage profits in double figures. Another case of arrogance on his behalf.


So in essence not ALL is greener in the land of opportunity and we DON'T have to follow everthing they do and be subservient to their systems and practices.





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