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MITSUGIRLYS DAWN TO BERMUDA NOVEL (or review as some may call it)

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The only thing I "officially" have booked is Dawn to Bermuda again next year at the same time. However, that may change. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it or not.


I'm looking for something still this year around Oct/Nov/Dec time but haven't found anything that strikes my fancy yet. I was going to book the Jade in November (they had the KSF on it for a week I was interested) then I waited too long and it COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED!! Like the entire cruise did. I'm not sure if it's completely booked that month now or what. But, the Jade & Gem are really the only 2 older ships I have left to do. So...I will probably be going back to Carnival for the next cruise.


If you plan to go back to Bermuda you should try the BA instead of the Dawn again. We just booked next June

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A pop machine....weird, in a fitness center? You don't know how much restraint it took for me not to buy one here. They were $2 each. But, I had the soda package and decided against it.



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Again with the cheesy fake flowers, but also Mayan or Aztec looking tiles??? Is that what I'm seeing????


El Dorado means Empire of the Golden King - from Columbia. The gym is green. Hmmmm...


The tiles don't look pre-Columbian, they look more Mayan. More puzzling decor...

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Great tour of the ship! You do such a good job showing all of the features. Those murals outside were fantastic.


I might have to look up your camera. I'm just not getting what I want with my underwater camera and it's really frustrating me. Every single pic I took from snorkeling in Bermuda is grainy and green. I have the Fuji XP.


Big sigh for Blue Lagoon...I love it and miss it. I much prefer it to OSheehans.


Sorry to interrupt your review, Kim.


Soaring falcon, I have the Fuji XP 50 and 80. Long story of why I have both (had to buy one on a ship after my canon took on water) but I do not like either. I bought the Canon D20 because I did not like the XP 50's photos and now am planning to buy an Olympus tough before our next cruise because I am not happy with the 80 either. I agree, the photos and grainy and blue/green. The Canon had a nice red filter to correct that greenish color but they take on water easy. Looking at Kim's photos in past reviews, the Tough takes much nicer pictures than the Canon or the Fuji!


Back to the review...Lauri

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Maybe some day Sakari will be someone who is able to draw some artwork for NCL. Wouldn't that be cool? Although she is more of a pencil/pen type of person and she hasn't learn to master the whole "paint" thing as of yet. At least she has a good start.



How about on the Escape, to go with the Guy Harvey art? Maybe they could have a kids hall with art done on the ship by NCL's frequent cruiser kids?

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This pool is located on the back of the ship and it's a wonderful place for the kiddos to hang out at and have lots of fun. Ours definitely got their play time in here this cruise.




They had 2 regular slides for the bigger tots and 1 small one.











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They had 2 small pools that you end up in once you come down the slide and a bigger pool in between the two of them.






They also have a smaller baby pool as well.


There was a hot tub, which was perfect for the adults to hang out in while the kiddies were having fun.




They come equipped with showers (in a cave!!! How cool is that) and a cave tunnel that leads in and out of the place.






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There's also a pretty big area beside this with a bouncy toy but it would be super nice if they had some chairs in that area for the parents to sit down at.






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There were no chairs at all for the adults but they did have pint sizes lounge chairs and regular chairs for the tots...which I watched people squeeze themselves into the chairs that honestly shouldn't be in the chairs at all. Just saying...


I will show a picture of these chairs later in the review.

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Usually my favorite part of the buffet...the crape station. I am so hooked on them. For some reason I did not have 1 this time around. Either they weren't open when I was there or I was too full to have one when they were open.















I did want to say they do have a kids buffet here as well and it's a little section right as you walk in to the buffet area. It comes in handy when you have kids and they are able to serve themselves. There was quite a bit of seating and we managed to sit there several times during the cruise. One nice thing about it was they had everything I wanted there for breakfast and I didn't have to stand in any lines to get my food. (hehe). Sorry I wasn't able to get a picture of it...camera/battery problems again.



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Now we're going to head out of the buffet and down the walkway toward the pool area.


But first, there are a table and chairs in this little cove area in case you want some privacy while eating. Other ships have had these and they were always full. However, on this ship I hardly ever seen anyone at them when we passed by.




















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1 pool on this ship and 4 hot tubs in this area


(I do want to mention there is a hot tub on the front of the ship as well and we were only up there once during sailaway exploring and I didn't take a picture of it because there were people in it...so, no picture sorry).








During one of the many cook outs/BBQ:




There's a pool behind the band stage and in between the 2 hot tubs.





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Here come the night pics...prepare yourself for the colorful explosion on the pool deck at night with the fake palm trees changing colors...however, there was one that refused to stay in sink and was off most of the time. We'll just refer to it as the black sheep. Or maybe it was considered the "fish" of NCL swimming against the current.













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Just a few more because you know you can't get enough of the color. :D I mean I took the time to stand there trying to capture each color, you're going to see every color...just saying. LOL




The Bimini Bar up yonder all lit up






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Some of the statues by the back small pool behind the band area.


I would like to introduce your Dawn Olympic Swimmers.












In case you wanted to know what they looked like a night and all...






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A place you can go to check out books or games for the cruise (Kendra checked out the monopoly game), and a quiet place to read....or just to sit around in the middle of the night partying with your beer. Yes, I seen this. Just saying...



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We head on up the steps to the Bimini Bar & Grill??? How is this a grill? I never seen any food there so just wondering.


I have always loved this place to hang out at in the past on the ships that have them. It has the layers of floors with plenty of lounge chairs and then seating up under the big tent roof by the bar. We have always hung out here but we really didn't do it this time. You get an awesome breeze going up there and normally it feels awesome. However, a "breeze" was the last thing we wanted on this cruise with it being cold. We only ended up hanging out there 1 day on a sea day coming back.


It's usually an awesome place to be able to get your drinks or soda. Not this time. The place was packed and only 1 bar tender. You would stand there for at least 20 min - 30 minutes just trying to get service.














Of course these pictures were taken when it was either closed or not on a sea day or just opening.

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They had the driving golf range




They had shuffle board (this was also in several places on deck 7 as well), and if you look hard in the background there was a huge deck chess game (there were people playing it and I didn't want to take a picture of them or interrupt their game).




I know they also had a basketball court, but honestly I don't even recall seeing it or know where it was at up here. I guess I wasn't paying much attention. I know that Kendra and her family went up and played it one day because she has pictures from that day. Oh well. Just know there is one on the ship. :D

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You could either access this by an outside door that somehow lead over to the t-rex pool or you could get to it from deck 12 and walk up the steps to deck 13.


This was a pretty big arcade I thought with a little bit of everything in it.















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Hi Kim,


I just love all your reviews and can't wait for more. Sorry about your arm. I don't know if anyone mentioned that Massachusetts is the birthplace of Dunkin Donuts.

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Love the pictures of the kids pool/slides on this ship! What a cute idea with the dinosaurs and the adorable cave shower - also a great idea! I just don't get why they didn't have seating for parents? Seems to me that would be very important for that area for the children's safety. At least there was the hot tub. But still, there really should have been a place for the parents to sit while watching their kids. Are there usually chairs for parents in these areas on other NCL ships?

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