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MITSUGIRLYS DAWN TO BERMUDA NOVEL (or review as some may call it)

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Did you notice if there were lounge chairs on the promenade deck?

My favorite spot on the Jewel class ships is reading in the shade on the promenade deck. NCL seems to be cutting down on the chairs there leaving the deck just for walking and jogging.

I really miss that deck on the Epic and Breakaway!

Thank you for doing this detailed Dawn review. I'm going in 4 weeks and hanging on your every word!



There were only a few at the very end. I have noticed that the number of chairs there have decreased with every cruise I have been on and I'm not really sure why. :confused: I would much rather sit out there than up on the crowded pool deck. It's much more relaxing I think. I think there "might" have been a total of 8-10 chairs there.


Thanks for joining me. Glad to have you here.



I think the yellow stain is caused by sunblock.


You could be right, but man that's a lot of towels to be stained up from that.

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Kim, just read from where I left off on page 21 about your day. AWESOME! Your pictures are fantastic and I have to give you credit for your bravery! I would never have climbed those rocks or gone into any "caves" either! I am so glad YOU did tho so I could see everything! Haha, glad I could do this service for you. :D I'm really not a big "cave person" and they kinda freak me out (unless it's some type of tour where I'm being guided into the places that are "safe". Stinks about the local's attitudes. We haven't been to Bermuda in a long time, but we always encountered wonderful locals. We encountered some really nice locals on the other days, just not this time around. I have read in the meantime Bermudians really don't care about having cruise ships dock there. I have read that as well. They do not hurt for money and could care less if we are there. I have heard this many times.

OT I love in NE NJ and it's always been SODA. Let's not get started on the "subs/heroes/hoagies" debate. :eek: Remember when Michael J. Fox asked for a TAB in Back to the Future? :D OOT, hope I don't bring up anything sad, but who is Kev? Hope you feel better very soon and thank you again for sharing your cruise.


Kev is (was :() a cruiser on this board that absolutely loved Bermuda. He was a funny and witty guy that did reviews that kept you laughing all the time with his thoughts, verbiage and antics. He is one of the main reasons I started writing in the "style" (funny I hope) that I do. He is one of the main people that talked me into giving Bermuda a "try" and guiding me to the things to see and do. A lot of us around here had a blast with him. He's one of those people that you never met but felt like you had known him for years. He was in the middle of one of his reviews and he all of a sudden disappeared. One of our fellow cc's did some research and found out that he had suddenly passed away. We were all a little devastated and very sadden to hear of this. (luv2cruise53) HIS STAR REVIEW & A REVIEW HE WAS WORKING ON WHEN HE PASSED. The are both good for some laughs. :)


Kim, have been reading and enjoying your review (and all of the others that you've written and I've managed to find). Sorry that your well planned day went to hell in a handbasket. Sad that the man at the bus station couldn't get you on the correct bus for your trip.


I live in NJ (grew up in NYC) and it's always been soda.


But because I grew up in NYC and started taking the city bus at the age of 12 to junior high school, I knew that "exact change" meant "change" and not just correct amount. Busses (at least city busses) don't take bills, so if you don't have change, you're not getting on. Some of the private busses are equipped with slots for bills but the city busses aren't (or at least the last time I rode them they didn't). With the subway, you used to get a token for the turnstile so you could purchase it at the booth (now everyone has metrocards).


Hopefully the day will continue to improve and things will go better for your second day's outing.


Glad you are enjoying the review (and others).


I haven't rode the city bus for many years (I was 18 back then) and I would ride with my cousin to a "bus stop" that you could park your car at all day and then ride the bus into town to work. I did this for my entire senior year and they use to take dollars. So, I guess I just assumed that every bus did. Now that I know, I will be better prepared next time in Bermuda and loaded with actual "coins". :D

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Love those pictures of Horseshoe and now I'm really even more sorry we missed it. We just ran out of time last week.


I have my own dockyard adventures - on the last day, DD wanted to change the plans and go to Sea Glass Beach. I had read the instructions on how to get there but didn't have them so went and asked the taxi "dispatcher". He said you don't need a taxi at all, it's just a 5 or 6 minute walk outside the dockyard. I didn't think that sounded right but not having instructions, off we went. You can guess the rest - his 5 or 6 minutes was a 30 minute uphill walk in the heat and humidity that we weren't prepared for LOL By the time we were done at the beach, I was a shaky mess as I'm hypoglycemic and we hadn't eaten. We tried to get a taxi back but I guess you can't wave them down so walked up to the bus stop. BUT contrary to what happened to you - he allowed us to pay with dollar bills. So confusing!!!


After actually riding the bus (and a taxi) past this place, I don't think I would ever actually want to adventure out on foot to it. It didn't look like a comfortable walk to me at all. I'm glad you made it ok and even glader that you were able to find a bus stop to bring you back in your condition. That's kinda scary. :eek:


I did find that out past the dockyard, everyone is MUCH more friendly. When we were riding the bus back from the caves, another tourist was feeling car sick. A local explained that she could get off at the next stop and take a walking shortcut. She even got off the bus and walked part of the way with them.


I agree about the friendliness out past the dockyard. We didn't have any meetings with anyone within the dockyard other than the bus drivers and the guy directing people to the buses...thank goodness I guess.


I have a story about a local on our 2nd day...she was more than kind and caring. :)


Even that depends though. I've lived in three states and the city buses in every one could take dollar bills. Same mechanism as a soda machine. You didn't get change, of course, but it was better than not being able to get on at all. Especially in the rain.


I thought there were some buses that were equipped to take them. I know our city buses use to take dollars. Oh well, lesson learned. :)

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Loving this review. I have been in Bermuda once a year for the last seven years. I am not going this year. Your review is giving me my "Bermuda Fix" for this summer. I love the island. Sorry you had such a hard time with the first bus ride. Sometimes, people just don't think that the "tourist" knows what she is talking about. I hope the rest of your experience with the transportation system was more positive. I will be waiting for your next installments.


Glad you like the review. Lucky you to be going to Bermuda every year for 7 years. I wish I could say the same, but hopefully that will change now that I know what it's all about. So sorry you will not be going this time. :) I don't know how any review could give me a "fix" on cruising...just saying. :D


That's funny, because I grew up in Montreal and we all drank soft drinks, not pop! :) That's what my family calls them, too. I prefer 7-Up, but will accept a Sprite. But none of that American Sierra Mist, please. It's just not the same! :eek::D:)


Feel better soon, Kim.



Thanks so much Heather. I appreciate it.

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We have not been to Bermuda, but were planning at some point to go there on a cruise.


We live on coastal Georgia next to the beach and don't do the beach when on a cruise or trip.

What is there to do in Bermuda if you don't do beaches?


I can't even begin to think living on the beach in the states being anywhere near the experience of a beach in Bermuda or the Caribbean. Just saying...


You could do a tour of Bermuda. Visit the caves. The zoo. There's tons of other things to do, I'm just not the person to ask since we are "beach people". :D Hopefully someone else can chime in or you can go HERE to do a little reading and research on what others do there. Also, if you refer back to my page that has different links about Bermuda, you could probably find things there that interest you as well. Located HERE.


Awesome beach shots!


Why thank you so much. :)

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I am enjoying reading the "Cruising Adventures of Mitsugirly"!


Hehe, thank you for joining in and commenting. I appreciate it. :)


Aww, we too brought home that nasty cough from Bermuda last month. It took about 10 -12 days to get rid of. I used the Robittuson Cough Gels which helped a lot. I too felt like it was asthma like at times. Feel better soon!!


Really? So is this normal? LOL I ended up with it on our first sea day on the way back (I think, but would have to go back and read my notes). It's driving me nuts. It gets really bad at night and in the morning I feel like I can't catch my breath. The more I cough, the harder it gets to catch my breath and I'm self-diagnosing myself with COPD at this point. LOL Like seriously I almost considered going to the ER last night it was so bad. It's been a week now. I'm hoping it stops soon. My patients are going to start to think I'm infecting them instead of the other way around. :eek:

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Hey Audigirly or OCDgirly! <--cracking me up. Of course I've been known to answer to just about anything. :D


I'm that crazy lady who sent you looking for superman at Maya Key in Roatan. Well I hope you feel better soon--it does stink to pick something up on vacation. It used to seem as if we alternated cruises, but I haven't sailed in two years now, but my last was on the Dawn to Bermuda, and reading all of Kev's posts was such a help--miss his posts too.


Haha, yes, I will always remember this...superman!!! Thanks for the great well wishes.


My youngest is glad to know that "her" parrotfish are still in the cove. She chased two huge suckers all day, and it was very difficult to make her come explore the other areas on the other side of the horseshoe. Sakari refers to one of the huge fish at Chankanaab "her fish" and it's the picture I snapped of her right at the exact time that a fish jumped out of the water and they were eye-to-eye looking at each other. No matter how many times I tell her the fish belongs to the ocean, it's still HER fish. ;)


We did not use the public transportation, due to my husband's disability, but we had some friendly taxi drivers and some not so great and had some pleasant restaurant waiters and some that attempted to overcharge us. It just didn't seem at much different than anywhere else to me, but we did enjoy talking to people and the island is beautiful. I agree with this statement. It all seemed just like any other place I have been WITH THE EXCEPTION that we didn't have vendors trying to sell us things along the beach. That was awesome! (Other than chair rental of course) I am curious to see if you attempted to snorkel at Church Bay. We had our taxi take us there, but it was just too steep for us all to make it down, and then up after spending time in the water.


We did not go to Church Bay. I was afraid it would be a little too much for the little kids to be there. Maybe some day though.


There has been a lot of talk on this thread about the soda vs Pop etc. Check out the link below to an old NY times test which tells what part of the country you are from based on the words you use. I hope my link works, but it picked out where I grew up perfectly. Who knew there were so many different words for things like traffic circles?





Well have fun with the quiz and feel better soon!


Oh my gosh. I just did this quiz and it was very entertaining for sure. I didn't realize how many different ways people pronounce things and names that people call things. I was sitting here scratching my head on a few on them. LOL :p It decided I was from either: Lexington KY, Little Rock AK, or Chattanooga TN. LOL I think that since I was raised in Ohio and my entire family was raised and lived in Birmingham AL that I got a little of both in me from the north and the south. :D That's my story and I'm sticking to it. (There's really a name for the grass between the side walk and street??) LOL


We have done several cruises to Bermuda and my DH is not a beach person either. Just to name a few things other that beaches- Caves, Aquarium, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI), renting a motorboat, exploring St. George and it's historical places like the unfinished Church and St. Peter's Church, Fort St. Catherine outside of St. George, walking the beach path between Warwick Beach and Horseshoe Beach, climb Gibb's Lighthouse, take rides on the ferries to see the island from the water, going through the Maritime Museum at the Dockyard, shopping in Hamilton, playing miniature golf at the Dockyard - this is just a short list of things to do on Bermuda that don't involve Beach time. Don't miss Bermuda because you think it is only about beaches. There are days of activities to keep you busy on Bermuda.


Oh yes...I even forgot about some of the things we actually DID and "wanted to do". LOL

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Kim, the little train thing is called the Bermuda Train Trolley Tours.


The inflatable thing - I believe it may be a Soap Water Football (as in Soccer) field. Here's a video of some people playing:

These are popular in countries where soccer is a popular sport.


I'm sorry to hear you are sick. Get well soon!


We snagged a last minute spa balcony on Carnival Magic next Saturday! Looking forward to trying that ship. I guess where you are trying to cruise all NCL ships, we try to get on each new ship from whatever line at least once. Magic is one I've been planning on for 2 years, but just so happened to have the opportunity this next week. Since Carnival doesn't really do much of anything special for suites like NCL does, we tend to just get a balcony in order to save money on that line. I'm trying to pick out the best thing to do in Cozumel for 2 adults. We like the beach, if we can have shade (husband tends to burn easily, so I usually book a cabana if I can find one.) Does Nachi Cocum have plenty of shade?


Thanks for the links on what they are called. I appreciate it.

Thanks for the get well soon. I'm hoping it happens soon.

Lucky you going on the Magic. I have had the Magic and the Breeze on my WANT TO BADLY list for awhile now. Since the dancing of the ships, it looks like I may just go ahead and book the Magic soon (next year) since it will be coming to Port Canaveral. :D


Um Nachi...yes, it has shade but I guess it would determine where you are located. I know the little beach chairs with the thatched umbrella they put us at when we arrived wouldn't have provided too much shade. You would have to follow the shade around depending on the time of day.



I believe the others along the beach that sit back futher would have more shade because of the trees.




Thank you for the great review. We're heading back to Bermuda in September for the first time in five years. Your review has been a great refresher since at my age the memory isn't what it used to be. I've had a few "I remember that" moments.

Again thanks for the time you've spent putting this together.


Thanks for the comments and glad you are heading back to Bermuda. Beautiful place for sure. Memories are great!

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Ok, I'm gonna get back to my review now. I'll head down to grab me a "pop" to quench my dry hacking coughing up a lung drink and I'll be back to start again. I would "like" to get day 1 done with...so this may be a long night. :D

Edited by mitsugirly

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Oh, I did mean to post this earlier about the transportation services:





Now I do want to mention this. I know that everyone just automatically

purchases a 2 or 3 day pass. Yes, it's convenient and you might think that

you need it. However, you should really "plan" and SEE if it's actually needed.


Are you really going to travel using the transportation system several different

times during the same day? Are you really going to go somewhere needing that bus/ferry

service on the 3rd day...the day that your ship leaves? Or do you plan on sticking around

the dockyard on the last day? Everything should be taken into consideration when you

decide how to go about purchasing the transportation.


Most people seem to take the bus to a place (let's just say) Horseshoe Bay.

So you need a way there and then a way back. IF you purchase the 2 day pass for $31.50

a person. This gives you a breakdown of having to use the bus/ferry for 1 day $15.75.

($31.50 / 2 days = $15.75). IF you were to pay FULL price for a bus ride (using correct

CHANGE, meaning coins) it would be $5.00 there and $5.00 back. So your total price would

only be $10 instead of $15.75. If you decided to get a coin, you would save $1 and your total

price would only be having to spend $9 for the day. See how that works?

To me, it's even cheaper than the $16 bus to and from Horseshoe.


However if you are going to be going more than 1 place during the same day, yes it would be

worth the price to splurge on the 2 or 3 day ticket. All I'm saying is decide exactly what you

are doing and add it up. You might be surprised at the money you can save by not buying the pass. ;)

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Several times during the day Kendra and I both looked at each other and said "Do you want to start walking along the beach toward Warwick?" Each time I was hesitant for some reason. Something just didn't feel right. I know at one point she said "I wish WE could just take off walking there and leave the kids and guys behind". That would have been the perfect solution although I didn't want to spend a majority of the day somewhere else without the rest of the family. There was something about having my grandson walking along there and the "cliffs" along the water that just scared me. He's unruly, he scares me, and I was just so unsure of the timing.


I kept telling her that since our plans didn't work out the way we had wanted them to, we could always just save the money and head back on the bus instead of staying longer and having to pay almost $50 for a cab each. There was always things to do in the dockyard and I was more than satisfied with our day we had spent there.


In the end, we decided it would just be too much work to pack up the entire family and start the trip to Warwick and then have to come back. Yes, I was disappointed in not being able to stick to my original plans and I was even more disappointed that the bus directing guy had led me in the wrong direction after multiple attempts of telling him what our plans were. In the end, I just seen this as an excuse to have to come back in the future.


It was about 4pm and we decided we had a great day and we'd start packing up our things to head back. It always takes awhile to get Sakari out of the water and I knew this time would be no different. By us leaving now, we would be able to catch that last bus returning from Hamilton at 4:30pm and head back to the dockyard.


I did notice they had beach wheelchairs there...so if anyone is wondering...





The ice cream window:




Headed to the wash rooms





We headed to the showers to rinse off. Yes, they had regular sized showers in the bathrooms with ice cold water, but it was refreshing.





Around the time that we decided to leave the sun came out in full force. It felt like the temps doubled and man was it hot.


Looking up the path to head to the taxis




Sakari insisted on one last photo of this beautiful place with the big fish before we left





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Oh my gosh. I just did this quiz and it was very entertaining for sure. I didn't realize how many different ways people pronounce things and names that people call things. I was sitting here scratching my head on a few on them. LOL :p It decided I was from either: Lexington KY, Little Rock AK, or Chattanooga TN. LOL I think that since I was raised in Ohio and my entire family was raised and lived in Birmingham AL that I got a little of both in me from the north and the south. :D That's my story and I'm sticking to it. (There's really a name for the grass between the side walk and street??) LOL



I just did the test and it got that I was from Boston. I am sure it was the answer "Tonic" for carbonated beverage that resulted in the findings;)

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We made it to the taxi area and knew ahead of time that we wanted a ride up the hill because it was quite the walk coming down and what I would consider somewhat "steep".


As we got to the area where there were drivers, they were asking us where we were going and if we wanted a ride. Kendra was far behind and I kept telling them that I was waiting on the rest of my party to catch up. I told him we were a party of 8. They kept putting people in the taxi's and they would leave and when Kendra finally caught up, I told them we were all here. He said he'd take us to the dockyard and I inquired on the price. His reply was $7 pp. Kendra ask "What about the kids?" "Um...$1.00 per kid."


So public transportation would have been:

$5 pp for adults x 5 adults=$25 plus

$2.75 per kid=$8.25.

Plus $2 pp x8 for the ride up the hill=$16.

That's a total of $49.25 for our entire party.


For the Taxi:

$7 per adult=$35

$1 per child=$3

for a total of $38


Yep, we'll take it. We had the entire van to ourselves and it was awesome!!!





I sat in the back seat and was snap-happy with the camera on my ride back to the dockyard. Yes, I actually had some battery life left. Yippee! (Of course after developing a new strategy of turn on camera, snap picture, turn off camera, rinse and repeat).


Good riddance to that little bus stop where the bus left us hanging and never making it to Warwick:










Haha, we beat you big pink bus!






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More pictures along the way...







I found the roof tops to all the buildings to be pretty interesting. Yes, I found out the story behind this later on.





The graveyards reminded me of those I have seen around the Caribbean with them being above the ground.







I just loved all the different bright colors of the buildings:





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There seem to be a little bit of trouble going on at the entrance of the golf course. There were several police cars on the main road and several along the driveway leading into the golf course.









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We drove over the smallest drawbridge in the world. (More on this later). I knew this from previous research and we had plans on going under it as well on day 3. So once we hit that area, I at least knew we were in the Sommerset area and not much longer to the dockyard.










We arrived back at the dockyard and as previously discussed, we would feed the kids again and take them to the kids club and the adults would head out to the dockyard for some adult time.


We showered and headed to the buffet since we figured that would be the easiest and quickest thing to do. We dropped the 2 youngest munchkins off (Shayla decided she would hang with the adults, she's 12) and back off the ship we went.


I do want to mention this before I forget....


Kendra's son has a different last name that hers.

Kendra's bf's sister is the mother of Shayla, who has a different last name.

So...when you have a child with a different last name than the parents, they WILL request a birth certificate when you go back to the ship in security. They let them slide this time around, but requested that they bring it with them each time after that.


They also request your ID along with your ship card.


I just wanted to mention this before I forgot in case others need to know this information. :)


So we were off and running again (I know, where do I get all this energy??? I'm wondering that myself).


Here's the security building you check in when you return and it's right as soon as you get off the ship.






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Calico Jacks is one of the first places you come to and it's off to the right side. It's free entry and it's a "floating" boat bar. They have a pool slide into the ocean (which tells you to swim at your own risk) and people looked like they were enjoying themselves. (I mean we all know that drinking and sliding into the water goes hand in hand right?) We watched for awhile because we kept seeing huge fish jumping up out of the water in that area. I guess the people going down the slides were disturbing their "space". LOL







Right in front of there is the dolphin swim area. We watched for awhile to see if we could see any of the dolphin fins come up, but we didn't see any. I suppose they probably put them up some where when the swims are over?







Since we rode the choo choo to the bus stop, we probably missed this part. I believe the foot prints on the sidewalk is to take you to the bus stop?





I think Shrek came one day to help them out with the footprints. What other explanation could there be?






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Picture opportunities around the dockyard and we would take full advantage of them.





Told ya it's all fun and games in this family





Walking along the streets...just snapping pictures.




We were told that you could purchase wifi here:









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We found a small little restroom area tucked away and decided it's now or never.


The girls headed in. Put me and Kendra together in a bathroom and it always ends up with goofiness. (Last cruise Kendra had the deflatable chins treatment) This would be no different.


Kendra and I finished first and walked outside leaving Chrissy inside. We shut the door behind us quietly.




What happens with a door that has a lock on the OUTSIDE?


You lock it right?




Then you yell "We're catching up with the guys Chrissy, see you in a little bit" and then you hold your breath and wait for it...


HA! She was locked in and it wasn't long before we couldn't hold back the laughter and had to let her out.




She is well aware of how goofy Kendra is and I don't think she got the full treatment of how I was until this cruise. :p I mean, where does she think Kendra gets her personality from? :D



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The Vicutalling Yard. I swear (well my hubby did) that this place was haunted. LOL


















The hubs and Kendra's bf had went over to check out the buildings and then came back and told me "These buildings are haunted I swear." I laughed and walked over. He was like "Listen to the sounds in these buildings. It's creepy."


The buildings were deteriorating and was loaded with tons of trash and old broken down things. It was kinda creepy looking and the sounds coming from the top of the ceiling areas were spooky.








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I kept telling the hubby that it had to be the birds making those sounds up in the rafters. What else would cause such a creepy sound?
















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Time to get out of there and keep walking and exploring.


Of course everything at the dockyard was already closed. I really don't understand this. You would think they would be open later when the ships are in port (which honestly is probably every day right?). But then again if they could care less if we are there and don't really need the money, then I guess that explains it.


So, we would just be browsing the entire dockyard and window shopping. I guess I'll keep my hard earned dollars in my pockets.


Found the train from earlier parked.











Roosters running rapid.













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Thank you.............. I'm loving your review. It's just what I needed with our cruise just a few weeks away!


I have to weigh in on the pop/soda thing. It's called TONIC! The only New England residents who call it anything else are transplants from other parts of the country..............

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