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MITSUGIRLYS DAWN TO BERMUDA NOVEL (or review as some may call it)

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Ok back to the review for a few more.


I thought I would share the daily for our first Day. I forgot to add that to my Day 1 of events although I didn't manage to get one until much later that night so I guess adding it here at the end of Day 1 of the review is still appropriate. :D







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Now I will show you our AWESOME interior room. Yea, you may think I'm saying that with a little sarcasm in the tone of my words, but really I'm not.


We "normally" stay in interiors and they suit us just fine. In all honesty, we are hardly ever in the room other than to sleep, shower and change so the few times we have gotten a balcony, I felt like I was obligated to spend more time in the room. We have had a balcony, a cove balcony and a mini-suite balcony before. Yes, they were nice and we enjoyed them. But I'm just as happy paying a lot less to stay in an interior and being able to take the money saved from not getting a balcony and take another cruise. ;)


What makes THIS interior different was that it was a sideways cabin. I think these cabins are just awesome. We have only had 1 other sideways cabin, on the Spirit, and it just feels like there's so much more room in them. Honestly! Even Kendra thought so, who had a regular room in the same area. Although this cabin was a lot different with the configuration on our Spirit cruise, it still worked great for us. I will definitely be booking another room like this...and I actually did.


So, I was on the Star back in 2012 (I think it was) and that is the sister ship of the Dawn. I knew back then that they had taken the Spinnaker Lounge with all the beautiful windows and made that entire area suites and interiors. So...what that meant was this particular area was a little "newer" than the rest of the ship. I had searched online and on here and came up with a few pictures that showed that the rooms were really nice and had a more updated look with darker colored wooden interior. I knew I liked what I seen and knew I HAD to have one.


There were only a few cabins (4 total) in that area that were sideways cabins. I booked one right away (this cruise was actually booked last year awhile ago so all 4 of them were available at the time I booked and I had my option of which one I wanted). Kendra however waited too long to book and they were all gone by that time and she ended up with a regular room around the hall from us.


So here's the layout of our rooms.





So coming down the main hallway, the very first cabin in the middle you come to was Kendras




Turn left at that little hallway and you run straight into our cabin. (This picture is actually taken from our cabin door looking at the main hallway and to the left is Kendras).





The hall




The wonderful fishy carpet. I always tell Sakari I'm the red fish swimming against the current.





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You walk into the cabin and to the left was the "bedroom". It had the 2 beds pushed together to make 1 nice comfy bed and then there were 2 pull down beds on the walls for a total of 4 people in the room.








We always end up taking the big bed and pushing it against 1 of the walls to create more of a "walk space" on one side. That side just happens to be mine. hehe


This is me turned around and facing the door. They had a long mirror there to check out your hot bod before leaving for the night all dolled up. Who am I kidding? I hide from that mirror.


Notice the little round yellow circle on the door above the handle? It glowed in the dark at night. I guess so you can find the door in case of emergency?





Directly in front of the door and straight ahead was the "desk" with another mirror, your hair dryer (which works just fine for me and Sakari's hair, which is both long) and the tv area along with 3 drawers to store your goodies and clothes and a big shelf above the tv.


One nice thing I wanted to mention was there are 2 outlets here. We "normally" bring an electrical gfi strip with us, but this time since the hubby decided he was turning off his "work" this cruise, we didn't have the computer or ipad or anything with us to charge this time around. And we certainly DID NOT HAVE ANY CAMERA CHARGERS EITHER!!! So having these 2 outlets worked out perfect for us.




Of course the good thing about the sideways cabins is that this particular desk was pretty long and had plenty of space on it (well, at least until I pulled out all my personal stuff, then I used every bit of it up) and the regular rooms just had the small corner desk with next to no room on it.


So the right of your entrance door, you have your "hallway" which consist of the closet area on the left side, tons of shelves and plenty of room. This is normally the area that you'll find your door at to walk into your room. (Sorry for the blurry picture, I must have been rotating and snapping pictures in motion at the time).





This is your "hanging" closet, which was pretty big with tons of hangers and a small shelf <---which I never fully understood what it is used for since you hang your clothes there and it gets in the way of that, but it does fold down to get it out of the way. There is also tons of floor space here too. We always keep all our shoes in here and our "laundry bag" nice and neatly tucked away. There's also a light in there and we left it on all the time to be used as a night light. With the doors closed, you only got a bit of light from underneath and it worked out great. They store both the ladders to the pull down beds in here. We told our room steward that we didn't need them pulled out. Sakari had fun just climbing up there from our bed. No need to create more work or have something else in the way in the room. This is always where they store the life jackets (on the top shelf).



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Here are the shelves at the very end. I believe there were 5 of them and plenty of room. There's one thing that I love about "most" of NCL's ship and that's the storage space most of the ships have on them. They make the most out of them (except for the Sky...it sucked and wasn't enough room for a couple day cruise let alone if it would have been a 7 day cruise).






In between these shelves, there is a little door and behind that door is your safe. It was real simple to work (I've seen a different variety of these on the NCL ships, but this seems to be the most current and up to date ones they have). You just simply put in a number and hit lock and you are done. To open, just put in the number only and it pops open. So simple.


Everyone always ask about the "size" of the safes and what they can fit in them. The easiest way to describe the size of it is to take your regular letter sized manilla file folders...yes, tabs and all, and put them in there and they fit perfect with just a little bit of wiggle room. hehe So yes, an ipad does fit in there and when I take my 10" laptop it fits as well.





Now this little baby is awesome. I haven't seen a refrigerator on the other ships that look like this with the clear front. I don't even think the newer Getaway had them??? I would have to go back and look at my review to double check but it seemed new to me. The shelves were adjustable and we were able to adjust them so that we had 3 rows to put our pop on the shelves...which held quite a bit and much more than most of the other fridges. We were able to get each row 2 rows deep.


Everyone always goes back and forth about whether these are actually a refrigerator or a "cooler box". I have had plenty of these that worked like a refrigerator and kept my items cold the entire cruise. "Usually" it will take about a day to get them to a good temperature. Then of course there are other cruises that they just barely put a chill on anything and you would still have to use ice in a glass to even be able to drink your beverage.


This particular one, I'm going to go with a "cooler". It did get our pop cold, but not as cold as I have had experiences with on other ships. It was drinkable, but I like my pop ice cold. The hubby did put beer in there and he was able to drink it and said it was fine so....you be the judge.





Of course down below that was the shelf with your ice bucket (which we ask the room steward to keep full for us when she was in the room and she did a nice job of keeping it "1/2" full most of the time) and your 2 glasses for your drinks. Also you have the "alligator teeth"...which is what Sakari says the thongs for picking up the ice are called. The space was pretty big for just those items so when I emptied my "cooler" out, I put all the items from it down there behind the ice bucket and still had plenty of space left over.


Oh, I just want to thank NCL for having Pepsi products (I can drink either Pepsi or Coke, so I never debate this issue like other people on these boards) because the store I purchased pop at had the 4 cases for $11 of Pepsi products and that's what I had purchased...what does this mean you ask??? Well it means they already had me a few cans of Diet Pepsi that was cold and waiting for me in my room when I arrived. I just took some out of my case of pop and replaced them with hot pop. SCORE. :D






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On to the bathroom. It was pretty and very up-to-date. It had the same earth tone colors that we had in our mini-suite on the Getaway and I loved it. (The only thing missing was that awesome dual/triple shower thingy ma-bob in the shower that squirted out up and down your body...man that thing was nice). <--Ok, back to reality that I only have an interior. (You win some, you lose some).


It had your normal glass shelving like all the other interiors and balconies I have been in.


I have to mention...since we have been cruising regularly since 2010, it was only AFTER I went on our first Carnival cruise that I noticed this. When we were on Carnival, they paid attention to small little details and one that I noticed was they would fold the bathroom toilet paper in an arrow shape. I thought it was cute because I have only seen that done at hotels in the past. Shortly after that cruise (and my review where I mentioned this...just adding that in there) all of our NCL cruises after that are now doing this. LOL Is it possible NCL reads all of my cruise reviews and took note? :p (I do know for sure that some of the NCL staff does read the reviews and I only know this because back when I did my Epic review, they read it and even COMMENTED on it thanking me for the review...which was a honor because I went back and looked at their post count and what they had commented on in the past and it was not very much at all and I don't think they had ever commented on an actual review at that time....so yea, I felt like royalty at the time and my Epic review wasn't even that great LOL) But THIS cruise I noticed that not only was the toilet paper folded like that...SO WAS THE TISSUES. LOL They are either adding more details or my room steward is trying to bonus up her brownie points with us. LOL








The shower had the adjustable shower head that moved up and down the wall, which Sakari just loves because I can adjust it down to "her size" when she showers. Short people problems...:p








So that is a tour of our room.


I loved this room and I will try to get a sideways cabin any time 1) they have them available or 2) our budget allows for it (because they are not the "lowest" interior priced category).


I will add that I have already booked THIS SAME ROOM for another Dawn to Bermuda cruise next year...same time (June 3), same ship (Dawn) same cabin (12041). I'm just glad I liked the room so much after seeing because I booked before this cruise started. HOWEVER....I'm not sure if I will be keeping it. More on that later.....

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What is Tim Horton's. Is it like WaWa?


I have never heard of "WaWa", but it's a coffee shop with donuts, soups, and sandwiches. Even though I don't drink coffee, I can tell you the food is good.


Coffee, Donut and Sandwich shop. www.timhortons.com



Oops, I see you answered this question already.



I absolutely love their bacon turkey club sandwich on their pretzel bagel...SO GOOD. I stop at least twice a week just to get one while I'm out seeing patients. I'm hooked. :p

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Love reading your reviews. Full of a great sense of humor :)


Thanks for the comments and glad you are enjoying the review. I'm a little goofy (and winded) at times for sure. :p

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Now it's time for the ship tour itself.


I have to say that I did not get all the pictures I would have liked (or expected) to get due to not having a charger for my cameras and trying to conserve the batteries as much as possible. There are a few areas that I didn't get at all...but this will have to do. I spent most of my cruise turning the camera on, snapping the picture real quick, then turning the camera off. Rinse and repeat...all day long. :(


A lot of people ask me what type of cameras I use. I have 2. They are both an Olympus Tough cameras models 620 & 830. I love them both and I think they do such a great job that I haven't even carried my DSLR for several years now on my cruises. I probably won't ever take my DSLR again...unless I go on an Alaskan cruise. I just have too much equipment to haul around when carrying that camera and it's just too much work...now maybe if I was getting paid by a cruise company or some of the places I visit...then I would consider...HINT HINT!


Anyhow, the camera's I have do an awesome job and they have so many settings on them. I am constantly playing around with the settings and may adjust to different modes and take 5 of the same picture hoping to get "that good one" that will satisfy my needs out of a picture. I did not get to do that much here with my battery situation. Just saying... You will find that I may have a few pictures that are almost the same picture, but yet they look different in color. (For example I noticed a picture of the Stardust theater...which has purple seats in it, 1 picture shows the pretty purple, the other it totally different and you can't tell the real color of the seats. That happens when you change the settings).


I do a lot of snapping while I'm walking. Sometimes it works, depending on the setting, and sometimes it don't. I do like to put it a mode with the flash off a lot. This does several things...creates a picture that shows off the lights displayed...like in a theater or on the pool deck at night. When you have the flash on in places like this it's going to illuminate what's close around you and make the rest of the picture too dark to see what's in it. So, turn the flash off and take the pic...HOWEVER, you must have a steady hand or it blurs easily (which I get a lot of if I'm walking and snapping which is a no-no in this mode). So, I guess that's my apology in advance for some of the crappy pictures.


Also, the camera has a few settings that will make the pictures really pop with color. One thing I discovered on my November cruise last year is that if you put the camera on the underwater setting and take pictures on land...man-o-man do the colors pop!!! I actually like this setting. (My old Canon D10's I had prior to this would make everything pink if you tried this). So I do use that setting quite a bit.


I do put my copy-write stamp on them using PS (I had problems finding my pictures of various websites, even here, of people posting them as if they were their own) and I save them using the web save, which sharpens them for the web. I also have to resize them since they take up too much space and would take forever to download and then upload. It just makes it a lot easier on me and the website to do this. Every time you do anything to a picture and save it, it decreases the pixels in it and the picture gets worse. That's why I save for web with a sharpen...to help pop the picture a little and make it more like the original that I see here at home.


Yes, it's a lot of work...A LOT to do a review like this. I know people get aggravated sometimes and feel that it's taking too long to complete and they unsubscribe and I'm sorry for that. Until you've done a review like this, it's hard to understand. I try to work on them daily and I try to get them done as soon as I can...but then again, doing this causes me to miss a lot of the details I might have wanted to share with you. But it is what it is. Please be patient with me and I appreciate those who decided to stick it out until the end. You are troopers I tell ya! :D :p


So on with the SHIP PICTURES REVIEW...... :)

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I'm following as well. Thank you for starting the review so soon after getting home! We are cruising on Dawn Jan 2016. I've been following you since booking and impatiently waiting for your cruise🙌

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We ate here a few times and enjoyed it. The service was good and the environment was excellent. Sakari loved this dining room and stated "This is so pretty. It's just the our Pride cruise." I had no idea what she was referring to until she pointed at the pictures...the pictures of naked people. LOL


















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We had an awesome time in here...I guess that's mainly because I was kicking butt and taking names. I "normally" do well in the ships casino (wish I could say the same for back here at home) and I think I have only had 1 cruise that I did crappy on NCL.


It takes awhile for me to find "my" game, but once I do, it normally treats me pretty well.


This casino had your normal games that you find on most NCL ships.





Gold Fish (which didn't do too well), Penguins (which 1 of the 3 games gave you round after round of bonus games and kept you playing for awhile and I did see a lot of people winning on it).




Quick Hits games (I didn't do well on them, hubby did ok, but I did see a lot of people playing them this cruise).








Then there's the games that you find on the ship that I like to call the seizure games...they are the ones that light up so bright and everyone loves them. They are the games that you will always find people on and sometimes people standing behind them waiting for that opportunity to grab their seat IF they ever get up. They are pretty popular games and I have done well on them in the past. However, I only played them once this time around and the hubby tried once and neither of us did well so we moved on.








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They had a row of the monkey/banana/primate games. I didn't try them but the hubby did and said it was "ok" to him.





There were other games that I didn't get a picture of that I "thought" I got and I guess not. But I did want to mention them...


The LONG row of games along the wall (these are the ones that they use for the slot tournaments) are just fricken AWESOME games. Like seriously awesome. Everyone was winning on them and ESPECIALLY ME!!


They had several (I think 3) of the Carnival In Rio games (I did well and seen others kicking butt on these as well), they had 1 of the Haunted House slots and I hit the bonus round over and over again and wracked up the $$ only wishing that I had bid a higher amount than the minimum. They had some type of a chameleon game that was "ok" but in the end kept taking my money LOL. There was a fairies game on the end that my hubby did well on but I didn't. A few others...and then there was MY GAME!!! I hit almost every time I played this game. I would get up and walk away, come back and hit again. It was the Wild Rainforest game. It was smoking hot I tell ya!!! This was the game that I bid the max bid on every time and always ended up a winner with the exception of maybe 2x. The max bid is $3.50. If you hit the bonus round (which is 7 spins) there was NEVER a time that I hit the bonus round that I didn't get more spins. Like seriously MORE spins...like up to 100 spins...I'm telling ya. This game is HOT and a must play. I just had to mention it because I'm looking out for my peeps. (hehe).


Here is a video of the game (not mine but one online) and if you take the time to watch it, you'll see just how often and how easy it is to get the extra spins. They really add up easily. Every time you get the cougar (which is often), it's a wild card and it will go 2x, 3x, 4x and so on.




Ok, so more about that game and my winnings later in my review. I just had to mention it.


Another that I'm throwing in there that I play all the time IF the casino has it (and I have always done well on) is the Cave King game. Now this game is one of those machines that you have to hit "other games" to find it. It's always located on the Sirens game and will have a list of 4 games total to pick from within the slot. I always do really well on them and I did well this time too.


They had a video Black Jack game, which my daughters bf loves this game (he's a card guy and doesn't normally play any slots) and he wins big time here back home on it (has even been in the tournaments for winning big here) and he did really well on this game too. He managed to get over $1,000 in one sitting while we were there one night.





They also had the money game where you try to scope down and pick up a wad of money and also the key game that you have to maneuver a key into a small hole to get the prize.





So those are my gaming tips for all you slot players out there.


I did want to mention that this is probably the smallest casino I can remember being on a ship. Like super small. It was kinda weird to me seeing one this small but at least I found it well worth it. :D


Also, I found that the entire casino seemed to be a smoking casino. I seen ashtrays in every location.





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Thank you for your latest review:) I have been to Bermuda twice, but not on a cruise. I figure about the only way I will ever get back there will be on a cruise. That is one more for my bucket list, which is getting longer and longer.


As per my sig, note I am once again looking to take an NCL cruise, and have booked myself on the Getaway for 2016! I just finished reading your review of it, and loved your review! Looks like a ship I will enjoy.


Now back to your Bermuda review:)

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These pictures were at the top of the stairs that lead down to Gatsbys:




I absolutely loved this one and want it for my house! Obviously NCL had these made especially for the ship since it actually says "NCL" on it.












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This place was located behind some glass windows in the area of Gatsbys. I can say that walking in here to take the pictures completely blew me away with the smell. Usually smells don't get to me, but it was pretty strong. I have been in some of the cigar bars on the other ships (believe it or not, they take you that way on another ship if you are VIP status and they are taking you down the back halls/steps to get off the ship or onto a tender) and they never smelled as bad as this one did. I'm not sure what type of filtration system they had but I can tell you that it's not working and I took this picture shortly after we got on the ship before anyone was in there smoking. You could also smell it on the outside of the room as well (probably just from people opening the doors going in and out).









Edited by mitsugirly

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This is your "hanging" closet, which was pretty big with tons of hangers and a small shelf <---which I never fully understood what it is used for since you hang your clothes there and it gets in the way of that, but it does fold down to get it out of the way. ).




When you figure out what this shelf is for, you'll solve one of the great mysteries of life.


Thanks for another great review!

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This is also located in the Gatsbys area. We did not eat here this time, but have tried it on several of the other ships. It's "ok" in my opinion, but each time I have eaten here I felt it wasn't worth the price. So, unless it's part of the free UDP, I won't be paying for it again.


















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