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On the Diamond, like the Island better??

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Well, here we are on the 2nd day of the Diamond cruise. I must say that I have soo looking forward to seeing this ship, and I like the Island Princess better. Some points about this trip so far...


Unrelated to the comparison, we didn't get to board until about 3pm becasue of the delay arriving in port. That was kind of a pain, but they let the Platnimum and Elite members on first, so that allivated some of the problem for us!


~I like the decor in the Island better. It seemed a little more special to me, this one seems a little on the plain side.


~ I loved the Lotus pool theme in the indoor pool on the Island. I find the Conservatory indoor pool on this one very boring, compared to the Lotus theme.


~Our wait staff has left something to be desired this trip. I know that is hit and miss, of course.


~I LOVE the internet cafe on this ship! The Diamond internet has been great, and is in a nice large bright area off to the side of the photo walk through area. I am getting a sewage smell every once in a while still through the photo section however (as reported by some people last week).


~We are on Emerald in a mini. Our room steard is the best we have ever had! Yeah! (Makes up for the poor dining staff).


~Seriously, getting back to the dining staff, we counted and saw the asst waiter a grand total of 3 times this evening. The rest of the time he is nowhere to be seen,. We are not sure if this is a staffing issue, but it is not a good first impression (we know how it should be of course, but for newbie cruisers,...???)


~Lots and Lots of deck chairs, yah


~We saw a deck staff member kick the kids out of the "adult only" pool today. Good for the, I don't try to go to the off limits kids area, right??



I will be happy to answer any questions, although I know lots of others have been able to do that as well.


We tried to do pottery today, and they only had a couple of types of things to paint, only 3 out of 9 possible were available. Kind of disappointing for a new ship at the beginning of the week.


BTW, our room steward showed us on the the Handicapped inside rooms tonite - talk about BIG!




PS, despite my b!tching about stuff, I really am still having a great time! How can you not, right?????

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Seattlekckckc -

Thanks for the info - keep posting your comments about the Diamond. We cruised the Island last fall and we really loved that ship - wonderful cruise experience. We will be on the Diamond this fall and we also have a mini on the Emerald - what is your room number? Did you sail from Long Beach? I will be looking forward to more posts from you.


Island Princess Nov 2003

Diamond Princess Oct 2004

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I am sailing on the Sapphire Princess (twin of the Diamond) I will be in E726. How big is the balcony? Does it have a round table and two chairs?Is it complete shade or does some sun peak in on the deck? We were on Island Princess last fall and loved our mini suite on the caribe deck.

Thank You

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Hey! The balconies are the larger ones, the more square size. But it is compelty covered, not my fav, but we go on deck alot instead. Definalty large enough for loungers. Can't comment on the exposure yet, as we are still a little hazy with sun breaks. Good that it is not too worm however.


Service last night on formal night was even worse. I am not a demanding person either, and it is very noticalble to me. BUT, I did find out today from our breakfast waiter that the kitchen has been very backlogged and the asst's have to wait in very long lines. That could be it...


We are in the 700's on E deck. I will post the actual number after the cruise is over. Great room, typical minisuite. My cousin was able to hear us lauging at the Drew Carey show on TV this am, so amourous couples, take note of the wall depth!!!!


We left from San Pedro.


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Hi Casey,


If you get the opportunity, can you check on B303 on the Baja deck. We have been assigned a handicap balcony room (we tried to give it back since neither one of us are handicap, however, since the cruise is full 5/15/04, I guess we're stuck with it).

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Can you hear any noise from Club Fusion? How late is CF open?


countdown.cgi?trgb=000000&srgb=00ff00&prgb=dc143c&cdt=2004;6;19;16;00;00&timezone=GMT-0900  to <u>Diamond Princess</u> - Alaska - June 2004


<u>Grand Princess</u> - W. Caribbean - March 2003

<u>Stella Solaris</u> - Mediterranean - May 1981


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OK, I am back! Great time had by all!


~I didnt get a chance to see B303, every time I cruised by the room steward was elsewhere. But judging from the size of the the inside handticapped room across the hall from us that we peeked into, it will be very good sized! I would be excited if I were you! The inside was HUGE! And laid out very well, so have fun!!!


~I was disappointed in Club Fusion. On the Island I was very inpressed with the Universe Lounge, especially compared to the Vista Lounge elsewhere. So I was excited about Club Fusion, but I just didn't get it! I got to calling it "Con Fusion"! It was supposed to have a techno vibe, but then they put Western decor in??? A cow print bull rider thing as art??? Wagon Wheels as ceiling decor??? It escaped me. I didn't like how in alot of places you could not see the stage, or you were behind the action. Princess did good with the TVs all around and you can see that stage that was, but it just isn't the same! Maybe it was just me, but I thought it was goofy. And I was disappointed that the video poker was never off, that I saw anyway.


~The "Wake View Bar" also was a disappointment. Great spiral staircase leading down to it, but once down there, the Wake View is actually just a couple of portholes, and there were not many chairs. I felt it should have been used differently, or better. But if you are looking for a smoke with a crew member, it looks like the place to go!


~No, and I mean NO sound came through to our cabin E715 from Club Fusion. I know that layouts of the ships like the back of my hand, but in this case it didn't even occur to me we were above it until we were leaving the ship at LA customs and I looked up at our balcony to take a picture and saw that we were right above it! Pretty good insulation, well done Princess!


~I am not sure how late it is open. Maybe someone who parties more than me will know the answer. But there were always lots of activities in there, so probably late!


~I did not do any PC, we have 2nd seating. But I must honesty say, the food was a little more fu-fu fancy to me this trip. I am a very picky eater, so I am usually always ordering off of the "always available" menu, and I was VERY disappointed to see that had taken off the chicken breast and sirloin steak I always fall back on the other ships I have been on. And no "Love Boat Dream" on the dessert always availble like it was on the Island. icon_frown.gif


~We got one of the PC menus each night (4 nights) over the course of the cruise. As I said before, I am a picky eater, but the menus seemed so limited, the only thing I would have even eaten the entire time was a steak on Sterling Night, and the "Texas Toast" , also on Sterling night. That was actually just round rolls with some garlic chunks in it. I am sure we must have been served the wrong thing. Santa Fe night, Asian night and Vivaladi Italian night nothing on the PC menu did it for me. The people travelng with me felt that in particular the asian fusion menu was not prepared well, for sure not by a asian chef. We all feel that if you are going to do it, do it well!!! (Sake was cold, not hot as ordered, and the spring rolls were coconut and cheese??? Huh???) As far as PC dining goes, I know that those eating in each of the 4 restaurants also get a version of the regualr menu as well.



~I would like to say that I felt that the quality of food is always fabulous no matter what ship we are on, I just wasnt crazy about the selection on this one. Maybe thats just me.


~Our room steward was awesome, as I stated before! I got his email, and hope to keep in touch with him!!!


~Disembarkation in LA was very smooth. They had separate lines for people with passports and those with Birth certificates, and the passport line went much faster! So if ya got it, bring it!


~Yea for the Platinmum lounge on the last day! What a treat to have a quiet place to sit in chairs and everything, not on the floor!


~When we checked in the first day, I got a stinky ol' blue card, even though I am a platnimum (how rude!) J/K, it was an honest mistake, and I am not that much of a snob! But I was worried that my internet was not getting credited onto my acct, so twice during the cruise I went to the pursers desk and made sure that had me as a Platnium member. I was for sure listed as one, I was told. Well, low and behold, the last day I have $200 in charges on my acct, already charged to my cc. They did a credit, but only after I waited in line (the morning of disembarkation) at the pursers desk (busy), and the credit will not be applied for a few days. Just kind of a pain, especially after I had checked twice and was told both times it would not be a problem.


~ As a result of the blue card, I also did not get a invite to the captains party and had to go wait in line to get one. I would have forgotten about it if friends had not mentioned what time we were going. Again, honest mistake, but still a bit of a pain.


***I know there is more I was going to post, I will add it as I remember it. ***


Fell free to ask any questions~!



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Regarding your comments on the "customer service" end, I agree that either the burser's desk staff was generally not that helpful. Not sure if it was uninformed, not well trained, lazy, or just rude (I didn't find them rude per se, but just not as responsive as they usually have been on other ships). There was a lot that they required me to follow up on, which I felt that they should have. For example, although we were one of the first to board, I got one of my bags after the ship sailed. I got a little nervous since we had received all the other bags within 2 hours of boarding, and when I called customer service, they advised they "never" lost any bags. Use of the word "never" usually bothers me anyway, particularly with an operation this large. I called a few other times and asked for a follow-up. I got even more nervous when the doors were closed where the baggage was being unloaded and one of the staff advised no more bags were coming. After requesting that twice and not hearing anything, I was then advised that I had to go down to the burser's desk and identify if my luggage was by the desk several "lost" pieces they advised were there). I went down, and of course, it was not there, and they again reassured me that my luggage was not lost. I had to stand in line asked for a follow-up call or at least for someone to check on the status. Never heard a word. We had other similar examples. uninforme,lazy. we had similar issues that we were checking on and I found the customer service lacking in many respects! No follow-up from them at all. That is one of the only complaints I have on the ship, which is not much, but it should be improved on.

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