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bringing home sand?

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[quote=we're sailing away....;53500578]Yes you can bring home sand .[/quote]
No. Our recent daily planners all said "No seashells, sand or glass that has been collected ashore. Any violation of this policy may result in a fine."

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I've never had a problem. I use the ziploc baggies and only put about an inch deep at most. I leave them sealed for a few months after we get home. After Christmas one year, I bought off clearance the clear ornaments at craft stores, and put sand and tiny shells inside (they are all over the beach by the water taxi in St. Marten, btw), then the year and place, I write on the outside.

The past few years I've brought back rocks and made a rock garden. Never had a problem then either. I did see on one cruise, security made a kid throw his conch shell back in the water.

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