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Live/Cloud: South Africa-Botswana+, Many Pix’s, Terry/Ohio

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At the top of these boards, it says “write a review”, so here goes, again, in live, blogging style. Later, you can see links to our last four cruise blogs. One is at nearly 209,000 views from the Med/Italy, while the July 2010 Norway coast review is at nearly 194,000 views. Our early 2014 Australia-New Zealand-Hawaii adventure is at over 135,000 views. It seems that the visuals make a big, interesting difference, sharing the beauty and drama from these wonderful areas.


Tell me what you like, any questions, suggestions, etc. Don't be shy!! Love the interactive nature of live blogs.


Our past cruising?: We have done just six cruises. First was June 2006 on 204-passenger Seabourn Spirit, Athens to Istanbul, enjoying these Greek-Turkish areas. Late July 2008 on the 940-passenger Crystal Symphony, Dover/UK to Stockholm, for the Baltics and Russia. July 2010 on the 296-passenger Silversea Silver Cloud from Copenhagen seeing the dramatic Norway coast, above the Arctic Circle, Top of Europe, etc. June, 2011 from Barcelona for Italy, the Croatian Coast on this same 2850-passenger Celebrity Solstice that we used for two weeks from Sydney to Auckland in early 2014. Last year, we escaped the Midwest cold winter with 26-days doing a return to the Silver Cloud going a 1000 miles up the Amazon River and visiting ten different Caribbean Islands. All four lines are different and very good with great service, fellow passengers, staff, etc. What’s best? The honest answer is . . . “It depends!!!”. Ports, schedules, timing and prices vary much. The most fun is what you are doing now and planning for the future.


What’s our current early 2016 schedule? This is our first visit to Africa! We are focused primarily on South Africa and Botswana. Below is a graphic I designed to reflect some of the upcoming highlights for our ten-day sailing on the Silver Cloud. Before starting this cruise yesterday, we flew from Columbus to Chicago O’Hare, then using Qatar Airways to Doha and then on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Cape Town. We arrived in South Africa on Thursday, Jan. 28, starting five days to explore in and around this very cosmopolitan and scenic town. More details and visuals soon on Cape Town.


We are now doing a sea-day from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth (or PE as the locals call it). Since a year ago, now much has changed on the Silver Cloud. The teak decking has been made new, Allen (originally from Scotland) is back as Cruise Director, etc. More ship details and visuals later. From talking with several couples who just got off this ship from the previous voyage from Mombassa, they gave top ratings to the Ship Captain and staff for excellent help, strong leadership and having very good food.


Our sailing out of Cape Town was delay by a couple hours from its planned 11 pm Tuesday sail-away. Weather got a little windy and caused choppy seas late in the afternoon and early in the evening. Much of today (Wednesday, Feb. 3) has been a little “rocky” as the seas have been very challenged. Things are settling out better now for later this afternoon.


THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio


From our Jan. 25-Feb. 20, 2015, Amazon River-Caribbean combo sailing over 26 days that started in Barbados, here is the link below to that live/blog. Lots of great visuals from this amazing Brazil river and these various Caribbean Islands (Dutch ABC's, St. Barts, Dominica, Grenada, etc.) that we experienced. Check it out at:


Now at 35,627 views for these postings.



Here is our cruise summary map/graphic that I prepared on my handy MacBook Pro to illustrate this initial part of our “adventure” for South Africa and Mozambique. It reflects the three days of safari experiences we will have in South Africa, plus the other port stops and sea day.:





From our meal last night in the Italian-styled La Terrazza, here is a little low-calorie sampling, You gain no fat or weight in viewing the picture!! Our challenge?? The food last night was so super good, including the main veal dish with super tasty sauce, plus dessert, etc. We will be back at La Terrazza tonight. More calories and fun?:











During this sea-day, there was the first of five programs on South Africa history, development, battles, etc., to be presented during this cruise. Lots of unique and interesting history here, including the British, the Dutch, major racial changes, etc. This lecture was presented by our ship’s guest speaker, Rob Prentis. He is a fifth generation South African with majors in English and History from the University of South Africa and post-graduate qualifications from the University of Cape Town. Rob taught English literature and history for some 40 years and was a school headmaster for 25 years.. I spent time talking with him this afternoon in the Panorama Lounge and we will be having dinner with him this evening. Second is a picture showing the ship’s top chefs doing a cooking program.:






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For our Thursday evening in Cape Town after we arrived late that morning from Doha and our original Tuesday afternoon departure from Columbus, below are a few visuals samples.


PLUS, most important, here is proof that we did not go without enjoying some local beer and great dining delights. Per excellent suggestions, you can see where we dined at Den Anker. AND, with great views for the exciting and interesting harbor action, mountain watching, etc. The best news? The VALUE!! For our beers, dinner, dessert, tip, etc., for the two of us, the total cost was only $29.50. Like the visuals? Many more to come!!


THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio


Did a June 7-19, 2011, cruise from Barcelona that had stops in Villefranche, ports near Pisa and Rome, Naples, Kotor, Venice and Dubrovnik. Dozens of nice visuals with key highlights, tips, comments, etc. We are now at 208,535 views for this live/blog re-cap, including much on wonderful Barcelona. Check these postings and added info at:




Here is the first sampling of views from in and around the V&A Waterfront of Cape Town on Thursday, Jan. 28. First, you can see a portion of their busy harbor area, including the perfectly-sited Den Anker, plus the red brick historic Clock Tower, etc. Second is a Nelson Mandela statute with the famed Table Mountain in the background. Third is the signage on our dining location next to one of the older, more historic buildings in the area. Fourth is my seafood dining treat!! Look good?? Fifth is the view from where we were seated outside with views of the Cape Grace Hotel, mountain drama, various boats in the harbor and a group of students going by as they were doing their practice sessions. Sixth is a view of one musical group performing and entertaining outside as we walked around after dinner. Fun!!:


















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Here is just a small, quick sampling for part of our exploring around Cape Town with Clive, our expert guide on Friday. He was wonderful in explaining the city, its unique history, seeing the sights in a way that made the "logistic" easy. He was driving in his excellent Land Rover. Earlier in the morning, we had a moving experience visiting Langa, the oldest Township in South Africa. Lots of history, not all good, there. More on that later, plus the full range of info and pictures on so much that we learned for how these challenges have evolved and changed this nation.


THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio


From our Jan. 25-Feb. 20, 2015, Amazon River-Caribbean combo sailing over 26 days that started in Barbados, here is the link below to that live/blog. Lots of great visuals from this amazing Brazil river and these various Caribbean Islands (Dutch ABC's, St. Barts, Dominica, Grenada, etc.) that we experienced. Check it out at:


Now at 35,518 views for these postings.



First, are three views from in and around their older parts of the Cape Town Central Business District (CBD), including first the City Hall and the South Africa Parliament Building in the third visual.:











From high above Cape Town on Signal Hill, here is the view of the harbor area, including the dock where we will board the Silver Cloud. Bring back memories for those who have visited Cape Town?:





Here is just one of many spectacular views from riding the Cable Car up to the top of Table Mountain. You can see Lion's Head mountain that peaks at 2,195 feet above sea level. This peak forms part of a dramatic backdrop to the city of Cape Town and is part of the Table Mountain National Park. Amazing views all around. Friday was rated as a top 10% viewing day with the clearness and ability to enjoy such sights. The Table Mountain Cableway was Swiss designed and officially opened in 1929. It has been extensively upgraded and new cars now carry 65 instead of 25 passengers. The new cars give a faster journey and rotate through 360 degrees during the ascent and descent. The highest point on Table Mountain is 3,563 feet above sea level.:





Finally, here is one quick view of the multi-colored exteriors of some historic homes near the Central Business District. It is called Bo-Kaap and was formerly known as the Malay Quarter. It is quintessentially a Township, situated on the slopes of Signal Hill and known for its brightly colored homes and cobble stoned streets.:



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On an earlier Cruise Critic board I was asked about how I find time to enjoy the sights and still manage to the review the many hundreds of pictures and post such detailed reviews. Here is part of my secret. After a busy day out and about as we did Saturday at the Cape Town V&A Waterfront, we came back, needed to rest a little before dinner. I could put my legs up, relaxed the tired feet, download the 200+ pictures from that day, etc. Below are just six of the pictures that I liked best.


Did I cheat a little on some of these pictures by flying high above this area and its scenic mountains? YES!! Was it worth it? First time for me in a long time doing a helicopter, plus trying to take the pictures through the glass of the copter. Do you like the results?


This whole region in and around Cape Town is very dramatic and scenic. These mountains are a wonderful backdrop to this city that is actually more European in its style and manner.


THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio


Enjoyed a 14-day, Jan. 20-Feb. 3, 2014, Sydney to Auckland adventure, getting a big sampling for the wonders of "down under” before and after this cruise. Go to:


for more info and many pictures of these amazing sights in this great part of the world. Now at 135,023 views for this posting.



Here are a couple of quick views from in and around the V&A Waterfront with Table Mountain being the "central star" for overlooking these scenic and active areas. And, do you see the clouds dramatically rolling over Table Mountain?:








Now here are for four pictures where I needed a little "help" to be "soaring like an eagle"! My secret? It's riding in a helicopter to travel around Cape Town, the nearby mountains, being south of the town, going along the beaches, over the Winelands, etc. Like the views? Table Mountain is clearly so dominate in the way it towers over Cape Town and the nearby areas. Recognize the Cape Town Stadium? Our pilot said it has a nickname down here and they call it the "Giant Toilet Bowl"!! Does kind of have that look!!:












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In Cape Town for most all of our five plus days there, the skies were perfectly clear and sunny. Things did look great!! The heat and humidity got a little high on Sunday while in the wine areas, but then the heat did drop down nicely after Sunday being rather warm at nearly 90F.


Sunday, we were busy in visiting with our expert private guide, Glen Christie:

Vergelegen, old early Dutch settler/supplier's historic wine estate in Somerset West.

Stellenbosch, the cute town in the center of this wine region

Stark-Conde, that had an interesting pond and castle above the vineyards.

Dustenberg, with its cows & gardens, plus wine and historic architecture

Lunch at Delaire—Graff that has been super upgraded since a rich German-UK jewelry store owner took over.

Boschendal, the original Cecil Rhodes fruit farms

La Motte, near Franschhoek

Grande Provence, for tea & art

Mandela's last prison location before his release

And at Paarl for Grand Roche, the elegant, top dining location and wine estate.


Any others been to any of these various wine locations? What are your favorites from visiting here?


THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio


If Venice is one of your future desires or past favorites, look at this earlier posting for many options and visual samples this city that is so great for "walking around", personally seeing its great history and architecture. This posting is now at 57,203 views.

Venice: Loving It & Why??!!




From our Sunday visit to Winelands, here are a few visual samples, including, in the first picture shown, at Grande Roche, where we concluded the busy day. Second and third are two of our lunch dining treats at the ultra lux Delaire—Graff wine estate. Fourth is one of the scenic mountain views while visiting in this wine area east of Cape Town. Finally, are two views at Vergelegen, the estate of the old early Dutch settler/supplier and early Governor of the Cape, Willem Adriaan van der Stel. This includes my wife and super guide Glen Christie in front of the historic Camphor trees on this estate.:


















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As the old saying goes, "the best is yet to come". We have been so super busy enjoying Cape Town and nearby. Those Cape Town area visuals will cause those considering a first or return visit here to want to speed up the process in order to reach these great areas and sights sooner. Many more Cape Town and nearby views to share when there is another sea-day to catch up on these postings.


Many more pictures and experiences to share, but need to get ready for dinner, plus a busy, all-day "safari" in Addo National Elephant Park near Port Elizabeth.


Comments, suggestions and questions? Happy to share more.


THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio



Super loved Dubrovnik!!! See more details and lots of great visual samples/examples at this link. Have had over 30,628 views on this posting and appreciate those who have tuned-in and dropped by.




Per the website "MarineTraffic.com", below is the position of the Silver Cloud (shown in blue) around 3 am Tuesday morn, Cape Town time at it was approaching the port/docking area. This visual map also shows some of the Somerset West and Stellenbosch Wineland areas that we visited on Sunday. Monday, we headed down to the Cape of Good Hope and traveled through certain locations shown such as Hout Bay, Fish Hoek and Muizenberg. Sound Dutch? Then you see their 7:45 am web position showing where the Silver Cloud (in blue) was dockedas we were getting ready for our boarding early Tuesday afternoon.:








From Monday, here are a couple of quick views of the amazing and so super cute African Penguins at Boulder beach near by the Cape of Good Hope. First, is one penguin doing its walk from the water. Second is an up-close view for one of the penguins sitting on an egg on the beach.:








From visiting Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens Monday afternoon, here is just one quick example of both flower and bird action. Our guide told us the bird name, but I cannot recall right now. Any help on the specific bird name?:





Last night, we had dinner at Gold for a variety of African dining tastes, plus lots of fun music and dancing. You can see my wife after a little face painting has been done. More pictures to follow. Others been there?:



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Hi Terry!

I took a break from washing walls, baseboards and doors to check CC. Lo and behold, you are blogging and posting your wonderful photos.

The trip looks magnificent and we thank you for taking us along on the no calorie version!

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Hi Terry, enjoying your fabulous pics and reports from one of the most beautiful visual areas of the world.It revives many memories of cruises in this area on the beautiful Cloud.Note Addo Elephant Park is on your agenda.Despite the name,in addition to the 100's of elephants we were lucky to see many more lions in three hours than we saw in ten hours in the Kruger National Park.Hope you have similar good luck.Enjoy!

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Enjoying your piccies Terry!


That solitary green bean looks a touch lonely! :eek: Thank gawd for that slice of carrot and mini-brocolli floret to keep it company!


At east that is three out of your five a day veggies! :D:D



Enjoy your cruise,


Jeff :)

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Glad you've started this! Loved catching up with your trip so far. Hope you had a great dinner with Headmaster Prentiss. You will probably recall what I told you earlier - we toured with him in East London a few years back and he was great!


Enjoy Addo - when we went it was a fly-in visit in a little 7 seater plane, landing on a grass runway. We had to buzz the runway first to chase a few giraffes away. Good times!


Looking forward to your next installments, especially waiting for a picture of you on an elephant! :D

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Great photos and live blog as usual Terry - I predict this one is going to turn into a classic! :D


Looks like you had an awesome time in Cape Town and surrounds, with great weather. The exchange rate at the moment is also a bonus! Good choice to take the heli-flip.

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Looking forward to this.


Alan was our cruise director on the Cloud out of Tower Bridge last June. Is Sergio the maitre de in the main restaurant? Ask him if you can have the highly recommended Beef Wellington one day on your journey. You won't regret it!


Meanwhile I look out of my office window with wonderful river views and look at the start point for my Silver Cloud adventure last year from Tower Bridge. (I think that made things extra special - I'm literally less than 100 yards from the bow.) I look forward to its one return this summer - and the couple of wind trips too. I'll always be a cloud stalker though! haha


All the best Terry. Really looking forward to this blog - and make sure you have a fantastic voyage.

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Nice photo's Terry, including the 'Great White Elephant' at Green Point.


I admit to being intrigued by your choice of Den Anker, why go to a Belgian restaurant in Cape Town. The best seafood at the Waterfront is at Baia, and for the adventurous a trip out into the docks and Panama Jacks never fails to be rewarded.


Looking forward to following your adventures.

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Nice photo's Terry, including the 'Great White Elephant' at Green Point.


I admit to being intrigued by your choice of Den Anker, why go to a Belgian restaurant in Cape Town. The best seafood at the Waterfront is at Baia, and for the adventurous a trip out into the docks and Panama Jacks never fails to be rewarded.


Looking forward to following your adventures.


Well we ate there because we love mussels and the Belgians and Den Anker do those better than anyone.And not too bad washing them down with a Belgian beer!

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Appreciate all of the kind comments, insights, questions, etc. Very interesting and helpful!! Will answer some of the questions in later posts.


Am sitting early Friday, Feb. 5 in the Panorama Lounge as we are sailing from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. Sounds exotic, right? We now have a sea-day as we travel this long distance to arrive in Mozambique at 2 pm on Saturday, Feb. 6. This period of travel will allow lots of time for catching-up, resting and relaxing.


Yesterday was Port Elizabeth and our first “African Safari”!! It was just my wife and me as we had a super experienced Alan Fogarty of Alan Tours as our skilled guide around this park, learning so much on the wildlife, terrain and plant life. Plus, we had a real African “Bushman” along with us, learning the skills for being a registered tour guide. He is from the northern parts of South Africa and added extra perspectives about this amazing part of the world.


We visited Addo Elephant National Park, one of the country's 19 national parks and its second in size after Kruger National Park. Originally founded in 1931 to provide sanctuary for the eleven remaining elephants in the area, it now houses more than 600 elephants and has a size of over 126,000 acres. This conservation trend happened after many animal species had been all but decimated by hunters over the 1700’s, 1800’s and early 1900’s.


Addo means “hot” in the local language. The original park has subsequently been expanded to include other nature reserve and marine areas, including St. Croix Island and Bird Island. Bird Island is home to the world's largest breeding colony of gannets and St. Croix Island hosts the largest breeding colony of African Penguins. We saw lots of variety at Addo, although the most frequent animal observed yesterday were the curious-looking worthogs. Saw so many of them, including their babies!! Addo has the largest remaining population of the flightless dung beetle (Circellium bacchus). Yes, they are called “dung beetles” for the reason you might think. The dense bushlands here sustain the largest concentration of large mammals in the country.


In doing any safari, the first lesson is that specific animal sightings will vary significantly based on luck, time spent in the park, weather conditions, etc. We were fortunate yesterday that things were fairly cool and that we saw great variety. We also had five net hours in Addo, while those on a ship tour only had two hours there and were very cold from the open type of vehicles in which they were traveling. No lion sightings for us, but we enjoyed a number of elephants, zebras, ostriches, eland, cape buffalo, red hartebeest, kudu and even a couple of cheetah at a distance. The pictures will show much more. Both last night and this morning either the ship Internet and/or Photobucket have not been cooperating as well as desired for picture uploading. The Addo visuals, as positive proof, will follow shortly to reflect what we got to see and enjoy “up close and personal”!!


Tuesday in preparing to depart Cape Town on the Silver Cloud, we visited Robben Island. There was pro/con debate as to whether it was “worth it” or not. Below are some visuals for this island about seven miles from the V&A harbor there in Cape Town. Robben Island means “Seal Island” in Dutch. It is most famous for the eighteen years that Nelson Mandela spent in prison and doing hard labor here while being a political prisoner for speaking out against the white-only rules of the South Africa government at that time.


When first landing on the island, you see the large lettering: “Freedom Cannot Be Manacled”. There are other graphic and background history associated with this island displayed at this entrance point. Robben Island is more than just about the political prison and Mandela. This “political” history is a main factor, but the island has been used for many purposes, including as a leper colony and a World War II fortification. This island and the sailings out and back, also allowed for great views of Cape Town and Table Mountain!


You can find more information at:


The cost is R300 or about $18.75. The standard tour to Robben Island takes about 4 hours including two, half-hour ferry trips. But, some of the boats are slower and take longer. Our return boat on Tuesday was BOTH longer (about an hour) and rocky as the seas turned very rough and challenged. Was not sure I would make it safely back. On many days there are four sailing times to Robben Island: 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm. Booking ahead can be important as these trips will fill up and you cannot always walk up a few hours ahead and be able to get tickets for going to Robben Island.


The biggest “crap shoot” in doing Robben Island can be the quality of your guides. The first hour there involves touring around the island on a bus, visiting the limestone quarry where prisoners did hard labor, seeing the areas with African Penguins and various birds, learning more of the history connected here, seeing the lighthouse and other buildings, etc. Our guide on the bus, Thabo Mxotwa, was excellent in the information he shared and being able to answer questions, have a conversation with him. He grew up and had been a guide in Langa Township (the first Black Township in South Africa going back to around 1927). We had visited Langa during our first full day in Cape Town and I talked with Thabo about those various experiences and challenges.


Then, we entered through the gates to the main prison area. You are turned over to a former political prisoner who had been forced to serve time on Robben Island. From what others had told us, the levels of “communications” skills/levels between those guides and those visiting can be mixed. BUT, our guide, Ntando Mbatha, was excellent in what he shared, how he responded to questions, etc. He came to Robben Island for “violations” as a young student being unhappy with the racial conditions at that time. He served seven years on Robben Island. He showed us both the larger wards where prisoners were kept as a group and the individual cells for solitary confinement, including seeing the Nelson Mandela’s cell. He made the points for how Black prisoners were fed versus how others confined there were treated, the use of numbers, not names, to “break down” prisoner morale, etc. Many prisoners did not get mattresses or beds, but slept only on mats, etc.


He gave background for how Mandela’s “Long Walk to Freedom” writings were smuggled out of this prison and got published, the fates of other political prisoners on this island, etc. Very informative and interesting.


THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio


Wonderful Kotor and nearby Montenegro? Check these postings. Have had over 26,436 views on this posting and appreciate those who have tuned-in and commented.:




When arriving at Robben Island, you are greeted by these various wall graphics at the dock reflecting the history here at this location and during this period of the 1960’s through the prison closing in the early 1990’s.:





Here on the right is our very skilled guide and the bus driver on the left. In the background awaiting us is the former political prisoner who would guide us through the enclosed parts of the main prison and its cell areas.:





Here is the former prisoner who was the guide within the prison cell and ward areas who described living conditions there. His first-hand background and items shown were very insightful.:





Here is the cell where Nelson Mandela stayed and then second is an example for how this range of individual cells looked down its hallway.:








Here is our guide greeting and talking with each of the visitors as we exited and start down the steps that Mandela took in his “Long Walk to Freedom” from Robben Island.:



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Appreciate your patience and interest. Here is more from Robben Island off the coast of Cape Town. Still bad, challenged lack of decent Internet service/connections from the ship.


THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio



Sorry, here is the correct visual for the cell where Nelson Mandela stayed for much of his time on Robben Island. Internet service is very poor on the ship and it is hard to keep everything posting correctly, checking things properly.:





Here is one of the views for some of the African Penguins on this island. We also saw some whales from this island while traveling around this area on the bus before entering the actual prison facilities. Second is a visual for our view as we headed back for our return. This shows Cape Town, Table Mountain, etc. :








Here was the welcoming view to Silver Cloud as it was docked at Cape Town with Table Mountain and Central Business District Buildings in the background.:



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From Addo Elephant National Park near Port Elizabeth, South Africa, here is the first of two and a half parts reflecting some our better visual sightings. Let me know which visuals you like best. I have a few of my favorites, but would like to hear your interests and preferences. Coming up with our stop in Richards Bay on Sunday and Monday will be more two full days of “safari” exploring. We will hope to be reasonably lucky with our sightings and “captures” via my Nikon D7100 camera.


THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio


Enjoyed a 14-day, Jan. 20-Feb. 3, 2014, Sydney to Auckland adventure, getting a big sampling for the wonders of "down under” before and after this cruise. Go to:


for more info and many pictures of these amazing sights in this great part of the world. Now at 135,023 views for this posting.



When the park is called an “elephant park”, what would you expect there? Yes, elephants!! Here are three different elephant visuals from Addo on Thursday to share. Don’t you just love these baby elephants, especially how they are posing and looking at the camera?:











Want to see zebra? It’s Africa, right? You would expect them here. Here is a group, plus a closer individual view. Lots of zebras in this park. Some of the male zebra are not shy animals. Several of the male zebra had big bite marks and scars on their necks. Another zebra had had part of its ear chewed off. Life can be tough among the “wildlife”!!.:








Initially, I loved photographing the warthogs at Addo. So unique and different!! BUT as we saw lots and lots of them all over this park, my love started to lessen. Sorry, Mr. Warthog!! Here is a cute one of older warthog and a young one in training. In another picture I got, not shown yet, is an adult warthog, plus four young babies.:



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Really loving your photos and commentary! We did almost the exact itinerary in Nov./Dec. so this is bring back happy memories. We adore South Africa and Cape Town is one of our favorite places on earth...... the people ........ the food..... everything!!

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Terry, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks the warthogs are so darn cute! I love how the get down on their knees to eat grass, and how they stick their tails straight up when they run. Looking forward to more warty pix when the Internet allows.

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