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All Things EARTH... part 2


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Melody, I'm sorry to hear about your friend's family.  That must be so difficult for her.  I'm glad that you are here for her, and especially glad that when you visit, you both will have your vaccines.  


Speaking of which...after a discussion with my doctor, I am eligible.  The big thing right now is for me to get an appointment scheduled.  Onondaga County has an excellent system for it.  We have a ton of sites to use.  The appointments fill up fast, but they are constantly making more available.  NYS Fairgrounds is open 24 hours a day to give the vaccine out!  


So my house journey continues.  I am getting little things done, and it feels good.  I honestly think that wanting to be able to retire as soon as I am able to financially is a good catalyst.  You know how when you are going on vacation, you get your house cleaning and bill paying all in order first, so that you are ready to go and don't have to worry about coming home to a zillion chores?  Well that is what this feels like.  


Small things are always going to happen.  Maybe I should call these more mid range?  Just the feeling of rooms being completed is a big plus too.  Mid range items are like replacing all the smoke detectors in the house, since some are pretty old.  These all connect, so if one goes off, they all go off.  That is a necessity when you have a hearing loss.  I also have a special alarm clock that tells me when they are going off, so if I am asleep at night, I will know if there is a fire.


We purchased an Arlo security setup.  We will have a camera on the porch, a wide lens camera in the yard, and one in the house.    Now we need to get these installed.  🙂 I actually purchased them at Christmas time, anticipating we can install at our leisure.


When I talk about a room that is completed, I should explain that it always seems we stop short a little bit.  We have all the moulding in finally, except for a few pieces in the mud room and laundry room.  


I have two things I am really excited about right now.  Last weekend, after years of not liking to see wires in the family room, my husband and I ran them through the wall to a surge inside the pantry in the mud room.  What a neat, clean look that creates!  


The second thing: we picked and purchased new pendant lights for the kitchen.  I made a bad choice when we remodeled almost 14 years ago, and I felt I lived with the mistake long enough.  The catch was, finding what I thought would look right in there.  Harmony, not matchy matchy.  Mission cabinets, but not a mission style home.  Vintage items sprinkled throughout.  Will what we pick look right with the light fixtures already in the room?


Anita, I thought about you talking about what you chose for your bathroom, and what I was talking about doing.  I don't need things to be the same, but I desire coordination.  


I'll post more in a second post with pictures, so that I'm breaking up my already too long post. 🙂 

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I plan to post an old picture versus a new of the kitchen, just so that you can see the new lights and curtains in the room, as soon as the lights are installed.  For now though, here is what the change will be.  The old light is on the left, and the light we just purchased is on the right.  


The light on the left we purchased for a few reasons: it felt square, which reminded me of the sharp edges you have with mission.  The glass was the same color as the light fixtures  in the kitchen, dining room and family room, so I thought it was coordinated.  The darker metal finish was there as well.  They aren't bad, they just didn't feel like our style.  We matched certain finishes but ended up with something that didn't do anything for the room, and it felt amiss.  An Asian feeling in a room that could be summed up as a mix of traditional, with vintage decor?


Our new one on the right still picks up on some things in the house: the metal finish coordinates, as well as the chain feature.  The dining room light fixture has a chain also.  The rest of it though picks up on the touches of glass decor in the house, and just feels right.  They description is transitional.


I can't fully put my finger on it, but it feels right to me.  Just so that you know, these are bigger than the existing lights, so they will feel more substantial.


What are your thoughts?





Just to add, here is a picture of the dining room, so you can see the light fixture and also the drapes I finished up.  Little things mean a lot, so we have the metal clippers out as the extra link in the chain bothers me.  







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Laurie...I like the new pendant light! I think I understand what you mean about the chain...there's something a bit stiff about those pole pendants...And with the hard edges of the square fixture...it doesn't quite flow in a way that the chain and the curved lines of the new pendant. I like the new one very much...you say it is bigger?


btw...still love those curtains. The fabric is just so fab.


We just got back from a fun little jaunt up to Daytona Beach. It's the first full weekend of the month and as a BofA customer, we get free admission to participating museums in the Museums on Us program with BofA. We headed up to the Daytona Museum of Arts and Science today. I have periodically looked at museums in my area over the years to see what appeals...and sometimes there are exhibits that are especially appealing and other times, just kind of meh...and for the effort to get to some of these museums...meh isn't worth it for me...but there was a watercolor artist that had AMAZING artwork and I wanted to see it. So that's what we headed up to see.


His name is Frank Spino...and here is an example of his WATERCOLOR art:




His art was just mind blowing really...there was one with juice on the juicer and the whole bubble action. Really fantastic art. This is a visiting exhibit so definitely wanted to see it before it went away. There were probably less than 30 paintings in all...20-30. Just one hall...we walked down and back up...and we still had some juice for hitting a permanent exhibit about American Art from 1700-1900 which included paintings, furniture, silver and glass...really wonderful stuff. Seeing the furniture was especially interesting.


A bit on other shopping in Daytona and then we hit the Habitat Restore store in New Smyrna Beach on the way home...which wasn't NEARLY as good as the Restore in Vero Beach that we hit last weekend. Such things are always hit and miss but the Vero Beach area is more upscale in general I think? And therefore the potential offerings at the Restore in VB is of a higher caliber anyway, I think, but also the store itself was just HUGE compared to the NSB one so we will definitely go back to the VB one to check for things...we did buy a bench for the entryway last weekend.


I've been so busy in the garden...much of my time has been spent planting seeds, caring for the seedlings, making garden structures (trellises, etc.), making more beds...planting trees. Just so much...


Today though...I'm going to be tracing my new sewing patterns I've bought. I need some looser lightweight clothing and that's what I'm hoping to make soon...first, I need to trace the patterns though. If I anticipate liking a pattern a lot, I like to keep it intact, especially if I hope to be able to make a different size in the future. I trace the pieces needed onto pattern paper (I have a big roll of pattern paper that I bought years ago). That's what I'm doing this afternoon...


The rain is taking care of watering the garden for me today...


Oh...crazy weather...we had serious HAIL in Daytona...OMG...I was glad we were in the car and not walking...we had just left the museum. Most of the hail was less than 1" in diameter but a few were about 1"...we were hoping that it wouldn't dent the car there was so much of it coming down so hard.

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Anita, the new pendant lights are definitely bigger than what we currently having hanging up.  One of the things I like is that the we can adjust the height, and the current ones hang right where we want them.  We are going to measure  so that we have an idea where to start when we go to install the new ones.  We will use the chain to hang them at the same level, and if we like it, then we can make the adjustments to the chain.  I just don't want to cut the chain beforehand, just in case!


Those lights feel like our style and I can envision them in the room.  I think it will be really nice.  It's a sunny day, so if my husband and I wanted to, we could probably get these done pretty easily.  He's been feeling a little off physically lately, so I won't push it.  If he offers, we will do it.  If not, it will be done....soon.


So, I'm scheduled for my vaccine!  The site is pretty easy to maneuver, and It came up with the first available appointment in my time range as the 31st.  Someone that I know told me that it is important to refresh a lot, as there are always earlier appointments.  I reached out to him and asked, as he is literally scheduling 100s of people, and helping those that are not computer savvy in particular.  He did his magic, and I"m getting my shot this week.  I don't know yet which one it is.  I will take whatever they give.  I know we have a large shipment of J&J that came in, so it is possible I will have just one dose.  We shall see.  Honestly, I would like to see them focus the Johnson and Johnson version for the seniors and those with mobility issues, who often need someone to take them.  Better one visit for them than two.


Melody, if we don't hang the lights today, we will probably start the Arlo system.  I would say we would finish it, but is is pretty cold out so we probably won't do the outside ones yet.  We have the wide lens one for the back, and we were going to install a smaller one on the porch, leaving two for inside the house.  The inside ones are not just for safety against robbery and the like, but for our dogs, lol.  My husband loves to be able to check on on them from work, ha.


Anita, I'm glad that hail storm didn't cause damage!  Did it rain all day?  Just curious, because the first Red Sox game that I would be able to watch was yesterday, and they got through two innings before they called it for rain.  It was raining before the game even started, and making the grass pretty slick.  For spring games, they play in Fort Myers.


One thing my husband and I really want to start doing is getting out more.  Go to Rummage Heaven.  Take a day trip to look for antiques.  Find a neat little winery.  I think we both will feel better physically and mentally.   There is only so much you can do in the house sometimes, you know?    

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Laurie, lol. Our daughter has 2 Arlos inside to check on what Winter (the silver lab) is up to. She can tell her to get off the couch too 😉. We just put up solar chargers for our outside cameras, that’ll keep them charged. We have two in trees & one with motion sensor lights over our garage. The others are in our backyard. We really like our Arlo cameras

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Melody, we have had two days of wonderful springy weather, with temps in the mid 60s.  This weekend, we are back down to mid 30s.  We almost always get a winter storm sometime in March.  At least we know the end is in sight, right??


Shot #1 today.  So far, so good.  I have to say, our county has this system down pat.  It was as easy as can be, with everyone very in tune to different needs, such as my hearing loss.  I received Pfizer, so I go back for the second shot on April 1st.  


So far, so good.  I had a little bit of a headache while in the grocery store, but nothing I would take anything for.  I feel fine now.  I figure it is a wait and see deal, but the benefits will outweigh having COVID by far, so I am good with that.  My husband had his last month, and his was Moderna.  He had no side effects whatsoever, other than a slightly sore arm for a day.


Half the smoke detectors are installed now.  They would all be, but we got side tracked.  We started working on them, and we had to put in anchors for the screws.  We realized after we got all of them set up, and tested - the are interconnecting and if one goes off, they all go off - that my daughter was in the middle of her online class.  Oops.  Well, at least she was upstairs and we were downstairs!  So we installed the basement ones and will finish upstairs very soon.  We have an insane amount of them, but it is on purpose due to my hearing loss.


I have been buying mostly house stuff we have needed lately, but no clothes.  I found some sandals on sale at Macy's that I have ordered.  Let me post the links for you.


These I purchased in moss.  The color is a tad cooler than the online picture, but I think they will work out well for work.  I can also see them on a cruise with a casual dress.   I was really caught between this and the orange, but I think I am much more likely to be able to wear the moss color more frequently.  At this price, with an additional coupon, I will get my money's worth.


Style & Co Mulan Wedge Sandals, Created Macy's & Reviews - Sandals - Shoes - Macy's


These here look ideal for work, and the heel is modest.  These too would look great with a dress as well, and I should get a lot of use from them.  I ordered them in the nude color, a shiny patent leather look.  I was just itching to get the red, lol!


Style & Co Paycee Two-Piece Dress Sandals, Created for Macy's & Reviews - Sandals - Shoes - Macy's


Lastly, I ordered more traditional work shoes.  These came in today, and look pretty narrow.  I have a wide foot, and usually have to order a little big and then add a double layer of the heel inserts.  It's no fun having wide feet.  But if they are snug, they have to go back because that neuroma will be aggravated.


Clarks Collection Women's Linvale Jerica Pumps & Reviews - Pumps - Shoes - Macy's


This is a very warm, reddish brown color and they look beautiful.  If they are way too small, maybe I can go up one size?  It's really weird, because they are wide width.


With the moss ones that I got on clearance, I also saw these.  I normally shy away from prints, but since I wear solid colors, how cute would these be????  Floral cork is the color choice I'm referring to.  I've been thinking about them all day long.  


Style & Co Mulan Wedge Sandals, Created Macy's & Reviews - Sandals - Shoes - Macy's


Sadly, much of what I buy for my feet go back because getting a decent fit is difficult for me.  




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Laurie I like the moss green, I also like the animal/snake print in the same shoe. That’d be a great neutral


i sure hope spring is around the corner, I’m tired of snow!!!

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Hi Laurspag,


Happy to hear that you got your first Pfizer vaccine.    I also received Pfizer.  The first shot my arm was sore for about three days.  Second shot the same sore arm and just felt a little tired.  Same with my DH.

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Shoe shopping can be such a pain... I've lost my eye for looking at shoes with any kind of heel. They all looked pretty nice to me...I was able to see the links on my iPad by "the connection is not private" on the MacBook...IDK why but that pops up sometimes and my browser gets all wiggy about going to some sites...something about Macy's sets it off.


I only have one new clothing purchase...I got a Columbia brand collared button down long sleeved shirt that is technically a fishing shirt...but I'm using it for gardening.


Glad you didn't have any immediate reaction to the jab...would be curious if that continues

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The shots were not bad at all.  After the first one, I had a sore arm for a few hours.  I was concerned about the second one but not much problem at all.  Had some chills for a few hours and a slight headache but that was all.  I normally do not like vaccines, shots ( have never had a flu shot) but thought I need to get this.

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Well, I am a couple days into my first shot, and I feel great.  No issues whatsoever.  Yesterday morning, my arm was a little bit sore, but no biggie.  They say movement and drinking lots of water is key.  Honestly, I think my gym workout this morning got rid of any lingering soreness in that arm very fast.


I have definitely decided to send back the moss sandals.  Mostly I am doing so because they felt a bit uncomfortable as to the fit.  If they fit okay, I would have kept them because they were very inexpensive and I would get my money's worth out of them.  Right now, I am thinking that since they didn't have one size up on these, I will go with the floral if they have a half size up. I will recheck on both, because you know how that can be...things can be gone in a flash, or a size that wasn't available before can suddenly be available.


I hate having big feet, but it is what it is.


There is a top I have literally been watching for a year at Lascana's for $37.00.  My husband asked me if I planned to just keep looking at it or if I would actually buy it, lol.  The nice thing is, I can wear a regular bra with it or a racerback, from the looks of it on the model.  One thing I have found is the styling of sleeveless tops really matters.  I need something that cuts in a bit inward, to break up that wide expanse.  It makes such a big difference.  There are so many cute tops out there, but I don't want to wear a strapless bra.


Here is the top I have been watching for so long.  The colors seem earthy, yes?


Turquoise Multi Tie Front Sleeveless Top, Skinny Leg Cropped Pants from LASCANA

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On 3/9/2021 at 1:08 PM, awhfy said:

Well we’re expecting a major winter event this weekend. 15-50” of snow over Friday-Sunday. Hopefully it’ll be the last huge snow of the winter!!  Melody

We have about 10” & it’s still snowing heavily. It’s that good moisture content snow that is wonderful for water table & awful for shoveling. Parts of Colorado are measuring this storm in feet!  Melody

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We have had a lot of back and forth weather, but the last few days have been beautiful.  It's so nice to wear a light jacket instead of a winter coat!


We continue to be productive.  We finished up the smoke detectors, and installed the new pendant lights.  I really love them.  They are very much what I had hoped for.  I always wish we had given more thought to the light placement, but at the time, we put the fixtures where the previous ones had been, despite the fact we had gutted the whole room.  The pendant lights were new, so those were placed well.  


Sometimes though, you leave certain things alone.   really don't want to cut holes in the ceiling, repair the existing ones, then repaint, etc.  If we ever need to do more work in there though, I won't hesitate to move the ceiling fixtures.


I'll get a picture when I have a moment!


It is very strange to have warmer weather during March Madness, but at the same time, it means lots of things to look forward to.  I remember one year, 2017, I believe, where we had a horrible snowstorm at this time.  Syracuse didn't make it to the NCAAs that year, but they were in the NIT and the game was here in Syracuse.  They had to postpone the game a day, it was so bad out.

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On the old light fixture topic:  I love those Edison lights.  You could probably go to Home Depot/Lowes and find other glass for the dining room fixture to maybe mimic it and then put Edisons in it.  I changed the glass on all my fan lights when I bought my house and then made sure I had a cool glass for my new nickel dining room light (a light white alabaster).  Just a hint if you tire of that tan color.  

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I was just glancing through a magazine called "Fine Home Building".  The pendant lights didn't match the light over the table, but they also didn't compete.  I liked that.


I like my kitchen and dining room light fixtures. My kitchen fixtures are not placed properly.   Loving the new pendant lights. Those were so easy to do be abuse they were going in the samissing.


I like your idea, and want to do something  similar in the master bedroom.  It's an odd room in that it is big square footage wise, but awkward because it is narrow and long so we don't have many options for furniture location.  We have two ceiling fans. Yep, it's that long.  I really want to update the light portion of the fan.  They're not the regular glass though?  There aren't little screws holding them in,  and some are missing.  We totally neglect our room...

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Here we go.  Notice the weird spot for the ceiling fan? It isn't centered.   Nor is the light on the other side.  But the picture is really to show you the pendant lights.  They aren't cool, but warm.  Just too much glare since it is nighttime now.





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