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Is there a Children's Menu on the Caribbean Princess


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I will be on the Caribbean Princess on October 16th with my 8 year old daughter. I'm wondering if anyone knows what they have available for kids in the dining room (I'm assuming the normal always popular chicken fingers/tenders/nuggets)? I'm trying to talk her into trying at least one thing (appetizer or dinner entree) from the regular/adult menu whenever we go out to dinner - It's tougher than negotiating a price for a new car! I'm starting the "let's try new things now" in hopes that it's a non-issue by the time October 16 rolls around! It would be nice to know that if I fail completely with my "try new things" plan - she can live on chicken for the week! Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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We were on the CAribbean Princess with VERY picky eaters. My youngest ate chicken fingers every night. One formal night he didn't want to go to the dining room and ordered chicken fingers in the room. My oldest started off with chesseburgers and then got daring and tried food from the regular menu. Now I am in trouble because he loves steaks. They also spagetti and fish. I think there was one or two other items but can't remember them. Also they had a great children's desert menu.


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rosieo - Thanks for the info. I'm hoping to talk my daughter into trying some new things - but it looks like she'll be able to live on chicken if she wants. Two years ago I was able to get her to try steak - she loved it, until she broke out in hives two days later! Several doctor visits, and much benedryl later we learned that she is allergic to beef! Maybe I should just let her stick to chicken fingers?!



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There was a child at our table, 4 year old darling little girl. Her mother ordered rice, and other things in small amounts for her. I didn't notice a children's menu.


Ask your daughter to try some of the chilled creamed soups on the Princess menu. They are sweet, usually pureed fruits with cream, and are delicious -- like a smoothie you eat with a spoon! My thinking is if she is used to milk shakes and smoothies, it might be a bridge if she got soup similar to those and it came off the adult menu. Maybe it would help her to decide to try some other things.


Good luck and Happy cruising




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No children's menu, except for the "room service" (burgers, fries, etc.) at no charge. You may have better luck on Lido Deck, where the pizza and burger stands are located (finger food). Since most of the dishes are prepared in advance, it is difficult to ask for sauce on the side, no onions, etc.. However, our waiter obliged us by providing extra plates to allow us to share the entree. Also, consider ordering various of appetitzers to make them into mini-meals. Keep in mind that the waiters really can't prepare your meal.

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On our last cruise( april) there was a man at our table who had a side order of mashed potatoes and string( green) beans brought to him each evening. I think that if your child is even a bit reasonable then you should be able to find something for him/her to eat.


By the way I am surprised that your childs hives showed up tTWO days AFTER eating the beef. Ive never heard of such a delayed reaction, how can you be sure that was an accurate assesment, I would not trust a regular doctor but would find an allergist to find out exactly wht caused that reaction, it could be so much worse nest time.I wonder if your doctor did actual tests or if he just had you recite anything" new" that your daughter consumed in the last few days and then he assumed it was the beef since that was the only new thing.Two days after consuming the beef it would not even still be in her digestive system.

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I was thinking the same thing...2 days is a long time for an allergic reaction to appear.

Hives can be caused by so many things...excessive sun exposure, detergent and sizing in sheets and clothing, strawberries, etc.

Had she ever had any beef before (burger, beef hotdog, beef based soup)? Did she have even a minor reaction to those things?

I know a person can get through life without eating beef...but it just doesn't sound like the beef was the problem. I know I'm not a doctor, but an allergist should be able to let you know.



June 6-Golden


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I sailed on the CP on the 4/17 voyage with 2 children. There is a childrens menu in the dining room. If you aren't provided with a menu when you are seated, simply ask your waiter. I can't remember all of the options but they had salads, chicken soup, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, pasta, and a variety of deserts. It's also possible to mix and match between the childrens and adult menus. Have fun, this is a beautiful ship.

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Yes they do have Children's menu. They have spagetti, I know because I order it afew times myself and it is very very good!! Just ask your waiter for the children's menu. icon_wink.gif






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Hi Marymb


I am an adult that on many an occasion breaks out in hives for what seems inexplicable reasons at the moment it happens.



Regarding your child's hives to possibly beef, allow me to speculate what her side dish was? French fries?


On several occasions when dining in restaurants, if I order French Fries I always ask if breaded shrimp or any kind of fish are fried in the same oil? Recently, at a Denny's, I ate first and asked later and bingo, I got hivos!


Something to ponder . . .

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Could any of you who have kids comment on the general quality of the kids' programs on princess. I am looking specifically at the Coral Princess, but I always think a cruiseline usually sets a tone for all its ships. My daughter (age 10 when we sail) just loves games, arts and crafts, party nights, etc.




Legend of the Seas 8/02

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At the time that my daughter broke out in hives our family was not big on beef (mostly chicken and fish). When my daughter broke out in hives I went back and wrote down everything that I could remember that she had eaten or been exposed to in the prior days. After the second trip to the family doctor - we went to an allergist who performed the standard allergy testing. The two items that came up were cats and beef - and we don't have a cat (no one she had been around had a cat). The allergist thought that is was strange - the only people he had seen that were allergic to beef were allergic to everything else in the world! Went back to the list of items she had to eat before the hives and for the three days before the hives appeared she had beef each day - it certainly could have been something else (something that wasn't tested for). She does eat beef - just not very often. I try to limit it to once every other week - and we don't waste it on McDonald's hamburgers! About six months ago she had beef 2 times within a few days and she started itching - but no hives - we started an antihistime right away. Well enough of my problems....


I can't wait until October - and don't worry I'll pack her Claritin.



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