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The ever increasing popularity of river cruising


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On 4/24/2022 at 11:13 PM, notamermaid said:

The "Argo" is pushing the "Viva Two" and was spotted in Austria

The duty for taking the hull to the Netherlands has been taken over by Zasavica at Regensburg and the pushboat with its transport is now on the Main. This is a standard procedure. On the Rhine I have seen another ship employed as well. Some hulls are tied alongside a barge and travel to the Netherlands that way. This means it is double width, that is of course only possible where the lock is wide enough or where - as is the case on the Rhine in the area where this hull will possibly be pulled - there are none.


This is a photo gallery of the Zasavica III pushing hulls over the years: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/photos/of/ships/shipid:4160846/ship_name:ZASAVICA IIIVRABAC#2901948




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We have a new arrival! The Amadeus Cara has been christened in Cologne: https://travelweekly.co.uk/news/tourism/amadeus-river-cruises-christens-latest-vessel


And the ship spotters of Binnenschifferforum have already seen her: https://www.binnenschifferforum.de/showthread.php?98730-Amadeus-Cara-KFGS-02339509&p=442499#post442499


Safe travels to her always.




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Hmm, okaayy...:


"And then there's the way [other lines] have approached the whole concept of cruising, which is very often to get the guests onboard at any price and to use that opportunity when [they] have a captive audience to sell themselves; that's totally against our philosophy."


Quote: "We are marketing like there's no tomorrow..."


For your interest, here is an interview with a certain Norwegian born man:





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Posted (edited)

Expanding on the post of 30 April, here is another UK article on the Amadeus Riva (I had missed it in June): https://travelweekly.co.uk/news/tourism/new-ship-and-itinerary-added-by-amadeus-river-cruises-for-2023


There is an early booking discount, not just for the Riva. The new itinerary on the Moselle and its tributary the Saar is this one: https://www.amadeus-rivercruises.com/river-cruises/cruise/show/malerische-mosel-saar-2023.html

Which is actually not on the Riva but the Brilliant.




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Cruise Industry News says the Crystal river fleet (the 4 new ships) "continues to sit in limbo," but "Rumors suggest [Crystal Mozart] has been sold."



Anybody know anything?


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Not sure why the article calls it a rumour that the Crystal Mozart has been sold. Several weeks ago we established here on CC with the help of spotting several articles (also in German language) that the Crystal Mozart is now the Mozart and is "owned" by a Hamburg company. Whether that means it actually has the ship in its possession or it kind of will operate it and the real owner in the background is a bank I do not know. But it is clear that there is someone looking after ship. Does the article mean a "proper" company that will operate the Mozart as an addition to its river cruise fleet? If so, I have not heard anything new.


Neither have I read anything about the other river cruise ships.


If people want to have an eye on the Mozart, perhaps the ship spotters will find out more in due course: https://www.binnenschifferforum.de/showthread.php?110800-Mozart-KFGS-04805980&p=439899#post439899

But I would guess that media attention is as much (or as little) internationally as it is in Germany.




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A bit of news from the Germans. Nicko Cruises has launched the 2023 itineraries and opened them for bookings: https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/ports-destinations/nickos-2023-itineraries-include-slow-cruising-concept


Nice to read that they include a visit to the Federal Horticultural Show in Mannheim. If you like flowers and landscape gardens this is an event to mark in your calendar.






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The Amalucia has finally had her christening in Rüdesheim. Naturally, this has been in the industry news but also in the local newspaper. Here are the two articles by travel weekly US and UK. Quite a different focus and style in the articles, interesting:





An article from Canada:


On the right you can click on a video interview with Kristin Karst. I like her happy, slightly bubbly nature. After all those years in the US she still sticks out from the crowd with her strong German accent.:classic_smile:

Would have loved to be at the ceremony. Alas, I was busy elsewhere and could not travel to Rüdesheim.


A belated welcome to the rivers to Amalucia. Safe travels always.




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Exciting news for me from a different country - Switzerland! This is an unusual constellation but from a German perspective an interesting move that I heartily greet with a "thank you, will certainly consider you". Thurgau Travel is in Switzerland and are now expanding onto the German (!) market. I read that the company is opening an office in Berlin and will publish a catalogue for Germany. Now you could argue that with Arosa, Amadeus, Nicko, Phoenix, Viva and whoever I may have forgotten the German market may be saturated but I do not believe so. I think there is room for Thurgau Travel with their slightly different itineraries (they do have some charters in cooperation with some of the companies mentioned above). Yes, I have looked at their offers for years and did the window shopping. Now I can walk into the shop!! The Edelweiss is one of my favourite ships on the Rhine and sails nice itineraries. Also an interesting itinerary is the wine-themed Saarbrücken to Mainz or even better Mainz to Regensburg. Or Nancy to Saarbrücken, one of my favourites. Or how about Kiel to Hannover? The most unusual one they offer in Europe though is on the smaller ship Fluvius: Amsterdam to Paris. Yup, you can go that way as well, without having to be on a coach: https://www.thurgautravel.ch/reisen/fluvius-flandern-wallonien-und-picardie/


In short: the company may not be available on the English-speaking market and it is all in German and French but if you can accept that and live in those two countries or have a travel companion in those countries paying the bill, have a look at the offers.


Oh, and my post could help with inspiration for a river cruise company employee looking for new places. :classic_wink:Meaning: there is more between and beyond Amsterdam and Basel.

I know they have been getting more inventive, I just want them to keep up the good work.




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