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No more balcony/suite discount within 6 months(as of Sept 1,2016)


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Well, there, that's it! The heat there and the cold in Maine set us up for different perceptions. That's why Mainers wear shorts at 60 degrees and Floridians wear park as at the same temps.


That would be us every time we go to Florida. The pasty white folks wearing shorts and t shirts when it's 60 degrees. When you've just come from months of zero degrees and colder 60 feels like the tropics.:D

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Just another change, in the many, many changes, that Royal has made over the years that help to chase their LOYAL customers away.


It is their business and they can run it as they please (and they do). It is my money and I can spend it where I please.:):)


I still love Royal and cruise with them when it makes sense, but I stopped being LOYAL to them, when they stopped being LOYAL to me...years ago!:)






I wish you would post this post this post on the official RCI board on social media.

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Did anyone find out if you have a next cruise certificate, or an open booking/choose later if that would count as a booking more than six months out, if you had held it for at least six months.


Good question. So much of their pricing is tied to the date of the original booking. In the past we have found that taxes and fees, and exchange rates for prepaid gratuities were tied to the date that the NCC was created.

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People need to speak with their spending. If this is the final straw, then move cruise lines. If the cost now is above what you want to spend on a balcony, book a different cabin.


Well, that's what some of us have always done. While the C&A benefits are nice, it's not the reason I have cruised several times on Royal Caribbean. I have gone back, because I enjoyed the vacation experience. As long as that is the case, and the cost seems reasonable, I'll probably keep going back, even if C&A benefits were to go away entirely. (But I hope they don't. The last cruise I took was my first as a Diamond cruiser.)

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I agree with both of you about "new cruisers".


But if they are thinking that, they are sadly mistaken.


First of all, they are increasing their capacity every year, with big ships.


Second of all, it's the "oldies", the "loyals", the "reliable repeaters" who fill the ships during the slow times, like autumn (after the schools start up again), between Thanksgiving and Christmas (when most people don't take vacation time), etc., etc., etc.


It's all well and good to fill the ships with families on school vacation, but what about the rest of the year?


VERY short-sighted.


I'm not sure about that. Do you recall how many Diamond and up cruisers were on your last off season trip. (Not counting repositioning sailings ;))


Rarely have I seen over a couple hundred, and these ships hold north of 3,000 PAX. :eek: Very small percent. Seems like Gold and below is 75% of the Passengers. But that's just my thought.


FWIW, I'm not happy about the change, but changes always seem to happen. I don't think it's going to affect my behavior.

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... I did not find anything about price drops, do you have that link? Of course the reason we always upgrade is price drops and it appears that's protected

No, I don't have any info on how they will treat price drops, I'm just expecting them to do the same with the full discount as they do with the $25 now.

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If this was answered, I missed it but will the increase in Pinnacle benefits apply to our future already booked cruises??

If they treat it like other balcony discount applications, you'll be able to get it on already booked cruises if you take whatever the current price and promo is.

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If they treat it like other balcony discount applications, you'll be able to get it on already booked cruises if you take whatever the current price and promo is.


Thanks. I doubt I'll do it since all of my future booked cruises have increased in price significantly. I'm happy with the prices i've booked.

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As the months go on, we the loyal customers are having more and more perks taken away. Cabin prices rise, services disappear and we are expected to continue to que up and hand over our cash. This year instead of booking a spring cruise we booked a tour to England. We had a great time for less then a 9 day RC cruise.

RC there are other alturnatives. We will not continue to pay for cruises as the service and perks disappear and the prices rise.


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Looking at the .PDF I see that the announcement of no more balcony discounts appears immediately above a C&A logo and the words "Loyal to you always"


What irony:mad:


Even more ironic is that it is on a flyer titled Member Appreciation Week


It should read "Member Appreciation - Weak"

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