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Where are the Nikon Enthusiasts??

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Well I may be a bit late to the party but, I shot Canon for 15 years back when i was shooting film but switched over to Nikon when i went to digital. I really had no technical reason for this, nor was I concerned with the quality of one over the other. I made the switch because the Nikons felt better in my hands (I had a work accident years ago and lost parts of a couple of fingers som this was a real issue.


I have shot many digital SLR bodies since I first started shooting digital back in 2004.


I am currently using a D5100 and a D300 with primarily a 35mm f1.8 prime lens and the under-appreciated 18-55mm kit lens. The D300 is a 2007 model that still performs as well as many of the DSLRs available today and I am still getting stunning images out of it. I have no intention of parting with it any time soon. It is built like a tank and it is weather sealed so i can use it in inclement weather without risk of damage. It is heavy but I love the way it feels in my hands when I am shooting with it.


The D5100 is the camera I love to carry around most of the time. It is lightweight and easy to use. the menus aren't too cumbersome and the articulated LCD screen is nice for when i can't get into a position I need to when i am out in the field. The low light, high ISO performance beats my D300 quite handily but the D300 has a faster frame advance rate at 6 fps. I love both cameras and will be taking them both on my cruise next September.


I have no immediate plans to switch to full frame and I don't really prefer the all in one zooms (like 18-200mm) because they are, generally, slow and the image quality seems to suffer a bit at the telephoto end, which is why Imost people would use them. Now, having said that, I have heard some good things about the Tamron 16-300mm and will give that a serous look before my trip.

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I've always been a "Nikon" only guy...first camera was the Nikon FM, all manual.


As I got older and my vision getting worse, I finally decided to give up the heavy cameras and lenses...and purchased a Sony RX100 3.


For the serious photographers out there,...no, I will never be able to duplicate the pictures/shots I can take with my Nikon. (My most recent travel camera was the Nikon D90 with 18-200 lens.)


Confession: I love my Sony RX300. It is light (perfect for travel), easy to learn and use, truly pocket size, and...oh my gosh, it takes great pictures! (The only thing I miss is not having enough zoom. Other than that, I am happy) :)

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