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Wearing shorts - Dominican Republic and Santiago

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Getting excited about our upcoming May Caribbean Culture cruise. Most of my shorts are to the top of the knee and mostly have sleeveless tops.


We're doing the chocolate Friday morning and paper Thursday morning activities and Dominican Fiesta in DR and the El Morro Tour in Santiago. Do I need to wear longer shorts and tops w/sleeves for these?

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Further answer... It seems to depend on what impact activities you pick (of course they don't spell it out here)...


"The dress is casual, and you can come as you are. Bring warm-weather essentials like lightweight shirts, pants, sunglasses, sunscreen, bathing suit and insect repellent. Some Impact Activities require closed toed shoes and pants. It is suggested that shoulders be covered when visiting schools. Bring at least one pair of long pants, shirt that covers shoulders and a pair of shoes you do not mind getting dirty"



My guess is that it is the reforestation, water filters, and concrete floors require close-toed shoes, but I am not sure.

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Chocal (the chocolate thing) does require long pants and close-toed shoes. No issues with sleeveless tops.


You'll be fine in shorter pants and sleeveless tops in Santiago - even when I did El Cobre which went to a church we didn't have a dress code.


I don't know about the Fiesta as I didn't do that.

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