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Just Back AOS Mini Review

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Ok, you really got me with all the stuff about the kid touching everyones plates, and then making out with the chef. Eeeuww! yucky cooties everywhere.


Thanks, I needed a laugh.

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Hello, just wanted to give a quick review of our recent Cruise on the 11/13/05 sailing of Adventure of the Seas.




Our first impressions of the ship were great everything looked great and things were very impressive but upon closer inspection


I was apalled at the poor condition of this ship.


There were many things that pestered me all week and just the thought of these has my head spinning. Just a few examples of the disgrace that this ship is:


The first was the Blue moon cafe. We went up there to have a few martinis before dinner and there right in front of me was this seam in the carpet that was clearly visible from my bar stool. Upon closer inspection it was extremely obvious that there were frayed ends on this seem where someone had tripped before. I was concerned that this was a tripping hazard and tried it out and sure enough I tripped. I had a rug burn on my knee and was taken to the infirmary and received a $250 ship board credit for my accident.


After that in the sports bar we noticed that multiple bar stools had wear marks where your feet go. I couldn't believe that the furniture appeared as though it had been used before and that they wouldn't replace it when it showed obvious signs of wear. There was one stool where a sharp nail edge had been exposed from wear and sure enough with just the right amount of pressure and the right angle I was able to cut my foot requiring a trip to the infirmary and a large butterfly bandage. I was taken by wheel chair to the infirmary and given a $200 shipboard and a set of crutches to use until healed. I was very happy to see that this dangerous chair was taken out of service.


This next one really drove me wild and I watched this all week to see if anyone would clean it up but they didn't. On the side of the ship about 15 feet down from our aft balcony there were bird droppings that I had to look at all week. I called the front desk to see if there was anything that could be done but there were no exterior cleanings scheduled until the following Sunday (the day we got off of course) so I had to stare at them all week. It appeared to be from a pelican because it was larger than what a seagull would produce but could have been from and egret also as we did see those in a couple of ports. Our room steward tried to spray it with his spray bottle but it made it run and then it was really disgusting.


I read on here about how high the alcohol prices were and how easy it was to smuggle so I brought an empty duffle bag and put 3 30 packs of beer and 3 bottles of rum in it. We were found that we were able to order fruit juice and other mixins from room service on our sons soda card at pretty much anytime from room service. We did get one complaint from a neighboring cabin about late night use of the blender on our balcony so we moved it inside after 11pm so we didn't bother anyone. The room steward didn't want to enpty our fridge for us so we ended up putting everything in a box and putting it in the closet. He thought we used it all and charged us so we went down to the pursers desk to compalin and got all the charges taken off plus a $100 shipboard credit because we got the impression that our steward thought we were lying.


There were so many fish jumping off the back of the ship that I bought a drop line in curacao for my husband to see if I he could catch one but it was a little too short to reach the water. He tried later off of deck 4 and the line was still to short for any trolling and just ended up bouncing on the side of the ship. He did get the lure caught on the balcony railing of deck 7 or 8 but the room steward wouldn't get it for us so he gave up on catching one of the flying fish. They look like they were pretty big and probably would have put up a good fight.


As much as I didn't want to save chairs we found that we had to. If you wanted front row or near front row, you needed to save them hours before. We did find a neat trick though and that was by using the pair of crutches from the infirmary. One crutch on each chair and nobody would touch them. A crutch would reach across 4 pool chairs and with two crutches we could save 8 chairs, 4 on each side of the ship so when the sun moved we could also. We had our 13 month old and 4 year old with us so we needed to be near them when they were in the pool.


We'd usually get up to the pool deck about 12ish. Our 13 month old daughter loved the hot tub and would sit in it for hours with me. She got the biggest kick out of splashing other people, lol, she was so cute and so well behaved.


They did not allow diapers in the hot tubs se we put a bathing suit on her and told the pool attendant that she was potty trained when asked. Thank goodness she never had any accidentsin the pool or hot tub, that would have been so embarrasing.


We did allow our kids to hang out with us in the solarium pool for a few days towards the end of the cruise as the regular pool was just so busy. Nobody really seemed to mind and never said anything to us except for this one snooty lady who claimed it was adults only. Who cares what she thinks, nobody from the cruise line said anything.


Our 4 year old loved the kids club but we felt he was mature enough to be able to sign himself out. He did get in trouble ringing the doorbells on the way to our room and for filling a beer bucket with ice cream another day but other than that he was very well behaved and we could usually find him riding in the elevators or eating cookies at the windjammer when we needed him.


The kids just loved the waiters at portofinos and our daughter was just so cute. Every once in a while we'd let her walk around a little when she was cranky and everyone commented at how cute she was. She was always bringing someone back to our table to meet us and the waiters just loved holding her.


On a couple of nights we didn't like the selections that they had for dinner but we really liked our tablemates so we went to the windjammer, got our food and then brought it downstairs to the dining room so we could enjoy eating with our friends. Well I was totally shocked that they would mind this. I mean it's all the same ship and the food is all from the kitchen right? The head waiter tried to stop us when we were walking in with our trays but decided to drop it I guess. Our waiter was telling us that we should be eating the dining room food.. Whatever. It's not like we brought pizza back from the island or something. We ended up eating at portofinos with the kids 3 nights and off the ship when we were in aruba so we only tipped our waiter for the 3 nights we were there.


Our room steward was great. We asked him a couple of times if he'd call us at like the sports bar or duck and dog if our daughter woke up from her nap and he did which was great. He did get upset with us one day when we went to the 19th hole and told him we'd be Jesters. Jesters was way too loud and we figured we'd never hear them calling for us if he called so we moved. Well I thought my husband had told him and he thought I had told him so... Anyway we never thought our daughter would wake up but she did shortly after we left the room and he ended up watching her for about 3 hours. We gave him $2 and a phone card which he was very happy with.


Overall it was a decent cruise. We got a resident special rate of $225 pp for an aft balcony, kids were $75 additional each. After we applied the shipboard credits and coupons that were left in the safe it only cost us about $150 plus our airfare. But with the condition of the ship and the injuries I sustained I would have to think twice before going again.





I think you have a great sense of humor. It's hysterically funny.

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Well, I did leave out one part that I feel a little guilty about but this may help out someone else so I'll write about it.


You know that when you spend so much money on a cruise and really hate to have to something come up at the last minute to ruin things?


Well wouldn't you know it but we believe that our son had a stomach virus of some type as he was vomiting in the morning on our way to the cruise.


We've heard that if they see you being sick that you may be denied boarding and he was so looking forward to spending time at the kids club we couldn't possibly take the chance of letting this ruin his vacation.


We had the taxi driver stop at Walgreens and we got some immodium, pepto bismal, childrens tylenol night time and some benedryl and gave them to him. We then drove around until he was asleep and then brought him on the ship in our daughters stroller.


We barely made it to the room and blech he vomited again right outside the elevator near our room on deck 8 just as he woke up.


We cleaned it up quickly so nobody would notice. I felt so guilty for sneaking him on when he was sick but my husband said it was okay since salt water kills most viruses and we were in the middle of the ocean.


After that my husband and I figured we had better have a quick snack before he got sick again so we rushed up to the windjammer for lunch. We paid special attention not to touch any utensils and used just the very tips of our finger nails to grab what we wanted.


We thought our son was right next to us but he vanished. We finally found him, he is so smart, he wanted to be just like a waiter and stood at the doorway handing out plates to people as they entered the windjammer. He was so cute. People thought he was just so well behaved. Even when he was so sick he was still polite to all the people he met.


I do need to add this to the tip board but it seems that benedryl, childrens tylenol pm and tums have some kind of counteracting effect against the stomach bug because I got it the next day, took my little cocktail of childrens medication and then stayed up all night in the crowded disco dancing without getting sick again. I was a little feverish and passed out quickly after making out with the chef (oops little too much to drink I guess) I'm glad my husband doesn't read these boards.



I love it, you should take up writing, not many people have this talent.



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I've got to vote this as one of the funniest threads I have ever read. When I went looking for other posts by Yuimelda the only other one did not seem to have a humorous angle and I was sooooo disappointed.

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