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Cell Phone Questions...Again

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For some reason I can never get this right. I have an Android Samsung S6 with Verizon Wireless service. I want to be able to text and maybe receive phone calls from home, BUT I don't want any data charges for any other thing that might be running on my phone. I thought that I could turn my mobile data off, deny data roaming access, change my network mode to global and then receive texts. To my knowledge I've never received a text on the ship. I've only received them when I've returned home (or maybe at an island - I can't remember). So my question is this - how do I receive texts from home while in the middle of the ocean but not have an data charges (I'm know there will be a charge for the texts).




It's only my 20th cruise and I still haven't figured this out,


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You can only receive messages in a service area. I doubt if there would be any coverage in the middle of the ocean. In case of emergency, the ship has a satellite phone. However, they are expensive to use.



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There is no cellular service in the middle of the ocean. You can get service when you get close to port and in port.


What you can get and how much it costs is up to your carrier.


At least in an iPhone, you can just turn off Cellular data and leave the phone and text and wifi enabled.

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