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Tipping on Room Service

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We occasionally order room service on a cruise and while we do tip, I am never sure if it is an appropriate amount, what do others tip on room service when our gratuities are paid automatically?

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We do the same with the exception if it's the butler or our stateroom attendant who brings the tray. In those cases we factor it into the extra tip we give at the end of the cruise.

We only order a light breakfast, coffee and fruit. Our butler brings it in the morning. As we give the butler extra tip at the end of the cruise we don't tip each morning.

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Do we know that they are NOT covered by the MANDATORY forced service fee ?



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It is not because there is a sheet of paper with breakdown on how the gratuities are allocated which you can obtain from guest services. Follow up with asking the guest services person directly, using the breakdown for reference.

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It's not covered in the daily grats. While I think it's appropriate to tip when it's the galley runner who delivers the tray it's not required. In fact you need to have your tip ready when they arrive at the door as they will be in and out of the room very quickly. I've never felt like the server expected the tip but always appreciated it.


Room service on Celebrity especially for breakfast is very nice as they call your room when they are on the way. We use it as a wakeup call. It's always been delivered in the timeframe requested, generally right at the start time of the delivery window requested.

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We don't tip every time, but about 3 times during the cruise (typically 14 night) we hand the butler $20 for the previous few days of room service and tea service. Easier than a couple dollars each time.


We'll tip extra at the end too, but we tend to spread it all out during the cruise.

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20+ years ago the discussion on tipping for nearly every cruise line tended to be towards no tip. It was the minority who tipped, and the amount was small compared to what you're talking about today. Being "old school" that's still my default--no tip.


I would imagine that if tips were expected, the cruise line would include them in their tipping suggestions. They have recommended tips for several positions based on a daily amount. If tipping for room service were a strong expectation, I'd expect that to be stated as explicitly as their other tipping policy or even added automatically to the order (with the option to remove it) much like other tips are already automatically charged.


Seeing as they do not do this, my opinion is that tipping is not expect or required and is up to what I feel comfortable with (and I should not feel uncomfortable if I decide not to tip).


Is the person who delivers the room service someone who is already getting a daily tip from some other source (such as your room steward or a wait staff that already receives tips)? If so then tipping for room service seems to be on top of what they are already being compensated for. We don't tip at breakfast or lunch because the daily tips go to the same people working those venues.


We have a habit of getting ice cream at night in the buffet area. One cruise it seemed to mostly be one guy helping us, so at the end of the cruise we tipped him for his cheerful service...

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