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Reviews of the Week by Stevenssp, jenngirl, CordovaChick, Molliemp, and Horsedds

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Every Thursday, we'll select five cruise reviews to feature here! Plus, we'll send each member a Cruise Critic logo item. We hope they enjoy it!


Majestic Princess Great Itinerary, Good Ship Experience by Stevenssp Food again is another area where you have to manage expectations. I consider myself a foodie, this trip was more about eating on shore and trying street food and local cuisines. I expect the cruise food to be very good, but I am not expecting Michelin Star caliber dining. In the main dining rooms, serving the volume that they serve, and having worked in resort kitchens myself serving high volume, I found the food met that expectation. I will say our particular server was maybe the best I have ever had on 20+ cruises across multiple cruise lines...Read More


Anthem of the Seas The Sky's The Limit on Anthem of the Seas by jenngirl I was very impressed by the entertainment on the Anthem of the Seas. The shows (The Gift, Spectra’s Cabaret and We Will Rock You) had wonderful singers and actors. I enjoyed We Will Rock You the most of all three shows. I was a bit confused on the story lines of the other two. The nightly entertainment was also great. The nightly shows included performers such as Savannah Jack, who I could have watched all night- they were great. Also, the house band, Rock the Boat, of the Music Hall were great and always entertaining. The Music Hall turned into the club at night, which featured a DJ- DJ Koolio. That was really a hopping place to hang out. There was always people there and music playing...Read More


River Splendor Fabulous 15-Day European River Cruise with Vantage Deluxe World Travel by CordovaChick During this river cruise, we went through 66 river locks (16 on the Danube, 16 on the Rhine-Main-Danube-Canal, and 34 on the Main-Rhine). Locks are a very interesting part of river cruising. For example, the lock width along the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal is 12 meters, so all ships can have a maximum width of 11.40 meters, which leaves exactly one foot of space to the right and left when a ship enters a lock. Our crew was excellent at entering the locks without bumping the walls...Read More


Norwegian Jade A cruise skeptic shares her review of her very first cruise. by Molliemp I liked some of the extra ship activities like the beer festival with German cuisine and an Ommpah band and the Viking ceremony when we crossed the arctic circle. I never really saw any of the lounge performers or visited the specialty bars. As I'm sure you can tell, I loved my first cruise. The preconceived notions that I had about the size of the stateroom, the cleanliness of the boat, boredom on sea days and rude fellow travelers were for the most part dispelled by my experience on the Jade. While there were obnoxious guests to be sure, I steered clear of them and found my other concerns not to be valid...Read More


Carnival Sunshine Family Fun by Horsedds We also loved our waitstaff, Wanya and Putu, who had Shirley Temples waiting on the table and cut up kid’s steaks without being asked. And we loved the show entertainers, especially the incredibly talented Wade, who got us all dancing. The kids played chess, made home videos, jumped into the pool a million times, conquered the scary water slides, and just bonded with their cousins, to my husband’s adoring delight. My son in law went from skeptic to cruisaholic in about one and a half pina coladas...Read More



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