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Death in Paradise tour


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I think the show is filmed on a smaller island than the main island so a boat trip would be needed to visit the area of filming itself.


I'd love to visit but it looks like it difficult to find cruises from Florida.

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I did a private tour in Guadeloupe to the Death in Paradise locations and it was amazing. We toured the island through the rain forest stopping to view the main sights en route to Deshaies. Our guide showed us round the town, pointed out the main spots like Catherine's Bar where we had drinks, the pier from where they film the views of the village, the police station, church etc. We had lots of time in the village. We were shown the hotel which is the location for lots of episodes and also went to the beautiful beach where the inspector's 'shack' is set up when filming is going on. Heaven on earth and we just loved it. The only thing I'd say about the tour was that our guide's car was really too small for her plus 4 passengers. However we only paid $50 I think. Her email is gwadaguide at gmail dot com but she was pregnant in 2017 so I don't know if she'll be available.

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Hi we are looking at doing the 'Botanical Gardens & Deshaies' as mentioned above by Katomerikaf whilst on the Explorer 2 in November/December 2019. Can anyone tell us how long does the tour stay in Deshaies? Can we just walk around the town to see the locations from the DIP show ourselves? Are the locations easy to find especially 'Catherine's Bar', the police station, market square etc? Can we use US dollars to pay for drinks in Catherine's Bar or will it be Euro's? Hopefully Katomarikaf can advise us (or anyone else for that matter). This is the main reason we are visiting Deshaies as we are huge fans of Death In Paradise

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Wee Magoo …..

When we went on the Botanical Gardens and Deshaies trip we had an excellent guide who jumped onto our tour bus and straight away told us the she was a huge fan of the Death in Paradise show and that she would show us all the main sights. She didn't disappoint !! 

The trip was for 4 1/2 hours and included refreshments at the beach. ( April 2017) She did a guided tour of Deshaies, showing us Catherines Bar, police station etc. Catherines bar was not open when we went but we were able to take photos and pose on the bars terrace overlooking the sea ! We also had a small amount of free time there. It is a small village rather than a town as such. 

We also went to the Botanical Gardens where we went to have a look over a fence near the café/shop area where we discovered the veranda where the first DI met hid death.

We went to the beach where the DI's house is based but as the filming wasn't in progress the house isn't there but is marked by logs/branches.

We also spent some time on a beach where more filming has been done.

It was a great trip and well worth it in my opinion.

I have just got back from Celebration and saw that they now have a Death in Paradise tour on offer!!

I thought that I had details but don't seem to have brought them home. 

From what I can remember this new tour was a bit cheaper and half an hour shorter, it will be worth looking nearer the time to see if they are both on offer and which will be best for you.


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Thanks very much for taking the time to reply

Really can't wait until 6 December (OMG it's still so far away!!!!!!) until we get to Guadalupe (weather permitting of course) to as actually do this trip or whatever variation of it that's available on the Explorer 2

Just really want to be able to see the sights of the show as a fair amount of work colleagues are fans of the show and are well jealous that we are visiting 'Saint Marie' & are expecting to see photograghic evidence of the visit!!!!!

Talking of jealousy - love the photo - had just actually finished watching the latest episode of the show - we record them to watch later & then buy the DVD's when they are released (have all 7 series - sad I know)

Just wished there was a way to send private messages like on TripAdvisor as I have so many questions to ask you about the itinerary & cruising in general but I don't know if that's possible on this forum?

Anyway many thanks again & I may well have some more questions for you soon

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No worries ! 

I am also on TripAdvisor under the same name if that's any help - any questions and I will try to help !

My niece was insanely jealous as like us she is a huge fan of the show - we printed the photo above and gave it to her framed as a jokey birthday pressie !

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Hi wee magoo, I did the DIP your on New Years Day.  The Explorers your only has a photo stop at Catherine's bar, I checked this at the excursion desk as that was a major part of the tour for me. I did a tour with one of the taxis at the port. The young woman who took us was Lucy, it was about the same cost as the ship's tour 40 euros but we opted not to do the botanical gardens. We had as much time as we wanted in deshailles, enough time to visit the police station and go inside (10 euros but well worth it ), we sat at the desks, posed in the cells for photo's and of course the obligatory photo with the Honore  police station sign. Had a .couple of beers in Catherine's bar, did the beach, hotel and waterfall. A fantastic day for fans of DIP, if you do a private tour I would suggest you look for a driver who speaks good English and the drivers prefer euros but may take dollars or stop at a cash machine for you. Hope this helps.

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I was on Star Flyer in February and we stopped at this port one day and walked to police station and paid a few euros I think 5 to go in and after talked to the two men there and one was a member of the staff who told us a lot about the filming and how everything is done, the inspector's shack is removed after filming and rebuilt before they start the new season which runs April to October, we wanted to go to the beach where his shack was but it was a couple miles away, he took us there in his car and and we spent 45 minutes with him and talking about the show, on return he took us to the bar they used and gave us a great memory.

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We were on the MSC Divina in February and looked for a private "Death in Paradise" tour but the ones we found seemed to be quite expensive for just the two of us.  We settled for the ship's Botanical Garden Tour.  The garden - which is beautiful - is located about a mile from the town of Deshaies.  And, it was in the botanical garden where the original inspector met his demise!  The tour also stopped at the Langley Fort Royal beach resort where the hotel in which many of the crew and cast members stay is located and where some episodes have been filmed.  I also think that this same beach area is relatively near where the inspector's shack is set up during filming (it's removed when filming stops) but we weren't able to confirm that.  We truly wished the bus would have stopped for a few minutes in Deshaies but that wasn't on the schedule...although we later heard that some of the drivers will briefly stop for a photo op if time allows.  However, we drove past the police station, Catherine's bar, and other sites from the show.  If you just want to see the general area where the show is filmed and are okay with passing by the main locations in Deshaies instead of stopping, the Botanical Garden tour is a possible (as opposed to a private tour) alternative.

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