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Cruise Critic emailing dubious reviews

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I received an email today from Cruise Critic. Normally I look forward to the informative and sometimes controversial content but this takes the biscuit.


The email was entitled "Cruisers have weighed in on Royal Princess. Agree?"


The first post listed in the email was by jbeall694and was "WhyI will never cruise Princess again, a Gold Card member warns fellow cruisers" it was dated 2014!


This person is (was) claiming to be a Gold Card Member yet had completed six cruises! As I understand it they would have been Ruby by then even if the cruises were 1, 2 or 3 day!


Anyway I digress, why publish a 2014 review from a questionable source in a 2017 email? Cruise Critic you disappoint me, I expect more of you than this, you have a good reputation and publishing a three year old questionable review as your lead in an email to members is not good.

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It’s worse than that. The review claims to be on Royal Princess for a 7-day Hawaii cruise. Royal has yet to be in the Pacific and there are no 7-day Hawaii cruises on Princess as that’s too short for the distances involved (currently, most Princess cruises to Hawaii are 15-night round-trips from the West Coast).



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