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Ab Ovo

R.I.P. "stowaway2k"

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[B][B]Time passes, life happens, R.I.P. "stowaway2k" once an avid poster here. Of all the "QE2 People" Kyle Johnstone was a stalwart Cunarder and one of the founders of the fun group that became known as the Winter Crossing Club, a group of the likeminded that kept running into one another on early 2000 winter crossings and took it to the next level with online announcements, meetings, web pages and pins. His love for Cunard was strong, his knowledge ran deep. Beyond cruisecritic, Kyle's posts and videos as Leo Farnsworth were popular on Facebook QE2 & Cunard appreciation pages, sharing his knowledge of the secrets, nooks and crannies of ships. For the past few years Kyle was teaching English in Shanghai. Suddenly he fell silent in June. Word has been received he'd passed away in June, just slept away. He was a good friend to many here … Godspeed, my friend, we all wish you fair winds and following seas.[/B]


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