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Vista March 4th - 10th review

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We were minus one for dinner that night, I guess our son was pretty tired and he opted to sleep instead of coming to the dinning room. The waitstaff asked why he wasn't with us and hoped that he would be back with us the next night. Service was once again fantastic and we all enjoyed our meals. After dinner we headed back to the cabin to check on Declan and he had just got back from the buffet so I guess food won out in the end.


Tonight's Playlist Production was Flick and we had heard good things about it. The preshow started at 7:15 so we headed down around 7 because we wanted to be on the main floor instead of in the balcony. We ended up in pretty good seats about 4 rows from the front. I have to say that this show doesn't disappoint. It was probably one of the best shows we have seen at sea! And there is one of the male dancers that is fantastic. He is the central character in the production and is on stage continuously for the better part of 60 minutes. Given the fact that they have about 60 minutes between shows he must be in phenomenal shape. The singing, dancing and lighting in this show is very good and I recommend you see it if you get the chance. Here are some pictures and video from the show. Please excuse the heads that sometime get in the shot.






This is the guy that never left the stage.









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After the show we somehow lost Colby (I think he may have found a friend on board ;) ) and Declan and I spent the rest of the evening looking for him. Although we did make a few stops along the way for some food, games on the sport deck and some of the Mega Deck Party. :D:D




We managed to find him by the aft pool near one of the hot tubs. He wasn't in the hot tub but was having a conversation we some of the people there. This was also another time when the messaging system we paid for with the Hub app didn't work.


Next stop Cozumel!

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Great info about Grand Cayman, thanks! I was there on Vista last year but didn't see as much as I'd have liked.



You're welcome.


We love it there, it is a beautiful area. Last time we walked around a bit and took more in than this time. We have considered going to the resort there for a week as well.

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Did you have a preference over the two MDRs?


We only ate in Horizons, the first night on Deck 3 and the rest of the time at our assigned table on Deck 4. Deck 4 was far less crowded and quieter. We also had sea day brunch in there near the rear, that area was fairly private as well.


We never even ventured in Reflections so I couldn't even tell you what it looks like. We did like the decor in Horizons with its more modern look compared to many Carnival ships.

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Thursday - Cozumel


This was the last port of call for this trip and the second time for us in Cozumel.


We arrived in Cozumel a little past 10 am and we could see we were the last of 5 ships to arrive that day. In port there we had the Celebrity Silhouette, RCL Harmony of the Seas and Carnival's Miracle, Freedom and the Vista. Should be a busy spot.






We waited until a little before 11 to head off hoping to avoid the crowds. It was still pretty busy so it took a few minutes to get through the duty-free store and that was without stopping to sample the tequila. The plan for the day was Paradise Beach and after a 10 minute wait at the taxi stand we were off.


We were to the beach around 11:30 or so and our server offers us space by the pool or by the beach. We decided to take 4 loungers by the pool, next to the bar. The cost to get in was $3 per person and another $18 for access to all the activities (included all the water toys, snorkel gear, kayaks and paddle boards. (Tip - we got some snorkel gear and you need to leave them some ID before they will give it to you.) The also ask that you spend another $10 at the bar/restaurant..


The Boys headed for the beach while my dear wife and I relaxed by the pool with some cold beverages. After hanging out at the beach the boys came back and ordered some "vacation-size" drinks, zero-proof of course.




Declan and I decided so see what the snorkelling was like and found it was OK at best. The beach area did have lots of rocks and grass for fish to hide and there was a fair amount of fish but nothing of any great colour. It may be better if you go off the pier that is near the end of their section of the beach. I did some GoPro videos but there really wasn't much to see.


After finishing up we grabbed Colby and head back out to play on the water toys. Declan did his best Wipe-Out audition on the trampolines.




He did make one attempt to come back but only managed to get one foot on the tube before taking a huge fall. It was hilarious!! We tried a few of the other climbers before heading back to have some snacks. It was starting to get a bit cloudy so I decided to wander around to take a few pictures of the resort.


Pool area






More in the next post, hitting the picture limit.

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Beach area






Water Toys









By the time I made it back to the pool area it was pouring and it continued to rain harder. At one point we couldn't see the beach. We decided to settle up with our server and head back to the ship. It did stop raining shortly after we left but it stayed cloudy for most of the day. It also made for some heavy seas that night. We ended up doing a little shopping before we made our way back on board around 3:30. We all had a snack and then sat on our balcony to people watch for a bit.


After dinner that evening we took in another of the Playlist Shows, America Rocks. It was another entertaining show by a talented group of performers. This show wasn't as good as Flick but still fun to watch and sing along. It is also a throwback to the Carnival shows of the past in that it uses a live band.






The rest of the evening relatively quiet...enjoying some beverages and taking in some of the the other entertainment.


Next up the last sea day.

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Very nice photos, thanks for the review!




Most of the pictures from on the ship were taken using my Samsung Galaxy S8. I did have my new DSLR with me (Canon Rebel 7Ti) and used that for most of the stuff off the ship, some of the shots of the ship itself, and anything from our balcony.



I just started playing with video and posted a video of our first couple of days if anyone is interested. There should be another couple of parts coming as I add to this report.


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Friday - the Final Sea Day.


Always find this day to be a bit sad as I come to realize that the vacation is almost over and it will be time to head for home. I do like cruises that have a sea day at the end though so the end of the cruise doesn't seem to be such a shock.


This day was to be a pretty calm day, we did some things together and some things by ourselves. The day started for my wife and I with the Sea Day Brunch in the Horizon Dining Room. We were seated next to a couple of ladies and I think they cruising together, one certainly carried their conversation. Not that we were listening in but it is hard not to hear when the tables are so close together. Overall the brunch was good but there was little interaction with the wait staff. In the past we have had some nice conversations with the staff but maybe it was too busy. The Boys didn't want to ruin a good run and went to the Market Place for breakfast....again.


The rest of the morning we all spilt up. I wandered around to take some pictures of the ship and ended up at the Military Appreciation Session. This was a nice event and it was great to see that Carnival acknowledged military members from all countries on board. After roaming some more I ended up at Guy's Pig and Anchor.






The line was pretty short and I waited maybe 5 minutes for me food. They do have a good selection of BBQ but I will say I was a bit disappointed. The food was just OK but not very warm. I will also tell you that if you want a drink there are not many options on the deck by the BBQ. There was a bar setup near one end but nothing on the other and there were no self serve stations either. There isn't a lot of seating out there and because we were underway, it was a bit windy. I did find a space to sit near a table with a large family. They had all taken huge helpings of everything only to complain about it and not eat it. Again the waste some people create amazes me.


This is the seating area on the aft side of the BBQ, just before the Havana area. The bar was just to the left of the picture.




While I was doing my thing, Colby had met up with some friends he knew from home that also played baseball, while my wife and our son, Declan, took in the Harry Potter trivia and the thrill theatre. They found it funny that while playing the trivia there was one group that wanted the ship so bad they were Googling the answers.


In the afternoon, my wife and I did play some slots in the casino; we usually go once on a cruise while the Boys hung out with some other kids and did what ever kids do on the last day of a cruise.


Diner was once again in the Horizon with our great waitstaff of Jaya, Aubrey and Ketut. They were excellent all week long and did everything they could to make sure we enjoyed our meals. Including bring out a small birthday cake for our son's 17th birthday.




We finished off our time together at the finals of the Lip Sync Battle. This was pretty entertaining given that the two main "singers" were other passengers but they were backed up by the dancers and the production is pretty cool. There is also a surprise from the CD Matt Mitcham.




After the show, we finished packing and got everything ready to disembark in the morning. My wife decided that she was staying in the cabin, the Boys went to meet some friends again and I decided to head to the Sky Box for some college basketball - Duke vs UNC. The bar was pretty crowded but I would say the UNC fans outnumbered Duke. It was fun to watch the interaction between the two.


All in all a pretty good day to end the cruise. I will add some pictures from around the ship in the next post and then I'll finish things up with getting off the ship and a day in Miami.

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Excellent review! I really enjoyed your pictures and commentary.



Thank you. I took a lot fewer pictures than I normally take on a trip, always found I had a hard time editing after I got home.


Glad you enjoyed the commentary, I was hoping it wasn't too dry.

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