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3-22-18 Thursday Weigh-In....Spring Is Here..REALLY?

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Rain, snow, sleet and ice

Isn't spring nice


Hope it will be warm and hot in summer

Not be another bummer


This weather wants us to eat comfort food

But you all have been very good


Good loss's last week

You've been great and not weak


Hope you kept up the good work the last seven days

Then the scale will be going your way


So Good Morning to one and all:)

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Good morning, Belle. Yes, it's hard to find spring right now. We have 19 1/2 ins of snow where I live on Long Island. And, it's still coming down. Tapering off though, it's just a few flurries now. I am done playing this game!!

I am down .8 this week. I'm ok with that. It's a loss not a gain so I'm happy. One more week until I leave for my cruise and I have 2.6 lbs to my cruise goal weight.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


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Good morning. Welcome back Belle! Nice to be welcomed by a Belle poem this morning. Hope your extra long vacation was great.


I’m the same as last week. Considering last weekend’s fun, I’m more than happy with no gain.


19 inches Rose?! Man that’s crazy! It seems like it was almost spring just a couple weeks ago. Are you closer to one end or the other of Long Island? Ive not explored out there yet. Late 90’s we were driving south from Maine with the intention of grabbing a ferry over to the east end of LI then work our way back to the city. Well, around Worcester Mass, my car broke down. We were sidelined a while and lost all motivation for that adventure. Maybe one day we’ll get to folllow through with it.


Have a great day!



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Jumping in to your thread - hope that's ok, I can use the accountability.


I didn't record my weight last week, but I'm down 2.2# from two weeks ago and only .4# remaining gain from our Feb 25th cruise.


I'm trying to lose 1 pound/week with a goal of 25 lbs by our next cruise in mid September.


Keep up the good work all!

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Welcome aboard pacruise804! The more the merrier. I really enjoy this group and definitely appreciate the accountability.




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Thanks, Mike


We're a Pittsburgh team family here too.


I'm battling a nasty migraine today and my husband got pulled into a late night at work, so our circuit training workout is postponed until Saturday.


I'm not going to let the weather get me down and am going to get a short video workout in before the kids get home from track practice.

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Thanks for starting the post when I was gone.

Had a good cruises but not as warm as it should

of been or I wanted it to be. People who had snow

at home thought it was great!


I was lucky again.......NO GAINS for the 35 days!


Now the week home and not feeling well and not eating

much I maybe lost only 1/2 to 1 lb.

Never can figure out how my body works.


That's why I didn't write last week. Was fine on the

ship, but when I got home. Not the flu but not well.

Fine now except the tired after you get sick.


Now back to real life. Ugh!


Have get to taxes done, I know running late. Cruises

come first ..right?:) Getting done tomorrow.

So many things to do in this house. Have to get started

Can't run away on cruises for awhile....darn it!


Keep up the good work everyone.

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OK, I know I'm being greedy, but come on scale... 1/10th of an extra pound to get officially under 200???


Down 4 more though so I'll shut up about it. Went a little too lean on calories most of the week - I think I shrunk my stomach down to where if I'm not eating a few times a day instead of twice, I'm just not hunting for snacks. I feel a plateau coming on...


Pleased with how my pants are fitting again and just feel better. I wonder why I can't remember this when I fall off the wagon, eat garbage, and go back to feeling blah...?


I'm already planning on skinless boneless buffalo chicken strips, and hummus and veggies tomorrow for lunch. Found a patio that serves my Guinness and let's me savor my bad habit. With a bunch of TV's. And the missus will be working - SELFISH DAY FOR SHOOTR!


Anywho, hope you all have a good weekend, I'll try not to get sunburned. See ya'! ce12aaf45a704b4500e302ed91d8eb19.jpg

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Belle, no gain in 35 days of cruising is awesome.

shootr, I'm sure that scale will go under 200 next week. Good luck.

Mike, I am mid-point on Long Island. I am about one hour east of NYC and one hour west of the vineyards. Hopefully, you will be able to explore the island the way you wanted to.


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The weekend is here. Hope you all have good weather for it.

Suppose to stop raining here. Hope so. You that are having

snow hope it stops for you. Heck it's spring!


Rose, Mile, Pacruise, shootr and Sgaile wishing you a good weekend of fun and eating right.


Confession time. After last week of not eating much....

well made up for it tonight..ATE to much. Not all the "right foods"!

Will be very good this weekend since I'm afraid might have a gain



Eat 35 days on a cruise and don't gain and then one day at home probably a gain.

What's wrong with this picture?:eek::eek:


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Man shootr, at the rate you’re going you’ll pass me before too long. I’m definitely at a plateau. Of course, I know I haven’t been quite as diligent as necessary. Just under 190 now, sill want another 10-15, but losing hope of that happening by mid June.


Belle, you are amazing! 35days and no gain? I honestly think that’s one reason very long cruises don’t appeal to my wife is the potential weight gain. I learned last cruise and think I reported here, that a few days of binging was about all I could pull off without feeling utterly miserable. But even when I straightened up a bit, I still ate...a lot.

Anyway, I’m quite impressed. 35days would buy me 10 I imagine, but who knows when that’ll ever happen anyway.

Don’t worry about letting up a little at home. It won’t last.

Have a good weekend everyone!



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Good Afternoon on this Sunday. Hope you all are enjoying your day.

Having a good eating day.


I'm doing good this weekend after eating to much on Fri.


Yes a no gain on 35 day cruise was was great. So you can do it.

Tell your wife Mike so you can go on longer cruises.


What I do, might not work for everyone. Depends on how you do/see cruises.

I usually eat only 2 meals a day, lunch and dinner. If have breakfast usually fruit.

I eat desserts every meal, have ice cream, cookies and do have drinks but not everyday,

usually at night or in Elite lounge.


Main thing is portion control. Dining room gives small portions now..usually get

a app., main and dessert. Sometimes 2 apps. Tried not to eat the rolls/bread at meals most days.

If got hamburger or hot dog got it with out the buns but did get french fries.

Have ice tea/water instead of wine at meals.

In buffet I have to make my own portion control.


To tell you the truth on a cruise I'm not that hungry. Guess because I'm busy. (hungrier at home)

Plus I'm walking more on a cruise.


Hope these tips help those taking cruises. I have fun and never hungry. I eat more than enough.

Don't give up desserts or drinks. Just watch it. Wish I could do as well at home. I'm trying.


This is what works for me. Remember this is my 2nd 35 day cruise with out gaining.

I have to do it because I need to lose weight and I didn't want to lose the weight twice.

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HI all!


Belle ~ welcome back & thanks for your tips on how not to gain weight on a long cruise. Wow, you did amazing!(y)


Rose ~ have a great cruise! I'm doing the full PC in November, only done sections of it so far.


Some of you have had good losses this week whereas I stayed the same.

Can't imagine this week's going to be very good with having lunch out 4 days in a row! Oh well, we'll see.;)


Have a good week.


~ Jo ~ :)

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Thanks Jo. Lucky you, you have lots of cruises planned.

Have nothing planned but always looking.


Rose your cruise is so close. Easter Sunday. Bon Voyage!


Hope everyone is having a good start to the week.

Our weather is improving hope yours is too.

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Can you believe it's Easter is this Sunday? Three months of 2018 almost gone.

Do you have plans? Cooking or eating out? Think we're eating out. Easier for me.

Daughter has to work so will be eating late others are off.


Don't think I'll buy candy for anyone but who knows! Nice to give things they like.

Daughter loves "Peeps"!


Are any of you being temped by the candy that's every where? Is it calling your name?

Are you saying yes? To a little bit or a lot? Or are you saying no to any of it?

Are you doing fine now and Sunday will be harder? Do the sales after Easter for the

candy ge tot you? Do you feel the need to buy because it's cheaper?


Well we have a weigh-in before Easter. Hope we all do good.

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Post holiday candy sales are appealing at times. Several yrs ago you could count on Target to work it’s way down to 75% off and then I would pounce. But these days they stall out at 30% and when it does go to 50, there is nothing good left. My wife finds 50% good enough and often stocks up. So long story short, I still have candy around to contend with.


And I agree Peeps are disgustingly awesome but I can usually say no.


Rose, I hope you’ll check in from sea next week!!


Jo, you know some of my best weeks include lunches out. If I go out for lunch I don’t eat the rest of the day and that pays off more often than not, for me anyway. Good luck. And enjoy your outings.







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Mike I know when it's on sale..it's like we have to buy it!:D


Eating was good all day and then had some Ice Cream:o (n)

Celebrating that I got the taxes done today! (y)


I might book a cruise for November, $100 deposit, refundable.

Thinking about it. Have till August 20th to pay/cancel.


Need to do some things to the house and try to lose weight.,

that's 7 months to work with.


Anyone else thinking about booking a cruise? Know some of you

have cruises planned already.


Have a good Wed, weigh-in Thurs...Good Luck!

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It's been a so-so week.


Family came to visit which was wonderful, but also meant eating more than I should have. Husband and daughter both fighting sinus crud so not getting a lot of extra activity this week.


Hoping tomorrow will be break-even or better. We start a Run for God program in two weeks and I'm optimistic that will help get us out of the funk we have been in and I will get more serious about treating my body better.

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