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My View: The Epic Beauty/Beast

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One of the fun things about a balcony is that you get the chance to see the ‘inner workings’ of docking, including the pilot getting onto the moving ship, securing the ropes, and pier runners!


By the way, we docked starboard side both in Jamaica and Cozumel. Starboard also faced Grand Cayman and Great Stirrup Cay while anchored. Just a side note for those who are interested.


We watched as the rolled up the ‘red carpet’, and waited for some stragglers to board:



Officers keeping an eye on the time, and watching the pier for the last few passengers to arrive:



This is my favorite couple! They were two of the first ‘late’ passengers. I say “late”, because they started running when they still had 2 minutes until “all aboard”. They obviously put forth great effort to make it on time, and they had a great attitude. If you are the couple in this video, thank you! Hope the ‘entitled’ stragglers learn from your example.




We saw quite a few stragglers, most of them just strolling as if the ship belonged to them and they were entitled to being late.


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Apparently, I did not take many photo’s of food this day. So, let’s just throw some dinner at O’Sheehan’s in, with some “borrowed” photos from my Escape Review:

Jamaican Jerk Wings:



Buffalo Wings:



Shepherd’s Pie: (I loved it!)



Spinach and Artichoke Dip (Kept those hips growing... too good!):


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Menu at O’Sheehan’s:







We only had the Cheesecake here one time. We tried to save the calories (ha!) for the crêpes every night. Tip: You can get fresh crêpes at Great Outdoors every night until 9:30 p.m. Yum!

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Drinks at O’Sheehan’s:


DH thinks he gained 10 pounds from those Bushwhackers! They are REALLY good!


Royal serves Strongbow sider “on tap”, while NCL serves it in a bottle. I never thought I would be able to tell the difference, but the “on tap” is definitely better.







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Woot! Woot! I am one day ahead of schedule. Thanks to everyone who is reading along. Cruise dreams, until tomorrow night when we will explore Grand Cayman...or not :)

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Nice! I saw that itinerary and it is very tempting! For Aruba, I can highly recommend Aruba Trikes. You can see details in my signature in my most recent Navigator review. Enjoy planning that awesome itinerary!


Great review of the ABC islands on your Navigator of the Seas cruise. You take awesome photos. I wish my ABC cruise wasn’t so far in the future (Jan 2020) but first my wife and I will be doing a British Isles cruise and in 2019 we plan to do an 11 day Alaskan Cruise Tour. We’re both retired and trying to get those bucket list trips checked off.

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I am sailing on the EPIC next week and I can't wait. This will be my 2nd time on her. I am just ready to relax and enjoy the sunshine.


The OP: Your pictures are beautiful. Great review so far!


I am on the Epic next week too. The this review has been a great help.

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Great review of the ABC islands on your Navigator of the Seas cruise. You take awesome photos. I wish my ABC cruise wasn’t so far in the future (Jan 2020) but first my wife and I will be doing a British Isles cruise and in 2019 we plan to do an 11 day Alaskan Cruise Tour. We’re both retired and trying to get those bucket list trips checked off.




Thank you [emoji846] Enjoy planning those cruises! It is such a privilege to experience these adventures.

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Let’s take a walk on decks 7 and 5 today. The shops are all on deck 7. I never found it to be crowded on this side of the deck. I also loved that there were no hard sells like on the Royal Caribbean Promenade. Nobody approached me to make a spa appointment, or to buy an expensive watch. It was a breath of fresh air to walk on a shopping deck in peace.










T-shirts were well priced at 2 for $15, but they had nothing great for teen boys. So, we did not end up buying any ship T-shirts:



I have more pictures of the stores, if anyone is interested, but they had the regular stuff you find on most cruise ships across different cruise lines.

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The Ice Bar is just past the shops on deck 7. I did not want to fork out the cover charge ($25.54) just "for the experience”. It is not in the cruise budget...








Wasabi & Teppanyaki are opposite the ice bar:


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Shakers Bar: We did not get good service here. We went twice, but the bartenders were a bit “green” when it comes to multi-tasking:



TIP: If you go around the side of the bar toward the cigar lounge, there is seating in an area that is a bit more quiet (one of the secrets I learned here at CC):



They had piano entertainment here at night:


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Next on deck 7 is Maltings. We had great service here:



Tip: Maltings also had more quiet seating around the corner, on the other side of the cigar lounge:



The Cigar Lounge (It smells better than the Casino ;)):




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Deck 5: Guest services, Shore Excursions, and the Atrium:








I made 3 visits to Guest Services, all very positive. We were also approached by staff members on two occasions who wanted to see how our cruise was going, and if we had any suggestions to improve the cruise experience. I thought this was a great way for NCL to reach out to cruisers for feedback!


Unfortunately, NCL no longer gives away the ship pins to Latitudes members. However, I know that perks are privileges and subject to change when it becomes necessary to save money. I would personally rather cruise cheaper than pay “hidden costs” for perks.


Right outside Taste is the Atrium Bar, which was our favorite. They make the best Amaretto Sour and Peach Bellini (using puree, which is what I prefer). Tip: Ask for a to go cup if you don’t want to deal with the flute glass. I did this quite a few times to take the bellini to the balcony. This picture shows the coffee side of the Atrium Bar. By the way: I tried to get a “free” coffee with the beverage package by adding alcohol to it. I did this based on reports that some ships will allow it. The lady at the Atrium Cafe told me nothing with coffee, even when you add Baileys, is included in the UBP. So, I just got a regular Caramel Latte (Yes, I broke my cruise budget rule). It was a very good latte!



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Moving forward on deck 5 to Le Bistro:










For what it is worth, this was posted at the entrance to Le Bistro… I never found Ocean Blue (Oh, wait, that would be on a different ship... LOL!)




I love how they display art on Epic. It is part of the planned infrastructure. They do not block public walkways by putting up temporary easels with art:



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