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Show me Viking, I want to know!

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My fellow cruisers,

As suggested, I have restored my Viking picture gallery that was lost from my previous thread.


This is a link to my cruise blog where you can see all the pictures.


The comments and pictures have been updated, most misprints corrected, more pictures added.

Some updates are on their way.


Hope this will help those dreaming about a cruise on the beautiful Viking Ocean ships.












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It was your original review that motivated me to book the Trans Atlantic from West Indies to Iberia on the Viking Sea. I wanted to experience this exquisite ship with 8 sea days on the March 2018 crossing.

Your pictures are stunning and your narrative is pitch perfect.

Thank you so much for all the work it took you to rework the photos and your review.

I love the the Viking design, and the interiors are the most comfortable space to call home for as many days as you are able.

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Nicely Done...a great overview of life aboard!!!


I would like to add a couple of Cabins to AVOID....those over Torshaven are VERY noisy. The base actually shakes the bed. Music stops about 11:30 pm but we had a crooning passenger who had been given permission to "practice"....his favorite time was 5 am and he loved to use ALL the speakers....he did adjust his practice time when I went down one morning expecting to find a cleaning crew....but Torshaven is also used by some entertainers to practice during the day. This is a great cabin for those who can remove hearing aids and be oblivious to noise.




These cabins are also very close to the lifeboats.........guess what time the lifeboats get washed???



On the SUN there were extra drawers installed in the closet I do not know if the older ships will be retrofitted. The drawers were a great addition IMO.

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Thanks for comments.


I added Daily Programs and Excursions.

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Just spent some happy time looking through this wonderful review. It brought back lovely memories and renewed anticipation for our next Viking cruise.

Off on Azamara B2B in June, which we will enjoy, but I really appreciate the lovely open look and feel of the Viking ships. Great unfussy design.

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