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Is cruising with bad motion sickness possible?

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Like most others here, I have severe motion sickness.  Hate car rides, planes not my favorite, and boats cause me issues.


I used to swear by the patches, but got severely ill after one cruise many years ago.  I don't do well with the OTC meds either so I can't do the medications at all.  


My best relief solutions are a combination of things.  I use the Seabands Wristbands, (usually if calm waters after a day or two I can take them off) ginger tablets and something called MotionEaze.  It's naturally oils that you put behind your ear.  Works wonders for me, especially on long road trips and on planes.  And we flew 11 hours to Hawaii non stop last year and I had no issues.  


Click here for an example: MotionEaze on Amazon  You can sometimes find it at Walmart, but definitely here on Amazon.  


Either way, like suggested your Mother should try these options beforehand maybe for a car trip to see if they work.  Or bring a few options with her.  


Believe me, If I can cruise without getting sick, anyone can.  Definitely get a mid ship cabin on a deck not too high up like previously mentioned.  That will definitely help. 


Good luck! I hope you all are able to go and enjoy yourselves.  

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If we don't tend to get motion sickness anywhere else (car rides, amusement rides, etc) is it very likely we will get seasick (first time cruisers!).  We are going on a very large cruise ship and will have sea bands. Just wondering if we should invest in the patches and some bonine.... 

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I'm a bonine user for motion sickness, and I've found that for cruising the best way to use it is to start the day before the cruise departs, taking a tablet in the afternoon or evening, and then another the morning of departure (and daily after that). If the seas get rough and I start to feel iffy, I will also take powdered ginger capsules, which usually calm my stomach. But the bonine tends to work for the disorientation. Best of luck cruising!

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Try the GoPatch for motion sickness.  It is all natural, safe for kids and adults, wil not interfered with medicines.

It is the only product that I know that will work after motion sickness symptoms have started

It is the product that the Santa Barbara Sailing school recommends



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Also from experience pick you ship/route/season to mitigate the problem. Around the Caribbean Dec/Jan on Dream no problem, transatlantic to Caribbean Dec on Celebration first couple of days to Madeira and then Atlantic it was choppier but the ship is small. Broadway although midships had the 'jitters' and the wood of furniture transferred the vibrations which did get unpleasant. As one that gets sea sick on a lilo using seabands and OTC travel tablets initially did the trick.

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The best solution for motion sickness is the GoPatch motion sickness patch

it is all natural with no side effects, safe for children and adults and will not interfere with any medicines.

it is the only solution that will work after the nausea symptoms have started so if you are unsure about getting motion sickness just have a GoPatch patch available to put on if you feel like you are experiencing nausea.  The GoPatch motion sickness patch is also good for nausea associated with drinking or eating too much - just put it on before going to bed

Just check out www.thegopatch.com

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This looks like primarily an accupressure patch, based on the limited info on the web site.  SeaBands are also accupressure based, with no side effects to interfere with medicines and can be used after symptoms have started.  SeaBands are more widely available and can be re-used compared to a patch.

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After looking deeper at the GoPatch web site, I see that they have a patented formula in their patches. These don't only work with an acupuncture point like you mention with seabands. I like GoPatch because I can wear it hidden from sight, everyone can see the band. I don't like this when in a nice dress while cruising or because of suntan lines on my wrist. Another bonus is that these patches help your hangovers, so double bonus. Even though it is new company they are already for sale on Amazon and here. I really think GoPatch is worth checking out.

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