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How many pairs of shoes do you bring?

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This is always really tough. I've narrowed down to 6, but still wish I could bring less. Hardest part is always finding shoes that go with more than 1 outfit.


9 night cruise coming up.

Any tips??


So far I've got:

Silver glittery heels for 2 evening dresses


Grey nicer wedges for a couple casual summer dresses


Red casual wedges for jeans and blouses


Beige open toe casual sandals for pants and blouses


Flip flops & Sneakers for daytime/pool.


I know I'll be spending the majority of the time in the flip flops but cant wear those to dinner..:')



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We have just started packing for your cruise. Here is the breakdown of shoes


Me :

Walking shoes (brown)

Comfy slip on deck shoes (blue)

Black leather shoes for evening meals out

All these shoes can go with any combo of trousers I am packing


So far my wife has put aside to pack.


Blue heels

Red heels

Purple Sparkly heels

Brown sandels

brown wedges

Red Skethcers

Flip flops


Leather purple heel boots

brown walking shoes


Every cruise is the same she packs a pair of shoes to individual match her outfits...she is never one to pack shoes to match several outfits.


And for the love of god dont get me started on her handbag/clutches she is looking at bringing as well for the outfits.

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I think 6 pairs for a 9 night cruise is very reasonable! I probably bring about the same amount - generally 3 pairs for evenings, 2 pairs of flip flops for the pool and beach, and a pair of sneakers. I bring a tan/brown wedge, a black wedge, and either a tan/brown or black flat-ish sandal (just depends on what outfits I've packed). I generally fly to my embarkation point, so minimizing shoes is a necessity because otherwise they weigh down your suitcase and I'm not paying oversized bag fees! When I choose my outfits for the cruise, I pick them with shoes in mind. If I pick out an outfit that I like a specific pair of shoes for and I'm not bringing those shoes, I'll pick a different outfit rather than add a pair of shoes.

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On 11/27/2018 at 10:56 AM, angie7911922 said:

I apparently under pack. 🙂

Flip Flops for pool (1 pair)

Sneakers for working out (1 pair)

Sandals for dinner at night (1 pair) 


I don't spend much time "getting ready" while I'm on a cruise.  There is too much to do.

Me too 😄

* flops for the pool
* favorite heels for fancy evenings and parties
* regular sandals for everything else 
* sneakers for excursions/island hoppings
4 in total, but sandals are quite optional. Call me lazy, but I prefer minimalist wardrobe to separate outfits for each occasion. 

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Wow, I can't imagine bringing that many shoes on a cruise. They take up so much space in luggage. The most I have ever brought on a cruise was:


  • sneakers I wear while traveling to port and boarding and wear around the ship the VAST majority of the time
  • a pair of sandals to wear with swimwear and the ONE dress I bring
  • running shoes (I was truly optimistic that I would actually use the gym!)

Since I never actually did visit the gym on that one sailing, I no longer bother with running shoes.

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I live an hour from port so luggage weight isn't an issue for me. My daughter and I are bad about this and my DM always makes jokes. We probably bring 10-15 pairs each. I swear every year I will bring less but I cant help it. We both have a suitcase for our clothes and then we split another one of just shoes. Thank God I don't need to bring purses...

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I saw a post somewhere that said to set out all the clothing you think you'll need and pack only half of it.


The more I cruise, the less I bring along. If I didn't use something for the last 1-2 cruises that I took, it's off my list for the next cruise. I've gotten it down to 1 checked bag and my "travel" purse. Not even a carry-on. Travel purse fits under the seat and has multiple pockets and enclosures. The travel purse is a repurposed diaper bag! I attached the frame and wheels from a kid's carry-on to my purse with Velcro.

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I bring 5 pairs.

* Gym shoes for daily wear, in transit, onboard, and ashore

* Spare gym shoes if the original pair gets soaked or damaged

* Casual dress shoes for non-formal nights

* Nice dress shoes for formal night

* Bathroom slippers for going to and from the pool or sauna


I rarely, if ever, wear sandals because I have a thing with sandal belts rubbing against my feet.  And wearing socks with sandals is not an option, obviously.

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I bring at least a dozen pairs, and I wear them all (with the exception of maybe one pair) on every cruise. 


Most are sandals and wedges.  Some casual, some dressier, in various colours.  No thongs or flip-flops - I do not own nor will I wear that type of shoe. 


A few are heels / pumps. 


Then there are my water shoes. 


And sometimes a pair of leather high-heel boots that I wear on Embarkation and Debarkation Day, when cruising out of Baltimore in the Winter.  


No sneakers.  Although I own a few pairs of sneakers, I rarely wear them 'in real life', and never have on a cruise.  I packed them once, when I thought I might exercise while onboard (as if I had never met me before:classic_rolleyes:).  Now I don't bother packing them.

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I'm going on a relatively short cruise in March only able to get away from our little one for a week or so at a time. So I've packed 3 heels and two pairs of sandals. It sounds excessive but its all about what you're willing to carry. We fly in from Jersey on Spirit and they literally charge more for a carry-on than a checked bag so I might as well bring a checked luggage and fill it up! 


I suppose I need to pack water shoes too as we'll be snorkeling so make it six 😂

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I bring a pair of sandals that can be worn with dresses or shorts, flip flops for up by the pool deck, and I wear tennis shoes when we fly.  We are almost always leaving WI in March where I have to wear some sort of warm shoe.  I also prefer  to wear tennis shoes when we go on excursion where there will be a lot of walking.  My husband wears tennis shoes, brings flip flops and a good pair of shoes to wear to dinner.   We get by with 3-4 pairs of shoes each.

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On 11/26/2018 at 10:56 PM, angie7911922 said:

I apparently under pack. 🙂

Flip Flops for pool (1 pair)

Sneakers for working out (1 pair)

Sandals for dinner at night (1 pair) 


I don't spend much time "getting ready" while I'm on a cruise.  There is too much to do.

You pack just like me -- I discovered many cruises ago that black or white sandals love to go to dinner every night!!

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I take 4-

flip flops  (mine are leather Rainbow sandals)

dressy wedge (this trip I am taking leopard ones and I’ll wear them with my “formal” night black dress and one other outfit)

casual sandals x2 (this could be my Jack Rodger sandals or my metallic gladiators or Birkenstocks)


But my shoe rule is that I must have two outfits that I can wear the shoes with. And only two pairs go into my checked luggage- I am wearing one pair of casual sandals and my flip flops are in my carryon.


*If I am doing an excursion that requires a lot of walking or closed toe shoes then I add that to my list, but I’m not a sneaker person when I am near the beach.


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As few as possible.  I would prefer to be barefoot all the time.  But as that is not allowed, I bring the following.


Sandals to wear with anything remotely dressy

flip flops for the pool

water sandals for the beach and most shore exursions

and I wear a pair of slip on sneakers


I used to take alot and never wore them all.  I now only take what I know I will wear.  




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I take a lot and wear them all.  I like to match shoes to my dresses at night.  I do try to wear evening shoes twice. If I take tennis shoes( sneakers) I wear them on the plane.  More often I wear a slip on athletic shoe that’s a bit nicer then tennis shoes that’s still comfortable to walk on the treadmill with and thru the airport  Water shoes, all terrain sandals come too as well as a pair of flip flops for the pool.  That’s at least 8 pairs for the week, minimum.  I keep them in a hanging shoe bag with slots in the closet. I always plan what I take and always wear them all.


The DH takes a lot less but his are also bigger and take up more room in the suitcase.


I only took 5 pairs of shoes to Europe last year for a 2 week river cruise. (3 dress flats and 2 walking shoes.) I didn’t take flip flops and regretted it so next time my minimum is 6.  The flip flops would have been nice for quick trips around the boat.


We fly Southwest or drive so I don’t worry about luggage fees.  I take what I want within reason.


i don’t take any purses or clutches except a very small one to get me to the ship.  I don’t carry them around the ship or to dinner.  The DH will carry hand sanitizer and my sea pass card for me.

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