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Here is a good story..

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A British woman was pulled from the water in Croatia 10 hours after falling off a cruise ship into the Adriatic Sea.

The woman, who gave her name as Kay, is said to have fallen into the sea from the 965-foot liner Norwegian Star, which was around 60 miles from the shore as it headed towards Venice.

Speaking after her miraculous rescue the blonde British woman, 46, said: 'I fell off the back of the Norwegian Star, and was in the water for ten hours. Then these wonderful guys rescued me.'


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Am I the only one who thinks that alcohol may have played a role in this incident?



Just sayin' ;)

You're not alone. (However, being a Brit, it is possible that she was looking for an apartment balcony to fall off, since this appears to be a popular pastime among said group. ;) )

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I am a very weak swimmer. Is it common for someone to be able to tread water for 10 hours? Maybe she wore her life vest and jumped? I would think the swells would have led to drowning.

The Adriatic is very dense and buoyant. It's extremely hard to swim under, let alone sink. All she'd need to do is lay on top and rest.

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I get really upset when the news media reports on a cruise ship passenger "falling overboard". It is virtually impossible to simply "fall overboard" on a cruise ship, as we CC members all know. The railings all over the ship come up to your mid-chest for an average height person. The bulk of your weight is below the railings, so your center of gravity also falls below the railing. Most of these "falls" are caused by one of the following actions. First, and most likely is too much alcohol or drug usage. This causes people to do the "King of the world" stunt seen in the movie Titanic. Or people sitting on a railing, trying to take a "selfie". Next is the unfortunate and sad instance of suicide, and finally, someone being physically pushed up and over the railing during a fight, which may also be based on too much alcohol.

Nobody just is walking along the back of the ship and leans the wrong way and falls overboard. Can't happen. But, as usual, the cruise industry gets a bad reputation for being unsafe, dangerous, etc. I'm not a fan of the commonly tossed around term of "Fake News", but falling overboard a cruise ship definitely falls into that category. It is wrongly reported in that way to generate hype and interest, or done by ignorant news reporters who have no actual knowledge of today's cruise ships..

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She sure tries to make it sound like she was just sitting on deck and then oops! She was in the water.

I guess she’ll fool the noncruisers.

I’m sorry, but things like this do a disservice to the cruise industry.

For her family’s sake, I’m glad she was found alive.



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Well, it sounds as if the cruise line is saying that they should have video of whatever happened. I hope we hear what really happened -- these things tend to drop off the news radar after about a day. I guess most people have a short attention span. :')

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