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Another drink package question.

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We are going on the Allure in October (yay) and bought the drink package for $42 each. We both love our coffees and sparkling waters and my husband would enjoy a beer or two during the day plus martini/wine at dinner. I would likely have some of the specialty drinks for a novelty and martini/wine with dinner. Since the upcharge off the refreshment package was $24 per person per day, to me that was 2 alcohol drinks per day at around $12 each. Is my math correct?

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We typically wait until right before the cruise to decide if we are going to get the drink package or not.

I really do think that the package is good only if it fits your vacation plans or vacation style IMHO.

For us there are many reasons to get the package and many reasons to not get the package depending on who we are with or what our plans are by the time we set sail. What I mean by this, when we sail with the kids, we don't get the package because most of our plans are laid out to more "family" stuff, which really doesn't equate to a lot of time where we enjoy a cocktail. Usually too busy with excursions, flowrider, shows... If we cruise with a group of friends, and we know we will be doing a lot of pool, special dining and clubs, we always get the package.


I do agree with others that it is totally easy to consume your money's worth in the course of a normal day without being hammered.

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We have not purchased the drink packages on past cruises, but those were all cruises with family. This time we are cruising with friends and all been going back and forth (alot!!) about buying the package. We have done spreadsheets to calculate how many drinks we think we will drink a day (averaging $12 a drink) . I think we are seriously overthinking it! If the break even is 5 drinks a day, I think it makes sense to buy it. None of us are alcoholics, but it's our vacation and we plan on having a good time!

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If you have to spend hours 'calculating the value' of the package, don't bother, because you'll just worry all the time about getting the value.


If you look at the price and immediately think 'oh, that's not bad'...just get it, then you have nothing to worry about. Drink more, drink less. Who cares, it's already paid for and I'm on vacation.


I always get the drink package and on my next Royal cruise I have the dining package because I just don't want to have to think about it.

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Seven drinks per day for every day of your cruise is basically alcoholic level stuff. Plus an absolute ton of calories. Do what you want obviously but the value is not there unless you’re a heavy drinker.



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If I drank seven drinks a day in normal life yes then maybe I would say alcoholic. I drink 10-14 or more while on a cruise. It's a cruise. I have fun and relax. I am never drunk or offensive. So for me the value is there. For those who judge, when I'm not on a cruise I will go for months without a drink.

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I bought on offer at $42 with my obc. I'm happy. But the limit is $12 per drink? That limits me just to the Classic cocktails at $9.95. Signature are $15 and Premium are $13 ��

The package limit varies. Seems to be $13 on the larger ships and $14 on UK sailings where the drink price already includes gratuity.

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My other half and I have never been on a cruise before, but are booked for Voyager (SIN - HKG) in March 2019.


A very quick look at the drinks package and we have decided it will be purchased, even at the full price (Can't purchase via Cruise Planner as yet).


For us, a decent coffee and a fresh juice with breakfast, a bottle or two of water to take ashore, a beer or two (or even soft drinks) after coming back on board, a glass or three of wine with dinner, and finally a cocktail or whiskey before bed will more than cover the "value" bit. We have no intention of recording every drink to see if we "got our money's worth", but we will be happy knowing there will be no huge drinks bill at the end of the cruise.


With two sea days on the cruise, we will probably have a few extra drinks by the pool as well.


I can see how someone that doesn't drink alcohol, coffee, soft drinks or fresh juice, plus brings a refillable bottle to take water ashore could see the package as a waste of money, but that's up to the individual.


So many threads here and on other forums that just do this topic to death...

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Seven drinks per day for every day of your cruise is basically alcoholic level stuff. Plus an absolute ton of calories. Do what you want obviously but the value is not there unless you’re a heavy drinker.



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I am shocked at your judgment of people, I always buy the drink package, I do not think you are anywhere near an alcoholic for utilizing the package, breaking even and having even 7 alcoholic drinks per day, even if I was on a shore day and had my first drink on return at 4.30, I would then be up till at least 2pm in the casino, thats 10 hours, not even 1 drink per hour- what do you do all cruise -sleep. Stop judging people- its rude!

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