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New and Improved CC


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42 minutes ago, LrgPizza said:

And where is the link to View First Unread post?  Now I have to navigate to the last page and figure out what is new. Those issues combined with others mentioned in this thread make this so much less friendly than the previous one.  I will probably spend about 10% of the amount of time here I did previously. Advertisers aren't going to like that very much if others are doing the same. It's just not going to be worth the hassle.


Click or tap on the dot next to the title of the thread.


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More casual observations.  OK, expanded "Signature" option is back, it seemed - at least mine is now shortened to 3 lines max (by default or as an option  - to hide/not show.)  ... Ignore signature preference and hide all signature are now available to choose/click. That's good, IT team aren't going home nor signing off this big CC project yet ... I mean, it did went off-line around lunch break briefly, came back in & no more 502 error, not able to connect ...) 

All the internal links - looked to be okay - but all the external links (Dropbox, Tapatalk uploaded images, PDF & whatever from before ... had items off my One-Drive & Google (shared) Drive) are now partially broken or crippled, the URL is there but in bracklets or quotations - anyone trying to click will need to cut-n-paste & manually link to open & read.  It's not clear (still early to say) whether those uploaded Tapatalk links for images/pix will be kept & valid going forward.  

Now, if they would switch to a neutral/greyish background - so that I don't need to put on dark shades while trying to read, the new forum would be a bit friendlier to learn.  OK, announcing that for the upcoming CC Meet & Greet on the sailing, optional sessions will be conducted on how to navigate this new forum site, LOL - just kidding. 

Switching over to the Fire 8 HD tablet, looks like I need to find my stylus - just in case, probably need it for a smaller smartphone screen to navigate around, point & click and not just touch screen alone.  Interestingly, "Signature" seemed to be hidden (default setting) on the tablet & smartphone, that's a good tweak. 

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1 hour ago, fshagan said:


Click or tap on the dot next to the title of the thread.


How do I get the screen to stop wobbling.  I view on an IPad landscape...but it seems to be set up for a vertical view?

Actually, I think this will be big improvement after we all get the hang of it and they get the bugs out. I am liking some of the new functions.


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1 hour ago, david_sobe said:

I don't like it at all.  It looks very primitive like a message board from 2000.  Its gonna take some time to get used to.


Yea, its pathetic.....lets look at a few other forums I use and look how good they look

https://www.thehulltruth.com   https://www.crvownersclub.com/forums/   https://www.saabcentral.com/forums/index.php

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7 hours ago, Laszlo said:

Sorry but thats a BS excuse, I'm in Graphics and IT. They could have been working on this months ago before going live. A website - Forum being down for a week is unheard of. But its a free site, probably run by 2-3 people


That's fine you see it that way, but I see what I posted as a reason and explanation for what CC undertook for those that that may not be familiar with how software is created. Could they have taken an iterative approach and released small updates here and there? Sure. Or, as you said, they could have been working on updates months ago and not been down for a week. But they chose the route they did for whatever reason, and we'll all figure out how it works eventually. I'm just happy it's working again for my cruise on the 28th!

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8 hours ago, ColinIllinois said:

Looks fine.  Just a matter of getting used to it just like last time.   One VERY minor thing is that I don't like the list of ships up there where it is.  Too much scrolling.  Like I said, MINOR.


Agreed on on the ship list. First viewing on my iPad mini, the list is a waste of space. Otherwise seems to look fine.  Need to pop in to the Getaway Roll Call I started......

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this is strange to me-

I tried to search for something, and as soon as i clicked the search box, it pulled up

previous searches that I have made on Redd*** (not sure if im allowed to post the name)

I do not like that at all!  How would CC know what I searched on other pages?

Is this normal?  

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I can't login on Tapatalk. There is too much scrolling and extraneous stuff to use this forum in a mobile browser, so I'll access only when I am on the computer if I can't login to Tapatalk. That will be rare since I don't often use my home computer since I am on a computer all day at work.

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31 minutes ago, cooncat_mom said:

Interesting that I can get in on my PC but can't get in at all on my iPhone.  My password doesn't work there at all on Tapatalk, and on the Cruise Critic app all I get is a blank screen. I'll keep checking in every so often though.


Tapatalk and the Cruise Critic app are not going to work anymore.

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