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Harmony of the Seas, Live October 20th - 27th. Somewhere on a Beach.

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Thanks for the amazing review. We will be flying tomorrow morning. Can't wait!! Anxiety kills me! I feel like it's my first time (in a cruise, of course! Lol).

fat ankles remedy: ice water! I suffer from the same.

once again, sorry for my english!

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I’m not sure why we couldn’t pull up closer, but we dropped a forward anchor and shut the boat down. Kevin said you can swim ashore with the help of some pool noodles. The water must have been 20 feet deep and it felt like we swam a mile. 


He then informed us before we jumped off the boat, that if you hold hands and walk around the entire island you have another 20 years of wedded bliss. For some reason Lisa hit the beach before me and was always a few steps ahead. 🤔😉


Edit to Add: this is when the GroPro would have been amazing to have had. 

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After 20 minutes on Sandy Spit we were ready to depart and head back to the USVI.  Another boat was arriving while we were departing but it was cool to have it pretty much to ourselves. At this point it was almost 3pm and we had to meet our taxi at 4 at the marina. 


On the return trip we also had to stop at St John, at Cruz Bay, to clear US customs. That process took longer to tie up the boat than clear the agents’ questions. I actually made the female agent laugh, which Kevin later informed us never happens. 


We threw the ropes and headed back back to the Kevin’s home marina. I really didn’t look for the camera on the last few miles of the trip as I knew it was gone. Hopefully a young kid will find it washed upon the shore and have some fun with it. 


Once we docked we squared up and thanked him for an amazing day. After a few short minutes of walking we were in the parking lot and our van was already waiting for us. Thirty minutes later we were back at Crown Bay and on the ship shortly after 5pm.


It may have taken years for us to make this side journey but it is truly a day we will never forget. 



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18 hours ago, A&L_Ont said:


They were at the counter getting a to go order. 





While they were waiting the keeper decided to change the collar from a suede one to a leather spiked collar and leash. 





Once their order was done they were off. You can kind of see the leash at the arrow. 





The best is the facial expression of the man walking towards the. 





Afterwards I did some covert operations and spotted security speaking with the manager in Sabor. 



 Thanks Andrew.  Every time you think you've seen it all on a cruise ship something new happens.

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1 hour ago, A&L_Ont said:

Since the spa doesn’t have a treatment for fat ankles, I’m busy soaking my feet in the tub. The water is only lukewarm, cold would be much better.  But it’s better than putting my feet in the toilet, which I know should be coldwater - that’s just nasty. (read in a Cleveland Brown voice)


 Since you don’t want to see a photo of that, let me provide you a picture of what’s going on outside. 



No bidet?




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58 minutes ago, A&L_Ont said:

I really didn’t look for the camera on the last few miles of the trip as I knew it was gone. Hopefully a young kid will find it washed upon the shore and have some fun with it. 



Hopefully nothing of a 'personal' nature on it.😉

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I’ve enjoyed your live reviews. Based on some of your photos, it appears you’re in a suite facing sports deck area. Am curious if your hear much noise from adjacent area (music, flow rider, etc)?  By the way, knew you would appreciate this...my wife and I were at Chops a couple nights ago and looking forward to apple pie only to find this in it. Come on!  And I usually don’t even mind raisins. 


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There is no pier so Kevin threw a forward and aft anchor, and we swam ashore. Would have been fun to have done that with my GoPro but alas... I had to hold my iPhone above my head.


hence the the name of the bar Soggy Dollar! Your money gets wet and you swim in! 😀


great concept! In 2000 they put a hell of a fireworks dislay on and people got stuck on the island after much drinking! 

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31 minutes ago, bimmerlil said:
  • I have enjoyed your blog for this cruise.  We will be cruising the Harmony OTS November 3rd. Cant wait.  Was curious if they have binoculars for sale on board.  I would prefer not to bring any from home.  Thanks in advance. 


They might in the photography store. I will try check tonight. 


Thanks for following along. 

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On 10/24/2018 at 9:53 AM, A&L_Ont said:

Live Now!  Carambola Beach Club at Friars Bay. 








Then this happened. LOL, he’s on Lisa’s side. 



Did  you do a ships tour or something on your own. Thanks

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On 10/24/2018 at 10:17 AM, A&L_Ont said:

This is just a little of what we did yesterday. I will share more later tonight. Who we used, time frames etc. 


It was an amazing day. One of our best Caribbean Adventures by far, even with sacrificing a GoPro to the Caribbean.



what excursion was this or did you book on your own? Thanks

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Columbus was well worth going.  Considering this is our 5th time on board and our first time seeing it, we had a great time and amount of laughter. If you have seen it you get it, and if you haven’t I suggest going. 











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