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LIVE - WORLD CRUISE 2019 & MORE - A NEW ADVENTURE UNFOLDS - 12/15/18 - 5/21/19

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Ivi, glad you are enjoying the updates.  Reservations for the Supper Club should be made on-board.  It is very popular so best to make them the day you board.


Thank you Ed.  I will be sure to share our experience.  So far the pace of the meals have been great.


N2wdw..Thank you for posting the menu and for the update on when it was available.  When Dennis said it was new I guess he meant that it was relatively new.  When we were on board Serenity in September/October on most nights we had pre-dinner drinks at the Crystal Cove where we learned about the Gin menu but didn’t hear about the Manhattan menu since we weren’t at the Avenue Saloon.


I can’t drink Bourbon or Scotch so I won’t be able to try out this menu.  However, I’ll make up for it with the Gin.  LOL.


Anne…Thank you for your comments.  Happy holidays to you.


We have experienced similar queues on the other luxury lines we have sailed; Seabourn and Silversea.  I would say timing is everything.  We arrived to Waterside for the 6:00 PM opening so a line does queue up ahead of time.  Even before open seating it would queue and the same is true at the specialty restaurants.  If we arrived at 6:15 PM I suspect very little if any queue.


Also this is a Holiday Cruise so between various age groups (older and younger) more people show up at 6:00PM than what we experienced on Symphony in May with open dining.


I’ll be sure to continue to share our experience with this.


Some thoughts from yesterday and today.


I forgot to mention that yesterday’s luncheon at the Lido was he Asian Buffet.  This is a popular buffet with items such as Sushi on the menu.


Last evening was amazing.  We began the evening at the Avenue Saloon.  When we arrived it was quiet with a few people at one table.  We sat at the bar and were alone for awhile.


A short while later a couple entered and came up to us.  They knew of us from Cruise Critic and the Blogs.  We asked them if they wanted to join us at the bar which they did.  We learned that they also were signed up to go to the Supper Club as we were.  The tables at the Club are four person tables and we didn’t coordinate who to sit with in advance.  We thought we would just go “pot luck”.  When we learned they were not sitting with anyone we asked if they would like to join us which they did.  We had a great time with them.


The Supper Club was everything we had heard about and better.


We received a confirming invitation a couple of days ago indicating that doors open at 6:15 PM the 6:30 dinner and the doors close at 6:35.


When we entered the F&B Manager checked off our names on the list.  Some members of  the waitstaff had trays with flutes of champagne.  On the Blog I provide lots of detail including what we ate and the overall event.  It was an amazing evening between the service, the ambience of the room, the menu/cuisine and the entertainment.  A lot of effort went into planning the Supper Club and into its execution.


There was non-stop entertainment.  There were times when it was more of a show and others times where you had low key music so that you could enjoy a conversation with your table mates.  Adding to the ambience were the guests who were dressed in BTO attire.


The menu included items from Waterside but it is limited as you might find on land at a special dinner.  Some of the food was richer than we normally had so we had part of it. In all cases it was tasty.  We would say that the lobster was one of the best tasting lobster entrees we have had on land or at sea.  The timing of the courses was terrific along with their spacing.  The music allowed for dinner conversation and was adjusted between courses.  At times one or two people performed and other times an entire band.


Kudos to Crystal Cruises for rolling out such an elegant dinner venue and doing it on BTO nights.  On cruises with one or two BTO nights you would have this open on those evenings. In the case of the Holiday Cruise with three BTO nights it is open on the first and final BTO nights.  In fact the next one will be on New Years Eve.


We chose the White Sturgeon Caviar as the appetizer. It was served with traditional condiments.

We had the  second course of Cream of Cauliflower Soup.


For the main course we had the Fresh Cold Water Lobster which is a favorite of Anne Marie's.  When she was growing up her Italian Nana who along with her Grandfather who lived with her family prepared Maine Lobster on Christmas.  Having lobster is a reminder of the special dinner that she and her family would have one time each year.


The fourth and final course was dessert which was a Valrhona Chocolate and Berry Gateau cake.  We each tried a small portion of it.


We have never been to a Supper Club on land so we have nothing to compare this to.  We thought it compared to some of the special and elegant World Cruise dinners that we have enjoyed over the years.  There seemed to be music throughout the evening.  At times it was just background music with one or two people performing allowing for conversation during each course.  One entertainer played the violin and also sang.  At other points you had an entire band on the stage performing between courses.  It was a wow.


The food was quite good.   They came around with rolls a couple of times. The Caviar was delicious and it was served with all the condiments.  The soup was very tasty and was so good we didn't have it all.  Lobster was one of the tastiest lobster entrees we have had on land or at sea.  The dessert was delicious and again we had a small portion of it.  We are on for a very long time so we are being careful with how much food we eat.


Although we have not been to a Supper Club before we have seen them as part of movies.  It did have the look and feel of those movies and what a Supper Club would be like back in the day.


If the club featured only cuisine or only entertainment in each case we would give it five stars.  At the same time everything was perfect including the beauty of the venue, the look of the table along with the outstanding service.  Crystal has done an amazing job rolling this out.


For anyone who has attended a World Cruise dining event on board the ship it has similarities to that.


Blog has been updated.






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Enjoy your posts, Keith.  We will be joining Symphony February 3 for 81 nights and will be following you the whole way (157 nights adventure - wow!).  Continue enjoying!

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Merry Christmas From Crystal Serenity.


Thank you flying shoes.


Let me begin with random thoughts.


The modifications made to Pulse enhanced the room.  By removing the rail it opens up the entire area.  In the case of our Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle last evening it makes it easier to socialize and get around the room.  The new carpeting brings out the color of the dance floor.


With open dining there is a bit more flexibility in the start and end times.  Our party yesterday was 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM.  Both a longer time and a good start and end time.  As usual, the party is well organized by Crystal with plenty of bar and wait staff on hand a nice representation of senior officers.


The new tables added to Silk look nice and address an issue that some people had.  This included making it far easier for someone in a wheelchair to be able to sit closer to the table and easier for those who want to cross their legs when seated.


Some of the on-demand movies reflect the time of year as there were several movies about Christmas.


We enjoyed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on board Serenity.  They had a special holiday show last evening and today Santa Claus made an appearance at 11:15 AM in Palm Court along with the elves and at Noon there was a Holiday Grand Gala Buffet.  Late yesterday afternoon there was an after Channukah Celebration and Champagne Reception, and late at night there was a Christmas Eve Mass and an Interdenominational Service.  We also had the Holiday Celebration show which we attended.


There has been the usual wide array of activities through the day.


The lectures included:


Talk by Jim Rowe about Hawaii.  He covered natural highlights and culture of the Hawaiian Islands.


World Affairs Lecturers Rober Schrire presented "The End of American Dream?"


In the afternoon Special Interest Lecturer Michael Bishay presented Courtroom Drama: Who is my Mother: This Christmas is like no other!"


We stopped by to see the wonderful Holiday Grand Gala foods created by the galley team.  Many items are a work of art.  While the food looked delicious, we had lunch at Marketplace.  The ice sculptures of the reindeer and sleigh were amazing.  I posted photo on the Blog.


This evening we return to Waterside for dinner.  Following dinner we will attend the Crystal Society Reception.


As a Holiday present we get to turn the clocks back this evening.  LOL.


And the weather has been great.


Blog has been updated.



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Thank you rxlowery.


It was a nice night on the ship last evening and today has been another fun sea day.  We have been blessed with relatively calm seas and good weather.


Last night was the second of three Black Tie Optional (BTO)Nights on the ship and came two nights after the first one.  It added to the holiday feeling on-board Serenity.


There was a special Holiday Menu in Waterside along with items from the modern and traditional menus.


The night before last night was actually busier than it was last night at the time we dined.  Go figure since often it is BTO nights where Waterside is busier.  As someone told me each day is different.


For our entree we decided to go with turkey.  Now I don’t profess to be the food expert.  I just know what I like and I know what I don’t like.  Since I was in grade school I always enjoyed turkey and would look forward to those special holidays when we would have it for a special family dinner.  I still look forward to it and I am the one who is in charge of preparation and cooking at home and do cook it on a Weber Charcoal Grill.  Admittedly when we had it on the 2014 Holiday Cruise it was dry and not the way I like it.  With that said we did give it another try last evening.  You could have it with white and dark meat or one or the other.  Anne Marie went with all white and I went with a combination.  It was delicious this time around; both hot and moist.


The evening continued with a Crystal Society recognition event.  We were familiar with those recognized.


As mentioned previously due to low attendance at the parties because of open dining instead of having a welcome party and either individual or combined Crystal Society/Farewell Parties since the rollout open dining on both ships they will go with one single Crystal Society Party.


For those of you who have sailed Crystal before inclusive wine and spirits do you remember those days of three parties with each party held two times.  At those parties wines and spirits were provided at no cost where at most other times there was a cost to purchase them so that turned out to be a major draw for the parties.


The party was well attended last evening.  Several Cruise Critic members were there and we knew several other guests from previous voyages.  Many members from the crew were there.  It is always nice to see many dressed up in “civilian” attire.


Anne Marie and I can’t say enough about the crew.  Yes we do consider them to be our extended Crystal family and we look forward to seeing them on each voyage we take.  They are certainly one of the reasons we do sail with Crystal Cruises.  I know it must be tough for some of them to be away from home and their families over holidays such as Christmas and really appreciate all they do day in and day out.  Some of the crew have spouses and/or other family members working on board.


The nice thing about the Holiday Cruise is that you do have that extra feeling of Family during the cruise.  There are several guests who return each year or every other or few years for the Holiday Cruise.  It is very special.


Today has been a busy day with lots of activities as we sail to Hawaii. Tomorrow we will make our first of several stops in Hawaii as we will anchor off Maui.

The weather has been great.



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Aloha from Maui.


We arrived at Noon today.


Some of the dining venues opened early for lunch (Marketplace 11:00 AM and Waterside 11:30 AM) because of the Noon arrival.


We spent a couple of hours on land.  

Weather is warm but no complaints.  Would rather be in warm weather.


Including today we have five consecutive stops at Hawaii ports of call over five days.


I've updated the Blog.



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In May I was able to watch your arrival into our hometown of Honolulu but this time there doesn't seem to be a webcam for Serenity. The  website I used before says, "You seem to be lost at sea."  Also, www.kroooz-cams.com only shows a question mark for both Crystal ships.  Would you know if they have they stopped making the webcam available to view?

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2 hours ago, Oahucruiser said:

In May I was able to watch your arrival into our hometown of Honolulu but this time there doesn't seem to be a webcam for Serenity. The  website I used before says, "You seem to be lost at sea."  Also, www.kroooz-cams.com only shows a question mark for both Crystal ships.  Would you know if they have they stopped making the webcam available to view?


There's a brand new website that no one likes. (Well, I guess the website designer likes it!)



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2 hours ago, Oahucruiser said:

  Would you know if they have they stopped making the webcam available to view?


As Patty said, there is a new website but the webcams aren't working on it.  I miss watching them!



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Enjoy your stops in Hawaii and continue loving your cruise. Really happy following you on your wonderful blog and appreciate your taking the time to sharing it with us at home. Much appreciated. Elaine

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Thank you so much Elaine.


Aloha from Honolulu where we have had some rain (we got out and back before the downpour) and some alerts on our iWatch for flash flooding.


We are enjoying the afternoon on Serenity and knowing that we have a tour planned for January when we are back in Honolulu we had no tour for today.  In fact, today was shopping day to pick up the remaining items on our shopping list that we need for this adventure.  We did an extensive military focused tour this past May on a private Crystal cruises tour while on board Symphony.


I have updated the blog but wanted to add some additional thoughts here.


Some thoughts:


Like Symphony the crew on Serenity is amazing.  I can’t say enough about them and this includes those who have been with Crystal for years along with some we have met on their first contracts.


While everyone is entitled to their views I think Crystal got the most from their “buck” on the areas of the ship they chose to enhance.  I say this based on the what we have seen of Waterside, Palm Court, Stardust, the new Seabreeze Suites, and the other changes they made such as in Pulse and in the replacement of carpeting in various areas of the ship.


We had our first pre-dinner drink a the Palm Court last night although we have been up there a few times including at the Crystal Society Party.


We sat at the bar enjoying views of Maui.  The venue is absolutely beautiful including the new windows, furniture, ceiling, bar, flooring, area to support the tea and the placement of the band.  I think most people will enjoy the makeover.


We dined at Silk last evening and previously ate at the one on Symphony in May of this year.


I like the spacing of tables better on Serenity.  I do think the bar area is nicer on Symphony.  We had an excellent waiter who really knows the menu and was a couple of notches about the one we had on Symphony.  There were three of us.  He encouraged us to share dishes and recommended placing them on the table’s center.  We took his advice.


Some items are changed daily and items such as the Dim Sum Sampler are made fresh daily.  This might have been the case on Symphony but some of the Dim Sum had caviar on top.


Food is subjective like many things.


We don’t eat Chinese food very often.  We used to when the children lived with us.  No particular reason why we don’t today.   


I have eaten authentic Chinese Cuisine.  On business trips to Mainland China to meet with Senior Executives from China Telecom we had dinner at authentic Chinese restaurants.  For pleasure when on private tours Anne Marie and I would ask that we have lunch at places where the locals eat.  On these occasions some food we enjoyed and other food was OK.


When we lived in Northern California we were friendly with a family from China and enjoyed many nice meals at their home.  I would say all of it we enjoyed.  Yes sometimes home cooking is the best and one of the reasons is that one is cooking for just a few people.


My experience is that when it comes to certain venues it takes a few trips to figure out how to order both in terms of quantity of food and to figure out what one likes and what one doesn’t care for.    I even went through this at Prego.  I believe Silk is one of them.


I would say our favorites dishes last evening were Dim Sum, Chicken Won Ton Soup, and Crisp Duck Salad (me as Anne Marie is not a fan of Duck).  The soup and Dim Sum were at desired temperature for us.

The person we dined with had the Pepper Beef which we didn’t try.   We both had the Sea Bass and the Lobster and Scallop dish.  I thought they were both good and not all that different from what I have experienced in China.  I prefer a little more flavor which is why I like Umi Uma.  I also think these two items were not as hot temperature wise as I would prefer.  I am not sure if that is because we didn’t eat them soon enough or how they arrived to the table.


Anne Marie liked the fried rice but this is not something we order and I didn’t have it.


Anne Marie finished the meal with Coffee and I had the fresh fruit plate without sherbet.   I have to say this was the best fruit plate I have had at any restaurant at sea or at land in years.


We were given fortune cookies.  Anne Marie’s was about Finance.  Mine turned out to be something I believe in.

“Try something new and different.  You will like the results”.


We will try Silk a couple more times before we come to a conclusion about the restaurant.   Again food is subjective and we all have cuisine that we favor over others ones.


The good news is there is more choice than ever on board Serenity and Symphony when it comes to dining so hopefully there is something for everyone.  The other good news is that things are not locked forever in stone.


I am reminded that I didn’t care for the original Tastes which served items such as fish, chicken and beef for dinner with a limited menu.  I have some friends who loved it.  I did like the change made after that with the tapa like foods that were part of the new and improved Tastes but I do know some people who preferred the original Tastes over the newer version.


Even other foods we like come in different shapes and with different ingredients.  Take pizza for example.  What is the best type of pizza and what cities around the world serve the best pizza?  I suspect we all have different answers to these questions.


I have updated the Blog with lots of photos from last evening and today along with narrative.


We continue to have a wonderful time on this cruise and are very happy to be sailing on-board Serenity.




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Thanks for your feedback on Silk! So many differing opinions on this venue. I'm a huge fan of dim sum, so I'm happy to hear that you liked that. 


I just started catching up on your blog, and I'm literally drooling over the menus! I've been seeing people say they're not thrilled with the Waterside offerings, but so far every menu I've seen you post had something that made me drool. And OH MY, the included wines! VERY impressive!

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Jeannie and I are loving your blog and your posts!  We have a few questions-

At the supper club, is there a dance floor for guests to dance, or only for the performers?

Who is performing in the Saloon?  Is violinist Irina still performing in the Cove?

One of the areas that we felt was in dire need of attention prior to drydock was the public restrooms.  We are wondering if you or anyone else on board, or who has sailed since drydock have noticed whether this has been addressed.


Hoping that you and Anne Marie continue to enjoy every moment!



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Larry…Yes, the food has been terrific and last night was no exception.  More on that in a moment.


Thank you Bob and wishing you and Jeanne a very safe, healthy and Happy New Year.


There is a dance floor at the Supper Club for guests to dance at certain times of the evening.  Many did just that.


Irina is on a well-deserved holiday right now and will be back soon.  The current violinist is doing a great job.  


Justin Abrams is performing at the Avenue Saloon.


Bob…I asked Anne Marie and we really haven’t looked at the rest rooms that much.  The ones we have used (we try to minimize this) have looked fine to us but I am not sure whether or not there have been enhancements made. 


We made our first visit to Umi Uma last night.  


While it featured the new menu that rolled out on Symphony after its dry dock and that we experienced in May of this year, last night we picked up on some of the changes we didn’t pay attention to in May.  


We both experienced some of those items including the preparation of the Nobu Tuna Sashim appetizer, the lobster tacos, the Nobu Special Salad and a couple of other items.


The food was amazing.  As many times as we have eaten at Umi Uma (formally Silk Road) when we ate the first of a trio of Nobu Sashimi appetizers our reaction was: wow/delicious/amazing.


We were seated at 6:00 PM and by 6:30 PM the restaurant was filling in with guests and by 7:00 PM all tables with the exception of one were taken. In fact, I suspect that the one empty one was due to a cancellation.  The same was true of Prego.  


This cruise has been unique from the typical holiday cruises with a far greater number of people dining early.  By 8:30 PM there would be very few guests dining at either restaurant.  


While there are several families on board with children and grandchildren the overall tone of the cruise is low key compared to your typical holiday cruise and sailing with an overall older group of guests.  We think that might be because this is a longer Holiday Cruise which normally is 14 days versus our cruise of 16 days.  The other difference might be sailing from California instead of Florida.


We saw teamwork at its finest last evening with the waitstaff helping each other out.  For example, our waiter was Albert but Head Waiter Sigi would help by clearing dishes and Ruel helped out from time to time bringing new dishes to the table. Sommelier Dennis took nice care of us with drinks.  He looked great in the new Sommelier jacket, slacks, shirt and tie they now wear. The tie is a different color than the one worn on Symphony.


With a late-night departure from Honolulu of midnight we had a local show on board which is always nice to experience.


I’ve updated the Blog.



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  Keith, please keep us informed about the world cruise games, and for me, especially  paddle tennis(not just during the games but throughout the cruise ) as I live vicariously through your stories about the wc games and paddle tennis LOL. I t will be interesting to see on which segment Crystal chooses to hold them.

I had been considering doing the 6 day NO to Curacao cruise on Symphony, but have instead decided to go to Japan for a month like last year, only in January. As one who is going for the destination when on land(ie not the ship as is th ecase with Crystal),since I am willing to stay in inexpensive ryokans, guesthouses and upscale capsule hotels(First tCabin),I found I can go to Japan for a month, and including airfare is STILL less than the cost of a 6 day getaway cruise on Crystal which would  add to my number of cruises for CS benefits!

Bon voyage in advance for WC 2019(I know you are already on board but its the rt Hawaii cruise, which sounds amazing!

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Thank you Carolyn.  I will be sure to post about the World Games which are on segment one of the World Cruise and about Paddle Tennis.


In terms of Paddle Tennis before we boarded I said to Anne Marie I was not sure how much I would play on the Holiday Cruise.  This is because I didn’t know if there would be a lot of children playing along with Parents.  As it turned out I have gotten a lot of play.  I go up around 12:30 PM and play with quite a few people. One time I also played in the morning.  If people are waiting we play to four and if not we play to six.  When people are waiting we rotate with the two losers sitting out and two people going in.  Three of the guests I have played with before including one who I have played with on several sailings.  Lots of nice people who like me want to have a good game but not take it too seriously and to laugh and just enjoy.


I just got back from playing over two hours of non-stop Paddle Tennis.  It was a lot of fun.  I definitely burned off some calories.


We have been enjoying the changes made in the dry dock.


I can’t say enough about the Palm Court.  When we arrived there last evening and sat down at the bar, I noticed that the color of the ceiling above the bar was yellow instead of blue.  Evidently they can change the colors.  We do not do the Afternoon Tea.  We used to when we ate late but when we started to have dinner early we no longer felt the need for a late afternoon snack.  I will make an effort to get up there on afternoon.  I do know that the new area makes it a lot easier not to have to put tables up and take them down.


I am amazed at how they move the crew around.  They have been doing this for a few years but they are doing it to a greater extent since the dry dock and it is amazing how they do this.  I applaud the scheduler/schedulers.  For example, when we were in Silk the other night because it was busy the gentleman who I have known for years who does the late night/early morning room service on the Penthouse Decks was helping out.  As I mentioned the other day they make use of some personnel in Waterside from Prego, Umi Uma and the other dining venues if Waterside is busy particularly in the opening hour.  From there some or all might return to their restaurants as they get busy.  Before dinner some of the people serving canapés are waiters (assistant waiters) from Waterside.


I have been very impressed with all of this. 

This cruise is pretty close to passenger capacity and there are a few groups on board and as I mentioned recently seems to have a slant to people eating earlier.  It does put more pressure on the restaurants with more people at certain times.  We have seen teamwork at its finest which really helps at the peak demand.


The changes have also provided some nice opportunities from members of the crew to move to other areas either laterally or as a promotion such as additional opportunities for Head Waiter.

There are some new members to the team on board as there have always been.  They are fitting in very well which is nice to see.


Yesterday on our Blog I gave a shoutout about the night crew on-board Crystal Serenity.  I thought I would post it here for those who do not look at the Blog.


These folks work diligently every night on-board the ship during the late-night hours of the evening.  Many guests might not see them or a few might see some efforts just before they go to sleep or for a short while after they wake up.

They clean every area of the inside of the ship each night.   Besides cleaning all doors, vacuuming all carpet, cleaning all public rooms, bathrooms dining venues etc. they clean every area imaginable.  This includes all the art-work and signage and the walls.  In the Fitness Center they clean the mirrors, the machine including every inch of them and the walls.  

All of their effort keeps the ship looking clean and years younger than its actual age.

I am up early each morning and each time we sail I have gotten to meet most if not all members of the night crew.  Many members of the crew join Crystal in entry-level positions even though they might have already been in those positions on land before assuming higher-level positions already.  This provides a good foundation to learning about Crystal and will serve them well in future positions. An example might be someone with butler experience on land who in most cases comes onto the ship as a waiter.  In time, if they are performing to the high standards of Crystal, they have a good chance of moving into a butler position.  A butler at Crystal must know how the Food & Beverage Department works and a key area are the restaurants.  By working in one or more of the dining venues this knowledge will serve the butlers well. Over the years we have seen people go from being a night crew member to moving into other areas such as a next step becoming a member of the Lido Deck Stewards or serving drinks in the bar.  

Like each team on the ship, the night crew works very hard and is professional, hardworking and kind. Thank you for all they do to make the ship look beautiful day and night.

Well that is it for now.


Our blog has been updated.





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Hi, Keith.  Don't want to hijack this thread but wondering if there are paddle tennis opportunities for someone who has never played before?  And how competitive play typically is?  My wife plays tennis, but wants to try paddle tennis if rookies are tolerated and play is not for blood.😎

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fyingshoes, great question which I am happy to answer.


There is open Paddle Tennis play each day usually at 11:00 AM and often the Fitness Directors come out at that time and it's just a good time for people to show up.


While some people play who never played Paddle Tennis but were tennis players others have to learn for the very first time. 


I played very little tennis before trying Paddle Tennis and that was back in High School.  I first started to play Paddle Tennis in 2010 on board Serenity and missed the ball more than I hit the ball.  I found people to play with.  I also watched people play.  I also went up by myself to practice serving. 


Most people are very understanding as we all were rookies at some point. 


Even today I play to have fun and still make my fair share of mistakes as do most and have a lot of good laughs.


Yes, your wife should give it a try.



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Happy New Year to you two!

RE: Crew And Customer Love


I retired to the stateroom last night, after 11pm after having a little Bistro snack and said good night to my buddy Richie.


This Morning, 515am, Mr. Richie is up and working.  He helps get my coffee with a smile and says “You’re up early!”


The dedication of the crew to making sure we have a fine time is so wonderful.

I know it’s weird to be sentimental over fellow working travelers that we might never see again, however, when I see them take an extra moment to play with a little kid, and they’re thinking of their own kids too...well, ya know what I mean.




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Hi Keith, just wanted to chime in to say I'm enjoying reading your blog! Thanks for taking the time out of your vacation to post both here and on your blog. Hope you and Anne Marie have a great New Years Eve on board.



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Might we expect you to stay up until midnight? (I'm not holding my breath!!) Since midnight on the ship will be 4 AM at home and that's after the time you are usually up..........



Edited by Texas Tillie

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