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Elation 3/28 Reveiw - A Man's reveiw!!!!


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First a note to Kevin & Dawn, I can't beleive we did not meet. Dawn I gave two people in your party my room# and you froze me out. My daughter said she met you on the last night around 3:30 am in Tiffany's. I guess it was a good thing I propably couldn't hang with you anyways. LOL


Now to the reveiw, keep in mind I traveled with my wife another couple and my 18yr old daughter and her three friends whom all were on Senior Spring Break.


Arrived Saturday night in Houston stayed at Hampton Hobby and all went to Dinner at the Black Eyed Pea or something like that. It was very good. We do not have this chain in Kentucky.


Had Extreme Elegance Limo service pick us up at 8:45 am on Sunday. We had to go early to get two cars for price of one. Six ladies equals a lot of luggage and I had the most (will get to that later) We had a Black Excursion ( Drove Rapper Nelley during Super Bowl in this Limo) and a Black Town car. $20 per person each way. A steal if I must say.


We had to be some of the first people in Galveston on Sunday. Everything went cool except one of the girls almost left her Birth Certificate in her checked luggage. She was able to run back downstairs and retreive it before they sent luggage on boat. What is scary is that the luggage just sets in a corner and no one said a thing to her about getting in her luggage to retreive the B.C.


We were able to get on Boat about 12:20 and went straight to Lido Deck and had lunch. After lunch I bought my only drink of the trip. To get the Glass. It was OK but not woth $6.50 or whatever.


I was upgrded from IS guarentee to a 6B oceanveiw. Sweet!! The room was very nice. The girls were 4 rooms down and our friends next door. Since this was my first cruise I have nothing to compare to but the rooms are larger than I expected. My wife was happy and you know the saying " If Mamma's happy we all are happy"


Other notes about the rooms. The Hot water in the shower is about 800F PLEASE be careful. It takes a great touch to get the temp just right for your shower. When the toilet flushes it seems like the whole ship is going with it.


Luggage arrived a little later than I had hoped around 4pm I figured being first group on may mean last to get luggage.


With great anticipation It came. I was pleased to find in my two bags. One case of Bud Light, 2 750 ML plastic Travellers of Bacardi Rum 1 750ml Vodka and 24 Airport size Vodka and Rum bottles. Can you beat that Dawn?


This is why I was able to limit drink purchases on the ship. My wife did drink 4 Pina Coladas and some Tan drink of the day. She liked my drinks better.


I went to the gift shop bought the souvenir bottle with the insulated Carnival wrap with lid and straw and off I went. From 9:00 AM until 11:00AM was screwdriver time Vodka and OJ from the drink station. At 11:30 they switch drink offerings and so did I. I went to Rum with half Fruit Punch and half Lemonade. It was the Burly Blaster. I drank these until 4:30.


We then met our friends for Happy Hour at the Drama Bar outside the Casino. With my Fountain card I ordered Diet Coke and spiked it with Rum. So good. This went on everyday at Sea.


Ship is beautiful and very clean The staff is very nice. The only guy that pissed me off was Mike the Social director. He is a bambling idiot. The second day on the boat a Golf putting contest was to start at 9:00 am and a Sports trivia contest at 9:30 bad scheduling because most men would like to do both. Neither started on time and Mike goes to Lido deck stage to do Sports Trivia when the Capers says Drama Bar. 15 guys setting down there and that guy could have cared less. I asked him for a sheet to do the contest and he say's hey Buddy where giving answers now. Hey Mike during Bingo just give the friggin #'s you moron. I feel better.


Larry the cruise director is a talented man and a Fine person. The rest of the staff is great. Our wait staff was unbeleivable. Lordonna from Romainia Rolondo (Pumpkin) Francis and Michael Table 153 say's your the best. Our girls cried like babies that last night. It was a awesome seen. They exchanged E-mail addresses with the crew. Seeing those four 18yr olds puttin cash in those envelopes and wanting to, was awesome. We tipped well as a group if they deserved it. Our Cabin steward was not friendly but he did his job and had to wait for the kids to wake up.


The Food was very good. My daughter ate French Fries everyday. The grill food and breakfast was the best. The red meat at dinner is not very good. It took me four days to get this through my head. You can also get the first entree as a starter. This is a recommendation from me. Had room service once and it was OK. The Pizza is OK but they only have Cheese and Pepperoni most of the time. If you can wait 6-10 minutes you can get what you want.


Progresso was a fun stop. The Flea market right off the bus. Get your stuff here you will pay double of triple for the same stuff in Cozumel and Beleize. Bracelets, Rings and Fake Snakes for my wife's kindegarten class. I made my way to the beach stopping at the Corona store. We all got one I got two. Then across the street they all got Strawberry Daquaris. We went to the Beach ready to party. A band was playing with two girls dressed in Lime green outfits dancing like Beyonce. They grabbed our girls and to my suprise one of our girls could do the booty shake better than those girls. She had a big crowd of people around her. The girls had a ball. I went across the street to the 7/11 and bought 6 coronas and a bag of ice for $6.50 Party was on. The down side to Progreso is they are friggin ridiculus about peddling their stuff. They will send 2yr olds at ya. It was a trip. The more I drank the more fun I had with it.


Cozumel I took the whole crew to Paradise Beach WOW what a beautiful place. Every thing is free except Food and Drink. The place is off the charts. $26 cab ride for 8 people each way. 5 SOL beers for $12 Frozen drinks $6.50 ea. A must do in my opinion. The girls made us leave around 1:30 so they could shop. The shopping was a disappointment to the girls at the pier stores. They wished they had stayed at Paradise.


Belize we didn't do much, one wanted Cave tubing the others didn't. We just shopped. It was OK my least favorite.


Our girls had several thousand pictures taken on the boat. My wife loved the Watches at the gift shop and purses. We bought $60 worth of pictures.


My total sail and sign for three people was $401.00 This is with $210.00 worth of tips and I handed out $50 more to the ones I really liked.


This boat rocks and I would Cruise again. Any questions I will try to answer.

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How ironic..........just got on to look for a recent elation reveiw and there you were.....


ok..I must admit I think I might have ecome a cruise snob......so you are going to have to help me....we were on facination right after 9/11 and it was an awful experiance...."booze cruz" does not even come close to describing it...someone thru-up in the pool the first morning and it was closed for the rest of the trip.....we were definatly on a floating "frat party"......

Next we tryed the celebration....traveled w/ some friends and had a great time........however the old girl "shimmys when she shakes"...and she shakes ALL the time....have read some things recently that she needs to be retired....crew was awesome...but sheis old, worn and tired..........

Now for the snob part.....last fall we embarked on the Navigator of the seas.....royal caribbean....what a difference from carnival....


Ok....am looking to take my "baby" on a trip in aug for her 21st bday.....the rhapsody of the seas is "calling me".....but the elation is about $500 less.........


So.........is she clean......fun.....food good...shows.....


we live in san antonio so would really like to leave from galveston....




by the way you are a brave man....w/ 4 18yr old girls....my DH would not even atempt it....







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Burly, that was the most honest and down to earth review I've ever read! You said with humor and common sense...THANK YOU. I loved every minute of it. We are going on the Triump May 1st and we are definately going to Paradise Beach. And my husband will be relieved to know his case of Red Dog will make it just fine in the checked luggage. Thanks again!

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Just got off Elation on 3/28 also. had a good time, although it was my first time on Carnival and it did not meet the class and service of Celebrity or NCL. All and all was good.

Burly, I did not meet you but had posted before we left on Roll Call and remember your comments. I also did not meet Dawn, who also posted alot on the pre-cruise post. I remember seeing the girls in Progreso on the beach dancing, and remember the little girl trying to sale me stuff, kind of sad. On the beach a very old man came by and sang us some songs. Stay on beach all day, this is what I would recommend to others going; and buy your stuff there.

I enjoyed shows, food ok- but not great. Dissappointed in waiter and dining room staff, did not seem to really get to know like on other cruises. In Cozumel, took cab to snorkling

park- where the dolfin show is, had great time. In Belize, just shopped and walked around the city, it was fun. I would highly recommend that future Cruisers book an excursion on the ship for Belize because unless you just want to shop you cannot get off ship early enough to book something on shore. They get you off first if you book on the ship. Enjoyed shows, liked Larry. I particapated in the "diving for spoons competition" at the pool, got second place. Ate pizza, had ice-cream. Mike seem to be schooled at "infomercial" college. Very loud and went from one activity to the next, but did seem to be genuine about what he was doing. I had a wonderful time, all cruises are great, just some one enjoyable than others. I have yet to have a truly bad experience. My kids went with wife and I, they had a graet time, Ages 10 and 8. They loved Camp Carnival and the towel animals every night. If anyone has any questions will be glad to answer anyting specific.

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Swamp sorry we didn't hook up. The Progresso Beach was a wild scene. The old man played for us also. Mike drove me nuts with his screaming but I guess that is his job. Did you catch the Comedy show on Friday night. I laughed about that dude for two days. If that Boat had a 18 hole golf course I would go again next year.

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We were there on the Elation with you. I agree it was a great trip. I just finished posting a review on the review section.

I agree with Swamp cruiser also. We barely made our excursion in Belize. We had booked on our own and were up at the crack of dawn to get tender stickers and still didn't get off the ship until 9:45 am. My kids loved the towel animals too. They would race from cabin to cabint to see if they were the same. (One of our cabins had a different steward so they weren't all the same.)

All in all it was a wonderful week and I would go on the Elation again.





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Sure sorry we did not meet up everyone. Burly, I beleive I recall your group and remember seeing limo picking ya'll up. LizzieTish, my kids had to have been together in some of the Camp carnival activities. If I were to see ya'lls faces I know I would reckonize, I remember faces.

I did see the comedy show, did ya'll see him on the "Liars club" panel, it was really funny. My kids are still talking about the trip. While in Progreso, we also had our own "butler" on the beach. This native mexican, treated us like kings. We were a little down from where the "dancing" took place relaxing under straw huts. only us a one other couple. he would bring us bottle cokes/beer and nachos,together with wet cold towels. he could speak little english, and i just steadily tippped. it was GREAT. kids picked up lots of shells. I wish I were back on board.

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Hey Swamp did I come by and ask you guy's for a bottle opener? I went to 7/11 and bought beer thinking it was twist off like the States. One of our teenagers just took one and popped it open on the lounge chair. I guess they learned that somewhere before!!! We got pictures back and it sure makes you miss cruising.

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Your review was hilarious and very informative. We will be on the Elation June 20 with 23 people total. Five of them will be 12 year old girls. I don't know who is nuttier, you with 4 18 year olds or us. It's a toss up. We will be doing a very similiar itenerary as you. In Progreso I am curious about the shopping. I have been to Cozumel last year and know what I can get there. Does Progreso have most of the same stuff? You are not the only Elation cruiser that has said that prices are better in Progreso. The beach there sounds like alot of fun. Is the shopping within walking distance? We are also planning to go to Paradise beach. I have read great things about it. Thanks again for your review.

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I loved your review, Burly! Thanks sooo much!!!



Militant Breastfeeding & Homebirth Proponent-Sandra Carmichael


Mardi Gras 6/79

Mardi Gras 6/79

(back to back cruises)

Celebration 8/02

Splendour of the Seas 3/03

Jubilee 7/03

Conquest 1/04

Celebration 1/04

Elation 2/04

Elation *coming again* 1/05

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