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Live from the 2019 Grand South America and Antarctica Voyage


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16 hours ago, puppycanducruise said:

Possum fur yarn.  I've never heard of that. 

I guess it's lovely and soft if you are using it for a baby sweater.

Thanks for telling us about your day.


The possums in New Zealand are a pest (they are not endemic to NZ) and very much disliked except by knitters and crocheters!

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February 12, 2019

Port Stanley, Falkland Islands


I was originally going to take the 7-hour tour to Volunteer Point to see penguins but I left it too late and it sold out.  I instead chose “Joe’s Gentoo Penguins”.  Joe is a local farmer who has a number of Gentoos that live on his property.  We took a short ride in a mini-bus and then transferred to Land Rovers to go over the very bumpy terrain.  We were given about an hour to watch the penguins and walk down to the ocean.  The time went very quickly because they are so cute to watch.


We arrived back in town around noon and I met Pat to look for yarn.  She and her husband had checked out a number of stores and we went back to three of them.  We also had lunch in a café.  She found three lots of wool but I restrained myself with only one. 


We returned to the ship around 2:45 and there was trivia at 4:00.  Because we were in the Falklands, both trivias today were British pub trivias.  We had 19 out of 24 but the winners had 21.5.

1) Who was the last English king to die in battle?

2) Lesley Hornby is better known by what name?

3) Which British artist sang the theme for the Bond movie Skyfall?

4) What is the highest mountain in Scotland (which is also the highest in the UK)?

5) Who was the famous writer, illustrator and conservationist associated with the Lake District?


I ate early with my other table.  The menu was British inspired, the dining rooms were also decorated, and bowler hats were distributed. I had a salad, fish and chips (and four of us split the mac and cheese), and cake for dessert.


There were 10 questions and 5 tunes by British artists that we had to identify the title and author in evening trivia.  We won with 22 out of 26.

1) What is the official name of Britain?

2) What is the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe?

3) Who invented the “cats eyes” that mark the center of the road?

4) The BAF is the professional body for the coaching of which sport?

5) Who was the Scottish engineer who invented television?


Pat, Patty, Sherita, and I went to hear the guys of Shades of Buble.  They were very good again.


Afternoon trivia

1) Richard III

2) Twiggy

3) Adele

4) Ben Nevis

5) Beatrix Potter


Evening trivia

1) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

2) York Minster

3) Percy Shaw

4) Fencing

5) Baird


Smooth sailing until next time!

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February 13, 2019

At Sea


Morning began with Knitters and Stitchers and once again we had only a few present.  Lunch in the Lido and then to afternoon trivia.  We had 15.5 out of 21 and the winners had 16.5

1) What science did Margaret Mead help popularize?

2) In what year did Jimmy Hoffa disappear?

3) What was the second Bond story to be made into a movie?

4) What is allied with steel to make stainless steel?

5) What unique and strange quality do these personalities have in common – Judy Garland, Lenny Bruce, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, and Whitney Houston?


After trivia I went to the library to run off a pattern that a couple of people wanted.

The weather has started to change and we had a beautifully sunny day with highs in the 60s.


 I then went to the Showroom where there was going to be a special program by Jakub Trasak, a violinist.  For some reason he was only contracted to do one night of shows (most performers do two nights) even though he was on the ship for at least ten days.  He has been popping up with the Ocean Bar band and in other venues just because he loves to play (he said he always carries his violin with him) and many people had asked the entertainment department for another show.  As he gets off the ship tomorrow, this afternoon was scheduled.  The Showroom was just about full and he did a great show and received a standing ovation.


Sherita, Patty, Tom, and I met up in the Crow’s Nest for happy hour.  Sherita drank two wang-wangs!


Only five of us for evening trivia and we had 16 out of 19.  The winning team had 18.

1) In what city did Joe DiMaggio marry Marilyn Monroe?

2) Which Greek first told the world that everything is made from earth, fire, and wind?

3) What city is home to the busiest stock exchange?

4) What nation has about 1000 permanent inhabitants but does not export any goods?

5) What does NASA stand for?


Tonight was a Gala Night with the theme of Blue although there were no decorations and the penguins did not make an appearance.  I had a salad with goat cheese, shrimp cocktail, surf and turf, and a really bad cherry dessert with not very good chocolate gelato (I left almost all of the dessert).  We received a carry-on suitcase as our pillow gift.  This one is much nicer than last years because it is a spinner (last year’s only had two wheels).


I did not go to the evening show.


Afternoon trivia

1) Anthropology

2) 1975

3) From Russia With Love

4) Chromium

5) They died in the bathroom


Evening trivia

1) San Francisco

2) Aristotle

3) Tokyo

4) Vatican City

5) National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Smooth sailing until next time!

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February 14, 2019

Puerto Madryn, Argentina


There was no tour I wanted so I set out about 10:30 to walk around.  My main goal was to find an ATM to get some money for Buenos Aires (the ship does not sell Argentinian money because of the way it fluctuates).  The pier was a mile long (possibly a slight exaggeration but not by much) and summer has finally returned and it was hot.  At least there was a bit of a breeze. 


I walked along the waterfront and saw the craft stalls but nothing called out to me.  With help from some friends I found the mall expecting there to be at least one ATM but I saw none.  I decided to walk to the square and on the way found a bank but nothing happened when I put my card in and everything was in Spanish so I walked on to the main square.  It was being torn up and I could not see any banks so I started back.  I found another ATM but it kept giving me the message that I had made an “invalid request”.  I gave up and went into a gift shop that took US$.  My big purchase was a magnet and I spent a total of $1!


As I was getting ready to make the long trek back on the pier, I was told that there was a free shuttle that went from the gate to the ship.  Much better than that long walk!


I was not really much impressed with Puerto Madryn.  The area along the waterfront was quite pretty but what I saw of the town was not real interesting.


When I returned to my cabin I changed into my bathing suit and went to the Lido for lunch.  I then spent a lovely two hours by the pool.  There were only a couple of people at the pool (the one on deck 9) and I had the pool to myself for swimming my laps.  I think it has been at least three weeks since the last time I was in the pool.  I enjoyed it immensely.


After changing I did a little knitting before afternoon trivia.  We tied with three other teams for the win with 14 out of 28.

1) What entertainer left his knee prints in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater?

2) What name is given to a race horse that has never won a race?

3) How many pieces are on a backgammon board when the game begins?

4) What was the first sport to be filmed and who filmed it?

5) If you were being ”lapidated” what would be happening to you?


After trivia Pat and I were helping Sherita learn how to cast on as we are going to teach her to knit.


Needed to wash the salt water from the pool off before getting ready for dinner. I am not sure which is worse – salt water or chlorinated water.


We had 11 out of 18 for evening trivia but the winning team had 13.

1) Which country has been the site of the most European battles?

2) Which martial art’s name means “gentle way”?

3) Who was the Egyptian goddess of love and marriage?

4) What was the first American automaker to introduce air bags?

5) Which composer’s music was considered so boring and out of date that his own family called him the “old wig”?


The dining rooms were all decorated for Valentine’s Day.  Two of the penguins were enjoying a romantic evening.  I had a spring roll, fruit, beef tenderloin, and a fruit cupcake for dessert.  Everyone received a rose after dinner and I ended up with three because one of the ladies at the table is allergic so I got hers and her husband’s. 


I stopped at the Ocean Bar for a short while to watch the dancing at the Valentine Day’s Dance.  The cast singers were singing while I was there.  I did not go to the show which featured a harpist.



Afternoon trivia

1) Al Jolson

2) Maiden

3) 30

4) Boxing, by Thomas Edison

5) Being stoned


Evening trivia

1) Belgium

2) Judo

3) Hathor

4) GM

5) Bach


Smooth sailing until next time!


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Sounds like the trivia questions are getting hard again if winning teams get only 1/2 correct.


How nice to get 3 roses.  We have been on several ships over Valentine's day and never even got one.


Puerto Madryn doesn't sound very interesting if you can't even find a working ATM machine.


Great report.

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February 15, 2019

At Sea


A quiet day on board.  We only had about five people in Knitters and Stitchers.  Unfortunately, we lost one of our members yesterday because her husband was having problems and they had to leave.


Lunch in the Lido and then afternoon trivia in which we did horribly with only 8 out of 19.  The winners had 13.

1) What does a pedologist study?

2) What was the first theme part in Florida, opening in 1936?

3) Which country’s flag has a red background with one five-pointed yellow star?

4) What was the first Japanese automaker to mass market a hybrid car?

5) Who was the first athlete on a Wheaties box?


Arts and Crafts was just for completing unfinished projects and having a group picture taken.


I then changed and went to the deck 9 pool.  I swam half my normal laps and sat in the sun for about an hour.


We did a little better in evening trivia with 13 out of 19 but the winners had 16.

1) What four-legged friend debuted on Roy Rogers movie “Spoilers on the Plain”?

2) Who shoved a grapefruit in May Clark’s face in a classic movie?

3) In what year did the maple leaf flag become the official one for Canada?

4) In 1963 James W. Whittaker became the first American to do what?

5) What was the one word nickname for entertainer Bill Robinson?


Six of us present for dinner.  I had a fruit salad, Caesar salad, Beef Bourginon, and a cherry Pavlova.  I ran off a couple of knitting patterns for Pat after dinner and skipped the show.


Afternoon trivia (we missed all of these)

1) Soil

2) Cypress Gardens

3) Vietnam

4) Honda

5) Mary Lou Retton


Evening trivia

1) Bullet (dog)

2) Jimmy Cagney

3) 1964

4) Reach the summit of Mt. Everest

5) Bojangles


Smooth sailing until next time!

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February 16, 2019

Punta del Este, Uruguay


After I finished my blog last night I felt the start of a sinus infection.  I took a couple of sinus pills hoping it would go away.  When I awoke at 6 am I still had it so I started a Z-pack.  Hopefully, it will help like last time.  I went back to sleep and slept until almost noon – a total of 11 hours.


I decided not to take the 20-30 minute tender ride into town as I had found nothing I particularly wanted to see.  We are coming back next year in case I hear of something wonderful I missed.  We had a short day here anyway since the last tender was at 2:30.


I had my usual meal of rice and rolls that I have when I feel bad.  I then sat out in the sun (didn’t feel like swimming) for almost two hours and started to feel a little better.


For some reason, afternoon trivia was at 3:30 rather than the usual 4 pm.  When It started, only three of us were present but as the quiz went on the others arrived thinking they were early.  We had 9 out of 18 and the winners had 14.

1) What does a “palmiped” possess that makes it a palmiped?

2) What is the collective name for a group of larks?

3) What river is Baghdad on?

4) Who did Cassius Clay beat when he first won the championship?

5) Which animated movie was Disney working on when he died?


For evening trivia we tied at least three other teams with 16 out of 18.  There was another tie after the first tie-breaker and finally another team won the second tie-breaker (which was which deck does Erin [the assistant CD] live on).

1) In which country was the first fountain pen used?

2) What is the oldest known contagious disease?

3) A mountain is the symbol for what film company?

4) What body part gets bigger as the day progresses?

5) What is the first country to introduce income tax in 1789?


Seven of us present for dinner.  I had French onion soup, Chicken Codon Bleu, and a Peach Melba sundae.  I did not go to the show as I plan to go to bed very early (before midnight!!).


Afternoon trivia

1) Webbed feet

2) Exultation

3) Tigris

4) Sonny Liston

5) The Jungle Book


Evening trivia

1) Egypt

2) Leprosy

3) Paramount

4) Feet

5) Britain


Smooth sailing until next time!

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