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Live from the 2019 Grand South America and Antarctica Voyage


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The food certainly looks different from when we lived in Colombia!  Then, most meats were stewed in a lot of beer, and my favourite dish was called "Arroz con Coco" rice  fried in fresh coconut cream, and then boiled in the coconut milk, with little bits of the browned coconut flesh running through it.  So delicious!  It was a ton of work to make though.  

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The ship’s photographers took a picture of all the passengers and crew at the Lido pool this afternoon to commemorate or memorialize the Prinsendam’s final voyage through the Canal. Not everyone showed up but we had a great crowd. The photo will feature the canal in the background. Everyone will get a complementary copy of the photo. 

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4 minutes ago, Scrapnana said:

No, I was swimming when we got to Miraflores.


Priorities!:classic_biggrin:  The webcam said the temperature was 30 (celsius) so plenty hot enough to need a nice swim.


Or were you doing that "Swim the Canal" like 1of4's children did?

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3 hours ago, Vict0riann said:


Sherita, if there's going to be a M&G on the second segment of your cruise, would you like me to bring on some sticky name tags?

I’ve got enough name tags for another meet and greet. A couple of sharpie pens would help though. 

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2 hours ago, Krazy Kruizers said:



Wonderful pictures of that special Colombian dinner -- $35 isn't a bad price.


I am sucker for those Panama Buns -- I end up eating 2 or 3 of them for breakfast.

I’m a sucker for the rolls too. I had 2 for breakfast along with a big cup of coffee. That was it until lunchtime “rolled” around. 

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22 minutes ago, SusieKIslandGirl said:

Is there anywhere a place where I can find your itinerary and port dates? Curious as to when we'll be 2 ships passing in the night (on the Zaandam in 3 weeks) :classic_tongue:. Thanks!

I think, if you can find the sail away thread for Prinsendam, you will find the itinerary on that.




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January 9, 2019

Transit of the Panama Canal


A rather quiet day as we went through the canal.  I went to the stitching group at 10 and again there were only three of us present.  I worked until about 11:20 and then went to lunch.


After lunch I spent some time taking pictures of the canal from my deck.  At 2 the photographers took a picture of passengers and crew as the Prinsendam makes her final transit of the Canal.  We were told that we would each get a copy (free!) of the photograph as a memento.  I was sitting with my feet in the Lido pool while waiting for the picture.  I was hoping that the water would help the swelling in my feet and ankles that I have had since the first evening.  I am not sure what I have done different this year as I had virtually no swelling on the WV last year.  After the picture I decided to change and do some laps in the pool on deck 9.


There was a full house for afternoon trivia and there were some disgruntled players who did not get “their” chosen area.  So far they have not brought in any folding chairs to the Ocean Bar so space is at a premium.  We ended up with 12 out of 18 and, once again, were the runners-up to the team next to us who had 13.

1) One day of the week has an anagram.  For one point give the day of the week and for a bonus point, the correct anagram.

2) As of 2015, 7 out of 10 of the biggest cargo ports are in what country?

3) Which organ uses 25% of the body’s oxygen supply?

4) Which is the largest Scandinavian country?

5) What was Tom Jones first UK #1 hit?


Because we are anchored overnight outside of Panama City (with tendering throughout the night), the shows tonight are at 6:30 and 8 (usually at 8 and 10).  Tonight’s show is by the four Colombian cultural ambassadors who have been onboard since Fort Lauderdale.  The show is called “A Taste of Colombia”.  It was very high energy and nicely done.


Evening Trivia was put back to 7:30. We had 13 out of 18 but two teams tied with 14.

1) According to TV guide, what was the top show of the 80s?

2) Between 1993 and 2001, what was the most expensive city in which to live?

3) Which TV host removed a pair of loafers on camera every day?

4) How many hours should you set aside to indulge in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony?

5) Between 1980 and 2000, what was the top-rated TV game show?


All present for dinner.  I had a salad, French onion soup, prime rib, and a strawberry sundae.


Afternoon trivia

1) Monday – dynamo

2) China

3) Brain

4) Sweden

5) It’s Not Unusual


Evening trivia

1.  The Cosby Show

2.  Tokyo

3.  Fred Rogers

4.  4

5.  The Price Is Right


Smooth sailing until next time!

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