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“LIVE FROM” 2019 Oceania Insignia World Cruise, Jan. 11-July 11


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Enjoying each ones post. The pictures are wonderful to see. 

Left Insigina in Nov,when it went in for the do over,I bet it is a changed ship. The CD was assistant I believe back in nov, only face I recognize in crew pix’s keep enjoying so we can read and enjoy to everyone

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Mar.16.2019 You are correct again.  There are lots more things to do in Bali depending on your   Interests and time.  Ten weeks ago, dined at Cuca with Vancouver born executive chef Kevin Koskas, hiked into three water falls and enjoyed a sunset at Tanah Lot.




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24 minutes ago, See_More said:

Mar.16.2019 Bali, Indonesia.  Visited Elephant caves, National rice fields, several Buddhist temples and Bird park.  We bumped into Ray Carr and got additional insight from our feathered friends.


Is that Big Bird? :classic_biggrin:

Great picture.

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I just loved this photo.  It reminded me of one I took at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club in August 1987 of a stork reading a board that said something like "Birds in the Park".  Not that it is anything like the beautiful photo above.


Took me a long time to find such an old one ...now I have to see if I can upload it!  Looks like it worked ...






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6 hours ago, IWantToLiveOverTheSea said:

bob brown & go bucks, thanks for the information.  


bob - doesn't sound like much in the way of trains.  I'll be interested to see whatt your "mission" in Benoa  is!  


No railway here, and no bus transit system.  It seems motorcycles and scooters are the means of transport for most, and cars.

There were however, an unbelievable stream of tour buses.  It seems that yesterday, Saturday, was the day for all of the rest of Indonesia to do “domestic tourism”, of Bali.  I must have seen hundreds of them on our tour, with tons of them just at our Temple visit...




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2 hours ago, bob brown said:

Well look what just tied up ahead of us...🙂


Azamara Quest is the only non-Oceania ship we ever have sailed.  Wonderful memories of Sicily, the Croatian coast and Norway, all three wonderful port-intensive itineraries.

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8 minutes ago, IWantToLiveOverTheSea said:

Pretty soon Ray Carr will be asking in Trivia what you call a bunch of pelicans!  (I assume it's a flock, but who knows?  Ray claims a bunch of crows is a murder of crows - strange!)

In case he asks, here is the answer:


group of pelicans has many collective nouns, including a "brief", "pod", "pouch", "scoop", and "squadron" of pelicans.


Here at home I am allowed to use the Internet :classic_biggrin:

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 Mar.17.2019 Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Center, Bali Indonesia.

Ogoh-Ogoh - the monsters of Hindu folklore. 

Our monster of malice and monster of peace battle constantly ... who will win; the monster we feed.




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5 hours ago, bob brown said:

So who do you suppose wasthe last to board?😆



😂  😆  😁


We were having a FANTASTIC leg and foot massage in the terminal that finished at 2:25pm.  When we walked out of the terminal we realized that they were already taking up one of the gangways!!  After 30 yrs of cruising, it's the first time that we've been the last onboard!  The staff joked with us that the last onboard had to buy everyone drinks.  😉


And wouldn't you know that Bob was right there to catch the whole sordid thing on film!!  Haha!  It was truly funny, Bob...thanks for a good laugh.

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We had a great day learning all about Balinese culture.  Our tour first went to the compound (home to all extended family) of a rice farmer.  We were kindly shown around their home and their temple...all families have their own temple inside the family compound.  The plaque shows their names, address, and how many males and females live there.  This place was in a typical middle class neighborhood.  Next we stopped at the home/business of a wood carver...all the men in the village are wood carvers.  Men design and carve an entire piece by themselves by hand and the women stain them.  There were some beautiful pieces of furniture...I bought a nice wooden box for jewelry.  The highlight of the day was a visit to the Ubud area...a restaurant called Laka Leke.  We had a lovely welcome, a dancing show by young girls and someone dressed as a monkey demon, learned to make painted eggs, how to make "offerings" and a fantastic lunch.  The restroom was the most unique I've ever seen...the sink is on the outside porch and in the large room with the toilet is a rock and flower garden with a fish pond!!  Outside the restaurant were REAL monkeys sitting on top of cars...we were told to keep personal items away as they will jump on you and try to take your purse, cell phone or anything else you're carrying.  As I mentioned in a post above, we stopped by the terminal for the second day in a row to get a foot massage...so relaxing and only cost $10 for 30 min. 



















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Oh, more wonderful pictures.  See-More, you look like you're having a fabulous time, and look lovely in your Country casual attire.  Bob, you are like me (but with a different "mission") - camera always ready!  And Go Bucks, you're a little like me, as I may not ever be the last on board, but I suspect I'm usually close quite often.  5 minutes before "all onboard" ?  No problem! 


So I'm still trying to get a realistic view of just how bad traffic is in Bali, and how far the coaches and the taxi/private drivers got.  It looks like some people got up to Ubud (rice fields and Bird Center) - is that correct?  (Oh, never mind - just saw Go Buck's post with mention of Ubud).


I am learning so much from this thread.....it's a squad of pelicans, it's tomorrow night in Indonesia now (no longer St. Patrick's Day!!), that there are so many places I haven't been, etc.  Keep the pictures and commentary coming, and thanks!

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