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“LIVE FROM” 2019 Oceania Insignia World Cruise, Jan. 11-July 11


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17 hours ago, BigNance said:

That Japanese meal on board looks awesome!  Was that just for the ATW guests?


No....it was the nightly dinner in the buffet (Terrace Cafe). As we sail to each country, the head chef Mario creates a themed dinner. We've had Polynesian dinner, Indonesian, Australian, Asian, etc. This was Japanese since that's where we are now.  They serve the same meal 2 nights in a row so that those with specialty restaurant reservations on one of the nights can still enjoy the buffet on the other.

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The buffet was for everyone on board...while I appreciate Lisa's "food porn" photo's, above, I was upstairs one deck enjoying real food....in Polo.

My "Bob Special" 14 ounce filet mignon...😋.  And a dessert of 14 layer chocolate cake...😊

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On 3/20/2019 at 11:38 AM, NYCnative said:

Thanks so much for all the informative posts.

I am new to O but not new to cruising and am thinking about ATW 2021 whose itinerary is very comparable to this one. . I have some questions which I hope you or someone can address.


NYCnative, does your name happen to be Sean?



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2 hours ago, IWantToLiveOverTheSea said:

True, definitely not so elaborate.  But in terms of food choices and how they're made/served, I feel the buffets are terrific.  

my point was   this may be something special for the RTW cruise

new people coming to O may expect this type of buffet daily may be disappointed

Yes the Terrace  is good  but not the variety shown here


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When Insignia did a New England lobster night in Terrace on our New England/Bermuda cruise last year they did the same thing.  The theme dinner was offered two nights.  Perhaps someone can tell us about the Alaskan theme night offering in Terrace on Regatta?

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Getting back to Lyn's comment about buffet meals in Terrace, I agree that on all of our cruises on O, we've never seen a buffet like that in Terrace.  (Not to be critical about Terrace buffets, especially those on the "O" ships.)  That looked more like what we've seen for special brunches in the GDR.


Speaking with envy ... that looked wonderful.




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On 3/28/2019 at 6:27 AM, LHT28 said:

Usually the  buffet on regular cruises are not that elaborate   or at least any sailings I have been on  🙁


These are special themed nights that Mario puts together. Most nights are not so elaborate but are always set up beautifully. 

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Kobe and Kyoto, Japan today: lovely ship in the harbor, Chinatown in Kobe, food stands, darling dogs riding in a stroller, roasted ducks, Spiderman, shopping area, Kobe beef sculpture, my bowl of tonkatsu ramen and beautiful young women in kimonos.
















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Mar.30.2019  Safely off the ship, beyond the range of cranked up hearing aids, some secrets can be shared... aboard ship, days of week do not apply; days are either donut days or sticky bun.  For the truly adventurous try the salt and pepper in the main dining room, the convention of one hole for salt and five to seven for pepper do not apply; you may even get ebony and ivory on the same keyboard.  Half orders are available.  If you are oscillating on a narrow passage commit to the left or right... with luck you will confront a Canadian, by nature they avoid oncoming traffic.  When playing bridge, a peek trumps a finesse.  And as Oscar Wilde would say “be yourself, everyone else is taken”.   It was our greatest pleasure to meet so many new friends.  We are head over heels in love with you!






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Greetings Oceania INSIGNIA ATW 2019 & Tokyo-Singapore Segment Cruisers  —


This is a "tickler" for our upcoming Tokyo-Singapore Segment's Meet & Mingle. We've been cleared to use Horizons forward section, starboard/right side this coming MONDAY (1 April -- no joke) at 10AM.  FYI, once agin there will be Needlepoint finishing-up on the port (left) side. 


We'll start by MEETING those joining us in Tokyo, with self-introductions.  Then we will open it up to anyone who needs to coordinate and/or finalize shared private shore excursions.  Then there will be time to MINGLE.


As usual, this is a no-host event, so please wear your name tag, so it will be easier to meet & mingle.  Also, please pass this on to others on Insignia  --  since there will be no announcement in the Currents... and not everyone is reading Cruise Critic.  Attendance is open to anyone interested.


Looking Forward to Getting Together on Monday  —  Ryan

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