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“LIVE FROM” 2019 Oceania Insignia World Cruise, Jan. 11-July 11

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For us that can not e mail keep us informed on here how things go in this new great life and Bob take care of your health problem. So glad I got involved with this world cruise I guess because we were on the last cruise before the make over. 

On a sad note a couple we met on a cruise 2015 Princess were on Princess 2019 cruise and before Australia she died. Husband posted the eulogy from service on the ship before he left for home.  So I never thought I would be reading something sad and somethings so nice in one winters world cruise Seems HAL. Blogger had no bad reports and that is a good thing. Sad thing that world cruise captain is retiring after 2020 cruise and he writes a great blog too.   So life goes on one way or another

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I wish we could have been there..Stu and I wish you all the happiness in the world and fair seas for the rest of your lives  (100 more years sounds good)

I'm sure we will be speaking soon..

Love and XX

Jan and Stu

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So thrilled to see these pics.  Best wishes to Bob and Betsy--so glad we met,even if it was just briefly on the Rome leg. There is a time for every purpose under heaven...today  love abounds, so happy for you both.

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We're back!!


The entire 180 days traveled 46,935 nautical miles in 8 segments! Wish safe travels to everyone leaving today. 


In a few hours I'll be picking up my 15 yr old granddaughter at the airport...she'll be joining me on this next cruise. One of the waiters told me that 30 children will be onboard this coming week. 

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Bob and Betsy...Thanks for the great wedding pics.  Bob, thanks so much for taking us along on your wonderful and very eventful journey!  I hope we meet on the high seas someday.  Happy life ahead for you two!


Lisa..Go Bucks..  Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful pics and commentary on this amazing cruise.  I will miss all of you and hope we meet in person someday!  Have a great time with your granddaughter.



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Dear Bob,

It has been so hard to find the words to say how happy I am about what happened to you.  This has truly been a real life Fairy Tale, with you as the hero in this story.  In the years I have known you, with your amazing depth of knowledge, especially in the cruise industry, it is so perfect that you found love at sea.  Now that the cruise has ended, you will have an enduring thrill of sharing and growing the experience everyday with Betsy.  I am certainly looking forward to seeing you both when you return to NYC.  I think we will have a little celebrating to do.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and smoothest sailings,


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Thank you to all who posted about the Jan 11-Jul 11 RTW Cruise. My Mom & I (Noreen Brown) Met many of you during the first leg. Thank you to all who faithfully posted the cruise, allowing us to follow along, especially Bob Brown. All our best wishes to Bob & Betsy as they continue their love story on land. Blessings!


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Thanks to everyone who allowed us to share their journey since January!


It’s been a lovely ritual of mine to check each day and enjoy all your posts. 


If anyone has time (or inclination) would you please give us final thoughts about the itinerary, life onboard, packing(!), habits you fell into onboard or anything of the like that could be useful to anyone else embarking on a journey like this in the future? 


Thank you 🙂


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Welcome home to the ATW cruisers.   THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful experiences with us.   Fingers crossed we will take one someday soon!  :-)



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Thank you for taking us along on this amazing journey!  I looked forward to reading everyone's updates each morning.  Hopefully one day I'll be able to take such an adventure!


Most importantly, CONGRATS to the happy couple!!!!

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ATW 2019 cruisers...did anyone you know of have any mail delivered to the ship around the world?  I assume people took ample meds with them along on the voyage, but did you hear of anyone who had meds delivered to the ship?

Thanks for the info.  Hope you all transition well back into your everyday lives.  Like, what's for dinner and who's cooking?

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Re mail: On the 2016 world cruise I had a package sent to the ship via Fed-ex.  I used the Oceania port agent as the recipient and our cabin on the ship for delivery.  I had the on-board concierge  make the arrangement with the agent so they expected the package and knew what to do with it. 


I doubt a foreign Post Office would consider a ship as a legitimate address but  mail via a Port Agent just like my parcel could likely be arranged.



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