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Carnival Vista - LIVE-Feb 24-Mar 3 - Gal to Montego, GC, Coz - Fun Times, Menus, etc.

Saint Greg

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1 hour ago, kctraveling said:

agreed. Went in January. Suri, Maria and Manol were incredible


From what I understand Maria isn’t on the ship now. That means her significant other, Manol, Isn’t either. Don’t know about Suri. He’s a good one though...like a little mad scientist. Not fancy. But tasty custom drinks..and doesn’t give you any lip when you ask for them. I hear Jenn is back. She was on my August cruise but was off in December. When you get her and Maria together it’s trouble. They start talking Spanish and you don’t know what they’re saying.

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For this barhopping thing you are supposed to be at Senor Frogs Downtown at 10am. The tour leaves at 10:15. My plan was to leave the ship no later than 9:30....but 9:15 to be safe.  I get back to my room to get ready and realize it’s already 9am. By the time I’m ready to walk out the door it’s 9:30. I go to open the safe, type in my code and get ERR. I do it again ERR. I type it the code I may have used by mistake if I were intoxicated the last time I locked it...and get another ERR. My safe will not open. 


I’m looking around the room and I notice my waterproof case is on the desk, which still has my passport in it, which has the cash I didn’t spend in Jamaica in it. I grab it and also go though some pairs of pants in search of 1’s I didn’t use. 


I scrounge together $100. I was planning on bringing more than that but it may be enough to get me by. I need 10 plus tip for a cab. 40 plus tip for the tour and then whatever I’m going to spend. I’m thinking a beer per bar x four bars. I have no idea what a beer costs over there. Let’s say 30 for that. That pretty much wipes me out. If I could go back, I’d grab the pesos that are buried in my backpack from the last time I was in Merida. I think I have about 500 pesos which is about 20 bucks now.

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I get off the ship and race through puerta maya.

The cab stand has a long line. I’m passing them up. Been here a million times now never caught a cab there I walk down to the permex gas station and catch one that just gassed up. If there wasn’t one there I know a bunch of them park on that next street. We’re rolling at 9:50. Andele! andele!











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We’re on the bus and the guide is talking and she starts talking about people drinking too much and getting sick and she puts this bag on her head...like a plastic bag from Walmart hanging it over her ears. I’m like...”that bag almost looks like it says Greg....no it says 6 reg...then she says “Where is Greg?”  I’m thinking maybe there’s another Greg on this bus. When it’s clear she’s looking for me I’m thinking “This is a setup. Posting my excursions ahead of time finally bit me.” I slumped down in my seat so I wouldn’t be detected. 

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While sitting at the swing bar this lady wouldn’t stop bugging me about a massage.  She wanted to give me a free one and all that. I just wanted to get rid of her...so there was this couple from my group. I told her the guy, we’ll call him boats, was looking for a massage. So she goes and messes with boats and leaves me alone. Boats informs her he does not want a massage and it ends..but it’s only the beginning.

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The second stop was coconuts. This right next to a hotel that was built in 1970 for a secret meeting between Fidel Castro and the Mexican President. It was abandoned for 30 years and is now the only hotel on the east side. The only people allowed to stay on the east side at night are the people in that hotel. 







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There was a couple...not in our group that was sitting next to me at the bar. They had a  bunch of food and drinks I guess. This guy brings their bill over and says it’s 42. She asked 42 pesos? He says no, 42 dollars and walks away. 


I hear them talking about how they don’t have 42 dollars and they didn’t realize it was that much money. The husband tells the wife “we’ll just give him 22 dollars. The guy comes back they give him 22. He says it’s 42 and then walks away again. The husband says he wants to get rid of pesos so he has the wife go over and give the guy 700 pesos and they walk out. I think that’s still short. I want to say that’s about $35.


After that couple left I slid down and found myself next to boats and wife. Our guide stopped by and gave us a 10 minute warning. I tell boats that’s enough time to get one of the massages by Nacho....up by the bathroom there’s a massage table and sign “massages by nacho”

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The guide mentioned the place that used to be the third stop is now closed. So they have a different third stop now. 


The drink here was called the Blue Lagoon. I had a nice conversation with ohyes and husband from CC at this bar...They are on the Dream this week with their adult children she read my Dream reviews.


When I went out to take pictures of the area, boats and his wife had just wrapped up a photo session at the tiki. In passing I pointed out the massage area to boats.















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