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Fantasy awaiting Port of Mobile to open

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1 hour ago, chengkp75 said:

But you can't do a 0 vis taxi.  But let's compare.  A 777 has two engines developing a total of 164Mw of power, pushing an aircraft that weighs 250 metric tons, or a power to weight ratio of 0.656 Mw/ton.  A ship like Oasis has propulsion power of 60Mw, pushing a ship that weighs 100,000 metric tons, or a power to weight ratio of 0.0006 Mw/ton, about 1000th of the power to weight ratio.  Even a small aircraft like the Piper 600 has a power to weight ratio of 0.148 Mw/ton, or 250 times Oasis.  Then, every aircraft that is landing or taking off in a zero vis situation is under control by a controller, and is transmitting a transponder code (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not a pilot), while in a port, there is no "control tower", and small craft do not have to transmit AIS information, and many barely show up on radars.  And if an instrument landing goes somewhat awry, there are "safety areas" around the runways to allow the aircraft to safely stop (again, correct me if I'm wrong), while places like ports have bridges, levees, and seawalls that are kind of hard to land against.  

I don't know a thrust to Mw conversion. you do need 300 feet of vis to taxi. you're under positive control in the air, not on the ground. I was just joking regardless. My brother is a SWO and we argue what's harder to command. Spoiler alert it's a 90 ton Jet lol 

1 hour ago, Don Kehote said:

Seeing as a cruise ship is not equal to an airplane, I find your argument drunk.  R2 Keyboard operator.

My post was in gest. No idea what you are talking about. 

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We got off the ship right at 5:00pm. We were probably in the first 100 people off the ship. There was some pushing and shoving getting in line but once on the gangway, everything moved nice and smoothly. We were in our car within 10 minutes.


We watched a lot of outbound passengers waiting as we drove away. It looked like a football tailgating party, sitting on the grass, drinks in hand, and having a little pre cruise party

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24 minutes ago, Alabaster Cruiser said:

Thank you Tapi. ...safe travels

Thank you. I’m texting with friends who were on the sailing as well. They are getting in their cars NOW, over two hours after we got off the ship. 

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28 minutes ago, Bengalbug said:

So how was the cruise itself?  Minus the FOG delay?  

I will be posting a detailed review with some photos in the upcoming days since I haven’t cruised on Carnival in 8 years. But overall, it was a good cruise and my expectations were met! Some things were better, some things were worse than my last Carnival cruise. But overall, it was an enjoyable cruise. Progreso, which I had never visited before, was a pleasantly great surprise, specially after reading so many negative reviews about this port.


And even today, the crew did a fantastic job with the fog delay. It was like another day at sea, with activities, food, pools and bars open, etc. Just a little anxiety not knowing what time we’d be getting off the ship until around noon but after we had an official time, I relaxed and enjoyed my last few hours onboard. 

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